20 Signs A Guy Secretly Wants To Be Single Again

Not every relationship has a happy ending, and it doesn't need to have one, especially if one party no longer wants to be committed. Dating nowadays is quite exhausting; people are not as straight up about their feelings, some people ghost, and others just do not know what they want. Sounds like a hefty task to find Prince Charming, right?

However, although some may believe they are in a healthy and happy relationship, they may not be, as the man may want out. He may not be able to fully commit. The sad news is, many men just love being single.

So, below are signs that a man gives if he wants to roll solo.

20 He's Always Exhausted When With Her

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If he no longer wants to be in a relationship, when he's around her he'll always seem like he is zoned out. Why? Because he is trying to keep up with her, but is unable to give 100% since he no longer wants to fully commit.

If he is always tired, it is a sign that he is ready to be on his own, because clearly dating her is draining to him.

19 His Besties Barely Communicate With Her Anymore

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We may think that men do not share their emotions with their friends the way we do, but in tumultuous times they do. So, if you realize that his best friends are icy with you, there is something you don't know that they know. And what is that?

That he wants to be single. Chances are his friends became your friends, but bro code doesn't allow them to let you in on what's up.

18 He Starts Imagining His Life Without Her

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He suddenly starts mentioning to you that he'd like to go back to school or move to another city, but none of this includes you. He doesn't even consider you when he's discussing his future because he doesn't really want you to be a part of it.

If he openly tells you such things, he's picturing a life without you and has checked out of the relationship.

17 He Doesn't Answer Her Texts When He's Out

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Now he starts distancing himself by rarely responding to your texts when he is out and about? If this man was one who used to always touch base with you but now takes hours to respond when he's out, there's a problem.

Ladies, that is indicative that he wants out. However, he won't confess, and will just give you a lame apology.

16 He Starts Picking Fights Often

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Couples certainly fight - it is somewhat healthy. However, if this man is picking fights for irrational reasons, it is a sign that he wants to call it quits.

It is emotionally immature of him to pick fights for nothing and then put all the blame for you. The guy who wants to be single will literally argue with you if you misplaced his phone charger.

15 He Prefers Making Time For His Friends

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If he shows you that he'd much rather spend time with his boys than with you, turn the tables on him! If he doesn't spend too much of his time with you but does with his bros instead, it shows that you are no longer a priority to him.

You're clearly no longer important enough for him to spend time with only you.

14 He's No Longer Committing To Anything

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Summer is coming up, and so are a bunch of rad festivals and concerts, but you cannot count on him for anything.

You ask him if he wants to attend Osheaga with you, and he cannot give you a straight answer. Why? Because he doesn't want to commit to plans because he may no longer be around.

13 He's No Longer Affectionate

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Why is he depriving you of affection? Because he wants to portray himself as a single man. If you have to force it or beg for affection, it is because this man is no longer happy with you.

It is natural for a man to be affectionate with a woman he loves and is attracted to, so if he stops that, the relationship is dead.

12 He Can't Stand Certain Things About Her

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All of a sudden, things that you did before (and he liked) are getting on his nerves. You've always been the type of woman to overdress and he used to go bonkers over that, but now he thinks you are over the top and exuberant.

Why? Because he is trying to find more reasons to want to leave you.

11 He Starts To Get Friendly With Other Women

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Does it feel like your man has done a total 180 recently? Like acting all touchy-feely and flirty with other women? If so, he craves the attention of other women and wants to act like a single guy.

He's trying to make you jealous, and trying to make you understand that he no longer respects your feelings.

10 He's Happier With Other People

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If you start feeling alone when you're in his company, but notice that he is happy-go-lucky when he is surrounded by others, it's a telltale sign he wants out.

He is basically giving you the end of the stick, and makes you and only you deal with his bad moods. You're no longer what makes him content.

9 He Tells Her She Deserves Better

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Of course you deserve better! You deserve a man who deserves you and wants you, and that clearly is no longer him, which is why he openly admits it.

He's having a hard time dumping you, so sends out cues like these, in hopes you'll catch on. If he admits that he's not being a very good boyfriend to you, you have your answer.

8 He's Isn't Close To Her Anymore

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Your feelings for him haven't changed, and he may be the love of YOUR life, but if he doesn't feel the same your relationship will feel distant.

If a man is committed to a woman but no longer wants to be, he'll purposely distance himself from her. He no longer wants to be close to you, which is the first step of pulling away from commitment.

7 He Doesn't Post Photos Of Them Anymore

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Before he even calls it off with you, you'll notice a change in his social media habits. That is because he is premeditating the breakup. He will slowly stop posting photos of you two, to hint to others who follow him that your relationship is no longer going well.

He does everything in his power to avoid posting couple selfies.

6 He Only Spends Time With Her Indoors

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This is one sign that he'd rather have a casual relationship with you. He doesn't want to show you to the outside world anymore, because when he's in public he wants to be alone and appear single.

He'd also rather have nights in with you because he just wants the companionship. Say goodbye to romantic dates!

5 He Mentions Other Qualities He Wants In A Woman

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Why is he talking about other women like they are better than you? This kind of behaviour should be an automatic deal-breaker.

If he blurts out things without thinking, like, "Where can I find a woman that looks that good?" or "Where can I find a wifey like my friend's girl?" he's flat out telling you that you're no longer who he wants to be with.

4 He Starts Giving Her Space

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When you tell him that you want to spend time with the girls, he gets way too excited - like a child in a candy store. Why? He is overeager because you're giving him the space that he wants; which is space away from you.

This gives him an excuse to not spend time with you and a man who wants to be single will want that more than anything.

3 And When He Has Plans, He Cancels Them

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You're his girlfriend, and he recently made a habit of cancelling most of your dates. How does that make any sense?

He is clearly not as invested in the relationship, and is utterly selfish; that’s the way of the noncommittal man. If he constantly cancels, it's clear he no longer respects your time or you.

2 He Leaves Her Out Of Important Decisions

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He was always that type of boyfriend who would come to you for outfit approval before he'd leave for work; that type of man who would always run things by you.

Out of the blue, this man no longer wants to hear your opinion and does not even take the time to mention anything to you, like that new promotion he got at work.

1 He Talks About Things Being Casual

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If he starts whispering the word "casual" to you very often, it is a sign that that is all he wants from you or other women.

He only wants you when it is convenient for him, basically, and that's what being single entails. He's dating you but he's already behaving like a single guy.

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