20 Signs He's In Love... But With Another Woman

A fear that men and women both share in common: having the person we love fall in love with someone else. And more than often, this is a situation that does occur. Or how about falling in love with someone who is in love, but with someone else? Ouch - "nothing breaks like a heart." Some ladies have already been told in their lives, "I'm leaving you for her," and there is nothing more heartwrenching than that happening.

When someone leaves a partner for someone else, what hurts the most is coming to terms with the fact that the love of their life fell in love with someone else and stopped caring about them. So, ladies, if you feel your man is acting strangely, and do feel like something is up, there are ways to tell if he may be going gaga for another chick. And below, we have all the signs before he drops the bomb.

20 He Avoids Going Out With Her In Public

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If he doesn't want to go anywhere in public with her, without discussion, there's a serious problem. He doesn't want the outside world to see him and her as a couple because a relationship is what he wants with the other chick he has his mind on 24/7. That is the girl he wants to show off, not the one who is in love with him.

19 When He's With Her, He Rather Be Somewhere Else

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When he's with her, he always seems as if his mind is elsewhere; he is completely zoned out. This man is bored and acting that way because he rather be with the other person he's in love with. If a man is in a relationship but has fallen in love with another woman, he will not react positively when she flirts with him and gives him all her attention - he's over it already.

18 Small Gestures Cease With Her

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He used to be a real-life Romeo, always showing up after a long day at work with chocolates and flowers for her. Now that he has fallen for someone else though, all those romantic things he would normally do have stopped. No, it isn't laziness, it's because he's thinking of others way he could do the same for his crush. His focus is solely on the "other" woman.

17 He Is No Longer Affectionate With Her

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Ding ding ding! This is the number one telltale sign that a man is crushing hard on someone else. He can no longer kiss her, hold her at night, or cuddle her, because, in his mind, he should be doing that with the woman he's in love with. And he can’t be attentive to her needs, because he'll feel as if he's doing wrong to the chick he's actually in love with.

16 He Has No More Spark With Her

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Over time in a relationship, a spark does fade, but it will still always be there, so do not confuse this sign. If there is no longer chemistry after Honeymoon Avenue has passed, there is definitely something wrong with the relationship. And what is that exactly? He's fallen hard for another and cannot fake feelings that are no longer, or were never there.

15 He's Now Extremely Frugal

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There has been no career change, no salary change, yet he is changing the way he treats her. That's a big red flag that there is something wrong. He no longer wants to spoil her because he wants to escape the relationship and spend his Benjamins on the woman he loves.

14 He No Longer Shares With Her

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He is not eager to share anything with her anymore and becomes selective because the connection they once had is no longer present. Once a man loses feelings for a woman, he shuts down. Do not be fooled though, because he is off blurting his entire day with the other chick he's interested in.

13 He Gets Angry And Defensive Quickly

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This has been a telltale sign for ages, but some of us still choose to ignore it when in this sticky situation. If a woman suspects her man is in love with another woman and questions him about her, his instant reaction speaks volumes. If he immediately gets angry and defensive and blames her for snooping, it's evidently because he's guilty and is hiding things. Oops!

12 He Avoids Eye Contact

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He can no longer look into her eyes and rather stare into the abyss when with her because "the eyes chico, they never lie." The eyes tell the truth, so if he can no longer look her in the eyes, he's intentionally doing so because he's completely fixated on someone else. And, if he looks her in the eyes, she may just figure that out.

11 He Isn't Enthusiastic Around Her

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Most guys are not too savvy, so if he's with her and thinking of the babe he has feelings for, he won't be able to hide it or pretend like all is alright. He is unenthusiastic around her because he doesn't want to be in her company and is thinking of the woman he loves every second he's with her. He always appears distracted because he is.

10 He's Now So Conscious About His Appearance

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He was never one to care about his looks; he would jump out of bed and take the train. Suddenly, he hogs the mirror and goes on numerous random shopping sprees. He comes home with a bunch of hip jeans and fashionable tees that he would never buy before. He's a new man because there's a new woman.

9 He Compares Her To Other Women

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At first, she was the most beautiful woman to him, and no one could come close. Now, he's always comparing her to women when they are out on dates, or when they're catching up on some television. Why is he comparing NOW? He's confirming to himself that that's why he's unsatisfied with her and in love with the other.

8 His New Hobby Is The Gym (Or He Goes Way More Than He Used To)

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Whether he's always been a gym rat or not, this is one sign to watch for. If he suddenly becomes way too obsessed with getting fit or suddenly starts pumping iron six times a week instead of three, it's because he wants to impress the other woman he's digging. He'll also hit the gym obsessively to keep his mind occupied.

7 He Kind Of Hides His Phone

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He is hiding his phone because he doesn't want her to know what is up - simply put. He spends time with her and makes sure to always keep his phone away, or put it face down so that she doesn't see anything. Even if the woman he loves isn't texting him, chances are he has messaged his buddies about her, and he knows he can't have anyone seeing those bro texts.

6 PDA Is No Longer A Thing

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Why would he even attempt holding her hand in public? If that happens and he runs into the woman he's in love with, all his chances with his real love are going to be flushed down the drain. When a man has fallen for another woman, any PDA with the other girl who is still sticking around will completely cease.

5 He Doesn't Hang Around The Family Anymore

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He's the guy who would always come around the family and have a blast; the guy that would reserve a day a week to have a famjam. Now, he skips Cards Against Humanity night to either be with his friends or the chick he's going bonkers over. This unusual behaviour occurs because his mind is solely focused on the woman he has fallen for.

4 He Talks About The Other Person Nonstop

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He says she is just a friend, but all he does is chatter about this other chick - who is he fooling, seriously? Literally every other sentence starts with, "Alexandra said..." and it becomes redundant. Pay attention, even though this may be the hard way to find out your crush has fallen for someone else. When a man has feelings for another woman, he'll bring her name up frequently.

3 He Makes Excuses To Stay Out Late

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He is just a bag full of excuses! If ever the Guinness Book of World Records is looking for a person with the most excuses, a man who has fallen in love with someone else will automatically be the winner. Why? Because until he is man enough to admit his feelings, or gets caught, he'll do anything to conceal what's really going on and why he's out late.

2 He Finds An Excuse To Bump Into The Woman He's In Love With

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If he has fallen for a co-worker or a friend, he will find any way to have some sort of contact with her. He'll always be hugging her or reaching out for a high-five for any reason. He thinks what he is doing is rather innocent, but he does so because men get unintentionally handsy when they're in love.

1 He's Obsessed With A New Hobby

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She used to beg for him to go take a painting class with her, and he always refused. Suddenly, he is spending time at bookstores, art galleries and hip cafés. He's not acting like himself and picking up new hobbies to try and impress that lady he is going bananas over. Beware - he isn't just picking up coffee table books for no reason.

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