20 Sickest Cars In Floyd Mayweather's Garage (2 That Are Kinda Ugly)

Floyd Mayweather can certainly afford to purchase anything he wants, and what he seems to want are cars – lots of them! Mayweather himself described his garage as looking like “an indoor dealership with a few light toys,” in one of his Tweets. There seems to be no end in sight when it comes to his automotive purchases.

He’s certainly proud of his cars, and for the most part, separates them across his residences, boasting a nearly all-black fleet at one location, and all white fleet at another. His passion for cars has led him to purchase machines that most people could only ever dream of. His fleet is inclusive of some of the fastest and most rare cars ever made. Let’s take a look at the 20 sickest cars in Floyd Mayweather's garage, along with 2 that – if we’re being honest – are kinda ugly.

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22 Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita

Via The Drive

Mayweather is the proud owner of one of the fastest cars ever made. The stellar $2.6 million dollar Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita is an incredibly rare supercar with incredible capabilities. When you have as much money as Mayweather does, purchasing the most exclusive cars is well within reach. There were only two of these ever made, so we can understand his pride!

21 Bugatti

Via YeahMotor

It’s not every day that someone rolls up in a $3.5 million dollar Bugatti, but for Mayweather, it’s a pretty common occurrence. He went all out in customizing this white 2017 Bugatti and is often seen driving it with pride.

Oh, and we should probably mention – he doesn’t just have the one Bugatti – he has a few of them: Veyrons and Chirons, in white and in black, of course!

20 Mercedes SLS

Via Twitter

This is a pretty rare car, featuring the best in both power and performance. Loeber Motors pegs the SLS AMG’s starting price at $200,000.

Mayweather isn't the type to drive it stock, of course, and we’re sure he sank a considerable amount of money into customizing this majestic car.

19 Bugatti Chiron

Via DupontRegistry

Things got really interesting when Mayweather decided to buy his Chiron. In a bold move, to make room for this supercar, Dupont Registry Daily reports that he sold one of his Veyron’s!

This car is worth over $3.5 million dollars, so without a doubt, he had to have it, and was willing to sacrifice another car to attain bragging rights on this one!

18 Ferrari Enzo

Via Autoplus

As reported by Nextshark, Floyd Mayweather purchased his Enzo in 2015 for $3.2 million. Clearly money is not the issue for this athlete.

We definitely give him credit for having great taste in cars! This supercar comes with a V12 engine that pushes well over 660 horsepower in its stock form.

17 Ferrari Collection

Via NewYorkPost

There are many celebrities that own a Ferrari….there are only few that can say they have a collection of them! Mayweather definitely has a few of these bad boys in his fleet, and makes sure to take them out on rotation so that he can fully enjoy the driving experience of each one!

16 Rolls Royce Phantom


The Sun reports that Floyd Mayweather owns five Rolls-Royces – all in black, of course! The shocking value of these cars alone is well over $2million.

He takes a lot of pride in the ownership of these fine cars, so it’s no wonder that a $355,000 Phantom graces his garage.

15 Lamborghini Aventador

Via Pinterest

What’s a car collection without a $463,000 Lamborghini Aventador? Floyd Mayweather was obviously very excited about the purchase of this new vehicle, as he didn’t waste any time at all before taking to Twitter to share it with the world.

He decided to go all-white with this one, and he definitely chose wisely. This car is a gorgeous addition to his already impressive fleet of supercars.

14 Ferrari F430 Scuderia

Via Wikipedia

Imagine owning Floyd Mayweather’s Ferrari F430 Scuderia. Some of us don’t have to imagine this at all – it’s actually quite attainable. As long as you’re able to cover the $200,000 price tag, then you’re in the running for owning a piece of Mayweather history. He took this car from his personal collection and put it up for sale on Ebay!

13 Ferrari FF Hatchback

Via Youtube

Here’s another car that made it into his black-fleet collection. This spotless Ferrari FF Hatchback is valued at just over $300,000.

This is the first Ferrari made that featured all-wheel-drive and, according to The Car Guide, it has a 651 horsepower engine that can take you anywhere you want to go, as fast as you want to get there!

12 Lamborghini Murcielago

Via Diewelt

Mayweather mixed things up a bit when he purchased his Murcielago back in the early 2000s. He decided to just go ahead and pay for this $500,000 car in cold hard cash.

Drivetribe reports that this car can go as fast as 212 mph and 0-60 in just under 3 seconds. Not a bad deal for what seems to be pocket change for this athlete!

11 Cadillac Escalade

Via Alux

Sleek, black, and ready for any type of terrain, Mayweather made sure that a super-cool Escalade was part of his incredible fleet. Considering his affinity for only black and white vehicles, we’re happy he decided to go black on this one. It looks aggressive and could easily double as a security vehicle.

10 Rolls Royce Wraith

Via GuideAuto

A cool $462,000 can put one of these incredible cars in your garage. Featuring 624 horsepower in the most original, stock form, this V12-powered car is as powerful as it is pretty! It’s easy to see why Floyd Mayweather decided to add this vehicle to his ever-growing fleet!

9 Kinda Ugly : Bentley Golf Cart

Via BentleyGolfCartNation

While we respect the need to roll up anywhere in style, we’re not sure that this is really necessary. A Bentley Golf Cart is a bit too much for anyone, even for Floyd Mayweather.

The colour on this is unimpressive and really falls flat- and we really don’t understand the functionality differences between this and any other golf cart. We’ll pass on this one.

8 Rolls-Royce Limo

Via Twitter

Celebrities love to arrive in style, everywhere they go. It would only make sense for them to buy their own limousines. Floyd Mayweather did just that – but he did it his way.

This isn’t just a regular limo, he wants to show up in a statement piece, so he opted for a Rolls Royce Limo. We wouldn’t expect any less from him!

7 Bentley

Via Twitter

It’s no secret by now that Floyd Mayweather is obsessed with his fleet of cars. He has more than one Bentley within his enormous car collection, and it’s easy to see why.

Bentleys are associated with class, success, and prestige, and it’s a huge status symbol to own one. Mayweather owns more than one. He’s clearly made his mark on the automotive scene!

6 Porsche 911

Via Turboblog

The Porsche 911 is one of the best cars ever released by the Porsche brand. Most people would recognize this vehicle at first glance. It’s the classic car of success and the perfect car to cruise around in. It can tackle most others on the track with relative ease, but keeping it shiny is a better way to appreciate the curves of this car!

Floyd Mayweather definitely knew he could turn a few heads with the purchase of this $170,000 car.

5 Rolls-Royce Ghost

Via Pinterest

When you walk a mile in Floyd Mayweather’s shoes, you’ll realize you don’t need to do much walking at all! Simply choose a car – any car, he has so many!

The Rolls-Royce Ghost is one of Mayweather’s prized possessions, and he takes immaculate care of this car. This car is priced at roughly $350,000 and will never disappoint.

4 Bentley Mulsanne

Via Topspeed

For most of us, the thought of owning one Mulsanne is way beyond anything that our dreams can conjure up. To Mayweather, his Bentley Mulsanne is just one of many. Business Insider reports that he has multiple Mulsannes in his car collection, so selecting which one to drive can be stressful.

3 McLaren 650 S

Via Pinterest

This rare supercar is valued at a staggering half million dollars. We’re not sure there are many people who would be able to invest in this, but Mayweather certainly has no issue picking up one or two!

The McLaren 650 S Mayweather owns is prominently featured in various social media outlets, as he is not shy about sharing his wealth and fun toys with his fan base.

2 Mercedes Benz SLR McLaren

Via MercedesBenz

This car is incredible. It can also be yours for the low price of just $205,000. According to the folks at Evan Paul Motorcars, Mayweather put this car up for sale with just 7900 miles on the odometer, and of course, the buyer gets some pretty serious bragging rights with the purchase of this vehicle.

Not many can say they own one of Mayweather’s cars!

1 Kinda Ugly: Rolls-Royce

Via AutocarPhillipines

Although this car is undeniably fast and luxurious, we liked it better when Mayweather was sticking to all-white or all-black cars.

This car looks awkward in this gold colour, and we’re not sure why anyone would intentionally put those weird stars and lights on the front grille. While we can respect the car itself, we’ll pass on being seen in it.

Sources: Business Insider, The Sun, Dupont Registry Daily

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