20 Sketchy Disney Shows That Actually Aired

For Disney Channel aficionados out there (there are so many of us!), there are countless memories of our favorite Disney Channel throwback episodes stored within our Lizzie McGuire-tinged memories! There are classic episodes, and there are certain episodes we would rather forget forever, and then there are Disney Channel episodes that do not reflect the squeaky clean image of the Disney Channel many fans think of when reminded of this throwback gem.

The Disney Channel has carried a reputation for producing TV shows and Disney darling stars who always comply with the family friendly image the channel conjures; when mamas aren't happy, nobody is happy! Occasionally there are episodes of beloved TV shows which also fail to reflect the purity of Disney's beloved mouse ears. When episodes pass through Disney's tight TV censors, a myriad of results can happen. Here are 20 examples of Disney Channel shows with sketchy elements!

20 A Not-So-Sweet Hannah Montana Episode

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Hannah Montana's existence seems eons ago! In terms of Miley Cyrus' playbook, everything about Hannah Montana seems extremely sweet, however there's a moment in Hannah's history which wasn't so sweet.

The show had a humongous impact on popular culture, so it makes sense the writers wanted to incorporate a few sensitive subjects to reach a wider audience, but the episode concerning Oliver's diabetes upset parents!

19 This Subject Is So Not Raven

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One of Disney Channel's biggest strengths is the network's ability to write episodes with a message often intended to teach a lesson, no matter how sensitive the lesson may be.

That's So Raven went to the land of workplace treatment concerning the color of Raven's skin; the saleslady refused to hire Raven because she is black. What a sketchy way of thinking, saleslady!

18 'Lizzie McGuire' Loses Its Focus

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Who among us didn't love Lizzie and her bff Miranda? There were many reasons to emulate the best buds!

Lizzie and Miranda experienced lots of real-life scenarios, but many of them were solved within 22 minutes, which can seem pretty sketchy if the subject matter is sensitive. In one episode, Miranda struggles with an eating disorder, but it's resolved by the end of the episode.

17 No 'Suite Talk' For The Suite Life Of Zack And Cody

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The Sprouse twins are fully grown hotties these days, but they were once tiny tikes growing up on camera on the Suite Life Of Zack and Cody, who got their giggles through a litany of age inappropriate jokes!

One sketchy joke in particular was in reference to their older friend, London Tipton. Shouldn't the twins be crushing on gals their own age?

16 Not A Joking Matter For Jessie

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Since when is it cool to get the giggles over food allergies? We're allergic to food allergy jokes! Seriously, writers?

The writers of Jessie wrote a plot involving a character who is gluten free, and the joke was at his expense. The episode aired, but was later yanked from the Disney Channel's schedule after parents voiced their concerns over how unfunny the joke was.

15 'Smart Guy' And The Dangerous Plotline

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For the times when this sketchy episode of Smart Guy aired, we hadn't completely grasped the idea of the internet yet. The net seemed like an incredibly scary world!

The truth of the matter is, even after two decades, the synopsis of the episode still sends alarm bells through any potential nostalgia waves. T.J. encounters a dude with pretty bad intentions, and we all shuddered.

14 Boy Meets An Otherworldly Episode

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The Disney Channel has been strict about airing certain Boy Meets World episodes over the years, but this particular episode managed to make it past their censors!

A fourth season episode depicted lovable screwball Shawn finding himself mixed up with members of a cult! The seriously "what the heck" subject matter was resolved by a BFF hug between Shawn and Cory. Excuse us, a cult?

13 An Episode Of 'Proud Family' Not To Be Proud Of

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Equal representation is extremely important in television, especially in shows intended for younger viewers! Even though some writers may think certain depictions are okay because the sentiment is there, some viewers may think otherwise.

The Proud Family aired an episode centered around an under-represented group within television, and some members of the community believed elements of their representation to be unsatisfactory. Consider your audience, Disney!

12 'Lizzie McGuire' May Be Too Mature

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Of course it's fun to fantasize when we're growing up, but as parents sometimes like to wag their finger at us, "there's a time and place for that!"

Lizzie McGuire featured a multitude of lessons, but where was the lesson in the episode where the gang is assigned to act out a marriage project for the week, featuring a few mature elements. Shouldn't marriage wait?

11 'Shake It Up' Airs A Shaky Storyline

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As we've seen, the Disney Channel is no stranger to including jokes concerning tough subjects in episodes of their series, but this particular situation concerning a Shake It Up storyline, stood up above the rest!

Shake It Up slipped a joke about eating disorders past the writer's room, and audiences weren't happy, especially a prominent Disney darling. After Demi Lovato spoke out, Disney apologized!

10 The 'Suite Life' And This Sketchy Studying Joke

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Perhaps the writers of the Suite Life of Zack and Cody need some classroom time to brush up on appropriate plot lines!

Fans weren't happy when a joke about dyslexia made it into a script. Some of us really struggle with dyslexia, so what could the writers possibly have found funny about classroom struggles? According to Yahoo, the episode "only aired maybe twice."

9 'Boy Meets World' Introduces Eric, The Creep

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Even the most beloved Disney Channel characters have sketchy personality traits! Thankfully, times have changed and the world is progressively becoming more aware of what feels good and acceptable when we're discussing personal boundaries. Twenty years ago though, the writers of Boy Meets World weren't quite clear on the idea yet.

In a later season episode, Eric spends a lot of time creeping on Topanga!

8 'Good Luck' With Controversial Jokes On 'Good Luck Charlie'

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Some may think it's wit, and others may believe it's just inappropriate!

Some kiddos may be wise beyond their years with their knowledge of how a joke or reference works, but their parents may believe certain subjects should be off limits.

According to The Aragon Outlook, Good Luck Charlie once featured an intimate joke from a kiddo directed to a human. Target audiences, people!

7 'That's So Raven' And The Sketchy Joke

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Sometimes, three can be a crowd in friend groups!

Raven Baxter definitely felt this once or twice with her best friends Chelsea and Eddie, and she dealt with her jealously and misunderstanding with some sketchy innuendos.

When confronting her friends, Raven sprinkled some adult-oriented jokes into her monologue. Some of her references were a bit too "old" and rather sketchy for some audiences.

6 Not A 'So Random!' Reference

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Have we not learned a thing, Disney Channel?

Even after years of cultural development and commentary from a Disney Channel star, the network still stuck jokes about eating disorders in scripts. To make matters more irritating, the TV show in question was So Random! which was a spinoff of Sonny With A Chance, a show starring Demi Lovato, who publicly spoke out about her struggles.

5 The Sketchy Sibling Bond On 'Life With Derick'

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Do you remember the vintage Disney Channel show Life With Dereck? Siblings Dereck and Casey navigate the world of teen hood, especially the world of annoying siblings!

However, several fans have noted the relationship between the actor and actress who played Dereck and Casey had chemistry together which could potentially betray the idea of a sibling relationship, if you know what we mean.

4 'The Suite Life' Of A Questionable Co-Star

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Do you remember Chris Brown's hit song Forever? Brown's existence in the public eye hasn't lasted that long due to a laundry list of incidents in his personal life.

The singer once appeared on an episode of The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody, but the episode's shelf life after its original airdate due to the headlines Chris Brown was making at the time.

3 Lizzie McGuire And The Older Suitor

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Admit it, you've been jealous of Lizzie McGuire's life a time or two! Maybe it was Lizzie's ability to meet and date her favorite TV stars!

Remember the episode where Lizzie had a brush of fame when she started dating Malcom In The Middle's Frankie Muniz for 22 minutes? What kind of message does this send to young viewers, especially since Frankie was older?

2 'Kim Possible' Makes An Impossible Joke

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Certain jokes make it into scripts for the hilarious "nudge nudge" effect maybe intended for the adult viewers, but there are some instances where this practice can go too far, like with this joke on an episode of Kim Possible!

It may be obvious to the adults what this joke is in reference to, but Ron's response may cause some younger kids to ask questions!

1 'The Suite Life' Of Inappropriate References

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There have been a number of controversial jokes on the Suite Life of Zack and Cody, but sketchiness within a show could change the course of the entire episode!

To some, it may seem like a joke between bros, but to others it may seem too sketchy for a children's show. Zack slips a mature reference into a conversation, which totally isn't age appropriate.

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