20 Signs He Doesn’t Like Her Friends

Many women say they need their best friends’ seal of approval before they can officially start dating a guy. Granted, it’s not always possible to introduce a new SO to one’s entire friend circle before becoming exclusive. Yet, allowing him to meet at least one or two of her besties is a great way to see if this relationship will survive the long run.

But what happens when he’s refusing to hang out with her friends? Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for a boyfriend to not get along with his girlfriend’s pals. Perhaps he thinks they’re a bad influence or can’t stand how vapid they are. Either way, if a woman’s friends and man are butting heads, it can cause an awkward situation. Keep reading to discover 20 signs that will reveal he doesn’t actually like her friends.

20 He Never Wants To Hang Out With Them

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If you’re in a relationship, then your significant other is bound to meet your circle of friends sooner or later. If things go smoothly, you might all be hanging out as one large group soon.

However, if your man is constantly making up excuses as to why he can’t hang out with your friends (or just outright refuses), then it could be a sign he’s not a fan of their company.

19 He Gets Upset When She Tells Her Besties About Him

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If you tell a woman a secret, there will always be one person she’ll share it with - her best friend. Your man should expect that you’re going to gab to your girlfriends about him, including the good, the bad, and the embarrassing.

If he gets annoyed by the fact that you talk to your gal pals about him, it could mean he doesn’t want to be associated with them whatsoever.

18 He Always Says She Should Branch Out More

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If your boyfriend constantly tells you that you need to expand your friend circle, it’s likely he’s hoping you’ll make some new friends. Perhaps he thinks your friend group is a bad influence or that you’re too closed off from other people.

Or, he may flat-out just not get along with your friends and is hoping you meet some other folks that he gets along with better.

17 He’s Always The Source Of Drama In Her Friend Group

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If your SO doesn’t get along with your friends, then it’s bound to cause drama. Your friends will eventually pick up on the bad vibes, especially if you’re always rearranging plans based on your partner.

If the drama in your social circle always comes back to your boyfriend, then something is going to eventually have to give.

16 When They Hang Out In A Group, It’s Only With His Friends

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Every now and then, it’s fun for a couple to hang out in a group to keep things lively. Whether you two hang out with a random, large group or make an effort to go on a double date, it’s a bad sign if you only hang out with people your SO knows.

Even if he’s not a huge fan of your friends, he should still make an effort to spend time with them since they’re important to you.

15 He Thinks Her Friends Are Holding Her Back

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It can be difficult to hear that your boyfriend doesn’t like your friends. But it’s even worse if he’s making it seem like your pals are negatively influencing you. If he’s constantly implying that your friends hold you back, then it may actually be he who's having a harmful impact.

He might be doing this in hopes you’ll move on to a new friend group, not because your friends are actually problematic.

14 He Gets Annoyed When She Talks About Her Friends

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Although most guys aren’t crazy about listening to girlish drama, they should still make an effort to hear what you have to say.

But if he constantly shuts you down or seems annoyed when you mention your friends, then he probably doesn’t want to hear about them because he doesn’t like your friends, which isn’t fair to you.

13 Her Friends Have Picked Up On It

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It won’t take your friends long to get the feeling that your significant other doesn’t like them. It’s likely they’ll notice something is off before you even catch on. If your gal pals have mentioned to you that your SO is off-putting, don’t just take their words with a grain of salt.

They won’t stick around forever if it feels like you’re always taking your man’s side over theirs.

12 He Never Remembers Details About Her Friends

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A clear sign that your partner doesn’t care about your friends is if he’s constantly forgetting details about them. It could be as small as forgetting your BFF recently broke up with her boyfriend or as major as forgetting their names.

Since your friends are important to you, your man should be making more of an effort than this.

11 He Finds Reasons To Put Her Friends Down

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If your significant other actually likes your friend circle, then it wouldn’t make sense if he’s constantly making comments that paint them in a bad light.

If this is becoming a regular occurrence in your relationship, it’s likely a sign your man wants you to see things from his point of view. And he may even be hoping you’ll end your friendships if you agree with him.

10 She Always Feels Caught In The Middle

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If you’re in a healthy relationship, then you won’t feel the need to choose between your boyfriend and your friends. Your man will understand and respect that your friends are important to you, even if he doesn’t click with them the same way you do.

However, if you constantly feel torn between your SO and BFFs, then something will have to change eventually.

9 He Leaves If Her Friends Are Coming Over

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If your significant other will go out of his way to avoid your friends, then he definitely doesn’t like being around them. If you live with your SO yet he’ll leave the house when you have friends coming over, then he’s either trying to give you space or give it to himself.

Even more obvious is if he flat-out forbids your friends from coming over. There’s a huge problem!

8 He’s Always Texting Her When She's Out With Friends

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It’s important for couples to be able to go out and have a good time without each other. So, if your man is constantly asking when you’ll be home while you’re out with your girls, then you have a problem.

Not only will this not allow you to be in the moment with your friends, but they’ll get annoyed if it is a common occurrence every time you try to hang out.

7 He’s Always Comparing Them To Her

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No one likes to be compared to anyone, especially not their friends. So, if your significant other is constantly comparing your friends to you, then run for the hills.

Even if he’s painting you in a good light (yet dissing your friends), it’s a sign he doesn’t respect that your friends are important to you.

6 Her Friends Have Started Acting Distant Because Of It

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Like we’ve said, your friends aren’t going to stick around forever if they feel that your man isn’t a fan of them and that you’re constantly taking his side. Your friends will become more and more distant.

If you feel this is happening, address it as soon as possible with your besties so you can mend broken bridges before tensions become even more strained.

5 He Acts Jealous Of Her Besties

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It's healthy for a couple to have strong social circles outside of their relationship. So, there’s no reason why your significant other should feel jealous of your friends.

If your man is constantly telling you that you pay more attention to your friends than him or finds reasons to put your pals down, then he definitely has an unhealthy perception of your friendships.

4 She's Stopped Talking To Her BFFs About Him

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Whether you made the conscious decision or not, if you’ve stopped talking to your friends about your relationship, then that’s not a good sign. Perhaps your man gets annoyed when you gossip about him to your friends or your BFFs are tired of hearing about how he has a problem with them.

You shouldn’t feel like you need to keep these two parts of your life separate.

3 He Won’t Introduce His Friends To Hers

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If you two have been together for a while, it’s normal for you to introduce your social circles to one another. This doesn’t mean you’ll all be hanging out as one large group. However, your SO should be more than receptive to introducing his besties to yours.

If he isn’t, then chances are his friends know just how much he doesn’t like your BFFs.

2 He Tells Her That He's Her Best Friend (And Boyfriend)

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Granted, a lot of people feel like their SOs are their best friends. But it’s another thing if your partner is telling you that he’s your boyfriend and best friend.

It’s likely a sign that he wants you to prioritize him above your besties, even though you should be treating those who are important to you with equal respect and admiration.

1 She Feels Like He’s Too Controlling

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Perhaps the easiest way to tell that your significant other doesn’t like your friends is if you feel he’s simply too controlling. If you’re getting tired of his passive-aggressive comments towards your friends or how he's always trying to dictate when you see them, then consider pulling the plug on things.

You want a man who appreciates your commitment to your friends, not one who tries to control your life.

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