20 Sinister Truths Behind These Forgotten Reality Stars

Reality television is always so full of drama, which is probably why lots of people seem to love watching it. Many people tend to enjoy watching dramatic events unfold, as long as it doesn’t affect them personally, and that is why reality shows are some of the most popular things on television.

But the reason they are so dramatic in the first place is because of the people who star on them. Also, many of the people who are involved in shows like this are not putting on an act for the cameras. According to nydailynews.com, lots of them do some strange things when they are not being filmed as well.

For example, Don’t Be Tardy star Kim Zolciak-Bierman posted a highly suggestive and uncomfortable tweet about her daughter. Here are some other dark things reality television stars have done.

20 Renee Alway Couldn’t Handle The Pressures Of The Modeling World

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Fans of America’s Next Top Model and Modelville probably remember Renee Alway since she appeared on both shows. But her dreams of becoming a successful model did not come true, unfortunately. According to abcnews.go.com, the former reality tv star found herself in a lot of hot water in 2013 after she broke into some homes.

19 Big Ang Was Involved In Some Questionable Things


According to thesmokinggun.com, Mob Wives star Big Ang, whose real name was Angela Raiola, was not exactly squeaky clean when it comes to illegal activity. In the early 2000’s, she was busted for taking part in some illegal activities. But the star was not alone. There were 14 other people involved in this as well.

18 Abby Lee Miller Found Herself In Legal Trouble


According to deadline.com, Dance Moms star Abby Lee Miller went to prison after she was found guilty of fraud. This took place approximately one year after she was indicted for the crime.

Before that, Miller exited the show that made her famous. Apparently, there was a lot of drama behind the scenes, which is was part of the reason why she chose to leave the show.

17 Apollo Nida Got In Trouble For Stealing Money


According to usmagazine.com, Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Apollo Nida got in some major legal trouble for some issues involving money. One might think that being arrested would make a person think twice before committing another crime, but in this case, that did not happen. Nida was arrested once more for violating his parole shortly after he was set to be moved to a halfway house.

16 Toby Willis Went To Prison


Toby Willis, who rose to fame after he and his family appeared on America’s Got Talent and The Willis Family, was charged with some very serious crimes that have had a huge impact on his family. According to countryrebel.com, the star tried to avoid being arrested by traveling from one state to another, but he was caught anyway.

15 Joe Giudice Committed Tax Fraud


According to people.com, reality television star Joe Giudice was found guilty of a few different types of fraud. What makes it worse is that he was not the only one involved in this crime. His wife, Theresa, was also a part of it as well. The pair is famous for starring in the television show The Real Housewives Of New Jersey.

14 Remigio Gonzalez Admitted To A Very Serious Crime


Back in 2012, former Cake Boss star Remigio Gonzalez was sentenced to nine years in prison for a very serious crime. The star will still be able to get parole, but he was told that he had to spend over seven years of his sentence behind bars before that could happen, according to nj.com.

13 Richard Wyatt Had Some Legal Issues


American Guns star Richard Wyatt was caught selling some items without the license he needed to do it, but that is not the only crime the television personality is guilty of. According to broadcastingcable.com, Wyatt was also arrested for evading taxes. The star filmed 26 episodes of his show before this happened.

12 Joshua Tel Warner Was Arrested


Former Deadliest Catch star Joshua Tel Warner was arrested back in 2010, according to cbsnews.com. The fact that he was arrested isn’t terribly surprising since he was often seen being confrontational with the other people who were on the show as well. Turner was put behind bars because he was guilty of robbing multiple banks.

11 Will Hayden’s Show Was Cancelled After He Was Arrested


Former Sons Of Guns star Hayden will not be enjoying freedom anytime soon. Hayden was found guilty of some incredibly serious crimes, and he will be spending the rest of his life behind bars as a result, according to theadvocate.com. His show was canceled right after he was arrested in 2014.

10 Baron Colon Broke Into Someone’s Home


Reality television star Baron Colon won’t be leaving prison for the foreseeable future. According to nbcmiami.com, he was one of the stars of the show From G’s To Gents, which was about people who are trying to get their lives together after going through some tough circumstances. Colon and a couple of his friends broke into someone’s house, and they did some very serious things.

9 Joshua Allen Harmed Someone


After Joshua Allen appeared on So You Think You Can Dance, the star got in some hot water because of the way he treated his girlfriend. According to people.com, Allen’s ex-girlfriend ran to a coffee shop, and he followed her. While they were there, she asked others for help, which only made Allen even angrier.

8 Timothy R. Zickuhr Treated A Woman Very Poorly


According to buzzfeednews.com, reality television star Timothy R. Zickuhr was sentenced to a lot of time behind bars because he treated a woman very poorly. The woman went by the name Snow White, much like the animated character. One of the interesting facts about this story is that the woman took some money from him, and he accused her of taking even more money.

7 Scott Menaged Was Sent To Prison A Few Years Ago


Former Property Wars star Scott Menaged was committing fraud, and he ended up being sentenced to 17 years in prison. Sometimes criminals who commit fraud do it for small amounts of money, but this was a much bigger ordeal. There were over 200 people affected by his schemes, according to azcentral.com.

6 Jason Wahler Has Been Arrested Multiple Times


Jason Wahler starred on The Hills, but something else that made him famous is his criminal record. He has been arrested eighteen times, according to usmagazine.com. Reality television fans might remember that he dated Lauren Conrad for a while. The star also appeared on Laguna Beach before the couple called off their relationship for good.

5 Stephanie Pratt Has Had A Few Run-Ins With The Law


Reality tv fans probably remember Stephanie Pratt as Spencer Pratt’s younger sister. She seems to be doing well now, but that was not always the case. According to usmagazine.com, her parents let her do whatever she wanted to do, and that resulted in her getting in some pretty serious legal trouble. But it appears that she has turned her life around now.

4 Austin Russell Had A Lot Of Illegal Things In His Home


Austin Russell was one of the stars of the show Pawn Stars. Fans of it probably know him better by his nickname, which is “chumlee.” In the end, the television personality agreed that he would seek counseling, and that he would get rid of some things that were involved in the crimes he was committing, according to deadline.com.

3 Chris Soules Has An Extensive Criminal Record


Bachelor star was arrested a couple of years ago after he was involved in a car accident that caused some serious harm to the other driver. Part of what made the situation worse was the fact that Soules left the scene of the accident before the police arrived, according to eonline.com.

2 Richard Hatch Did Some Time Behind Bars


Survivor star Richard Hatch was behind bars for a while after he did not pay his taxes, according to nydailynews.com. After he got released, he lived in a relative’s home while he was on house arrest. The star appeared on the Today Show, and then he was arrested again shortly after filming that episode. Hatch appeared on Survivor in 2000, and he won. He claimed that the creators of the show said that they would pay the taxes on the money he received after winning.

1 David Edward Rainey Stalked A Woman


In 2012, David Edward Rainey was arrested for stalking someone, according to usmagazine.com. Those who watched Real World: San Francisco probably know his nickname, which is “puck.” But that is not the only time the television star was involved in some illegal activity. According to usmagazine.com, he was arrested for other things before this occurred.

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