20 Sketchy Facts About Adam Sandler And His Movies (That People Need To Stop Ignoring)

There are a few things that are a guarantee in life, such as death, taxes, and a new Adam Sandler movie. Adam Sandler is one of the most famous comedians, actors, and filmmakers in the world. His production company, Happy Madison, is always rolling out new movies. Indeed, many of his films remain popular and helped launch his acting career. His co-stars have nothing but kind words to say about him. There isn't a person that doesn't know his name or hasn't seen one of his movies.

However, there's another side to Sandler. Like many celebs, he has a darker side that often rears its ugly head. Of course, it's not just his antics and off-screen behavior that's questionable. His movies can be very polarizing and usually have a split audience. He's not afraid to upset or offend. It's time to take a closer look at Adam Sandler and his dark side. Here are 20 Sketchy Facts About Adam Sandler And His Movies (The People Need To Stop Ignoring).

20 His Movies Rely On Stereotypes

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Adam Sandler has starred in a long line of memorable comedies. Some did very well, while others didn't. However, his movies often follow a similar structure. Indeed, he often relies on stereotypes, such as with I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry and You Don't Mess With The Zohan.

19 He Always Plays The Same Character

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Adam Sandler brought fans classic comedies and some not so classic ones. Indeed, he starred in Billy Madison, Happy Gilmore, and The Longest Yard. Sandler's somewhat one dimensional in his performances. He often plays the same character in all of his films. Of course, these characters have served him well in all of his movies.

18 Movies Cost A Fortune

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Adam Sandler has proved to have a moderate level of success. He does good enough that studios want to continue working with him. Of course, his films often waste a great deal of money. His early films had more of a basic storyline that wouldn't require a large budget. However, over time, his movies have become more elaborate and expensive.

17 Fired From SNL

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The iconic sketch comedy series Saturday Night Live first started in the 70s. It had many ups and downs throughout its run. Many fans consider the early 90s as the golden age of SNL. At the time, the cast included Chris Farley, Mike Myers, Chris Rock, Phil Hartman, Adam Sandler, and more. Sandler became one of the show's most popular stars. Suddenly, SNL fired Sandler and Farley in 1995. The firing was a bit shocking since Sandler was so popular on the show. Indeed, no reason was ever made public for the firing.

16 Immaturity 

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Adam Sandler and his movies have a specific type of humor that might not be for everyone. The jokes are often immature and gross. Of course, that's not to say his jokes aren't funny. He makes his audience laugh, and they enjoy his material. However, his co-stars note that there's a side to him that hasn't grown up.

15 Casting His Friends

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Adam Sandler enjoys making movies with his friends. Indeed, he became close with many fellow comedians over the years. Sandler's close with Rob Schneider, David Spade, Chris Rock, and Kevin James. He often casts his friends in his films or produces their movies. However, his films have become repetitive and might need some freshening up.

14 His Audience Is International And Not Domestic

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There was a time when Adam Sandler was a major name in Hollywood. He remains a popular figure, but his success is now more international. Indeed, his movies gain little traction nowadays domestically. Sandler recognizes that since he focuses on global sales more and more. Part of the deal with Netflix is to reach his international audience.

13 Major Falling Out With Sony

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For years Adam Sandler worked closely with Sony studios. However, he suddenly left and signed with Netflix. In 2014, the Sony hacked email scandal made significant headlines. Some of the emails reveal that Sony grew tired of Sandler. They weren't his fans and didn't enjoy his films. Indeed, then head of Sony Amy Pascal, had some very harsh words for Sandler and his movies.

12 He Takes Criticism Very Personally

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Adam Sandler's comedy sometimes crosses a line and can be insensitive. At the same time, Sandler has a tough time with criticism. For instance, he refused to appear on Howard Stern's show. Sandler noted he was a massive fan of Stern but was hurt when Stern tore his movies apart. For years, Sandler held a grudge against Stern, although Stern was unaware.

11 His Comedy Is All About Cheap Laughs

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Adam Sandler's movies often have heart and a touching moment. Well, not all of his films, but some. For instance, movies like The Wedding Singer and Big Daddy had a sweet side to them. However, he often relies on cheap comedy and jokes. The writing isn't sincere and thought-provoking. Instead, he goes for the cheapest joke, no matter how offensive.

10 American Audiences Hate His Movies

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As noted, Adam Sandler does very well with international audiences. Indeed, he continues to find success in other parts of the world. That's because Sandler struggles back in the U.S. It's safe to say that most American audiences hate Sandler's movies. There was a time when he would have a massive opening for a film. Now, his films get a bit of hype before showing up on Netflix.

9 Script Locations Are Based On Where He Wants To Vacation

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Adam Sandler's movies often take place in beautiful and exotic locations. Of course, that's no coincidence. Indeed, Sandler often sets his films in locations he wants to vacation. For instance, 50 First Dates takes place in Hawaii, so that worked out perfectly for Sandler. However, that makes the film less about the story and more about where Sandler wants to visit.

8 Only One Movie He Starred In Is Critically Acclaimed 

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Adam Sandler has starred in a long line of movies that nobody would have called critically acclaimed. Indeed, Sandler winning an Oscar for his role in The Waterboy always seemed like a long shot. His films aren't the Oscar type. However, he did star in one critically acclaimed film, Punch-Drunk Love. It might be a coincidence, but he has a few lines in the movie.

7 He Has No Acting Range

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As noted, Adam Sandler often portrays the same character. For instance, Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore share similarities. At the same time, so do movies like Waterboy and Little Nicky. Sandler lacks acting range, although he has tried. He gave an excellent performance in Punch-Drunk Love but mainly stuck to the lowbrow comedy.

6 Anger Management Issues

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Adam Sandler once starred in Anger Management along with Jack Nicholson. Almost all of his characters suffer from some form of anger issue. Indeed, Sandler admits that he has had anger management problems in the past. He has worked at it over the years, and it got much better. However, there was a time in his life when he often got into fights.

5 He Avoids The Media

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Adam Sandler has a shy side to him that sometimes comes out. However, that's not the reason he avoids the media and giving print interviews. Sandler goes out of his way to avoid the press. After completing his films, he chooses not to do much promotional work for it. He explains that he does rare interviews because he's been misquoted and seems to not like critics.

4 In Billy Madison, He Really Hit Kids With Dodgeballs And Made One Cry

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Billy Madison is one of Adam Sandler's most famous films. In particular, audiences loved the dodgeball scene. In the scene, Sandler smashes young kids with dodgeballs in a game of dodgeball. In 2015, Sandler admitted that the balls were real, and so was those hits. He hit the kids with the dodgeballs as hard as he could and even made one cry.

3 Bad Reputation With Female Characters And Casting

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In 2015, Adam Sandler faced some controversy after a casting call went out for his movie. He gets a lot of backlash for writing female characters as objects. The casting call confirmed that for many people. Actress Rose McGowen shared a casting call for his movie that encouraged the actress to show a lot of cleavage. Her talent agency soon fired her.

2 Extras Walked Off Set 

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In 2015, Adam Sandler began work on Ridiculous 6 for Netflix. The film is a parody of the 1960's Western movies. However, it created a great deal of controversy. During filming, a few Native American extras left the set because of what they felt were insensitive jokes.

1 His Movies Bomb At The Box Office

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Adam Sandler releases a new film every few years. He has had a high output of movies since the beginning of his career. However, his films often bomb at the box office. Indeed, they cost a fortune to make, but the return is very little. His films did so poorly at the box office that he now focuses his time on Netflix and the international market.

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