20 Sketchy Facts About Reality TV Shows That Execs Don't Want Us To Know

The modern world is full of guilty pleasures, especially when it comes down to what we're willing to watch on the television. A modern invention that seems to be all over television is the reality genre. However, do we really know everything there is to know about reality television?

No matter how much people watch it, we've decided that so many of us actually have no idea what goes on behind the scenes of reality television. We wanted to take a look at the secrets that are often kept from us so that we don't actually have to face the reality behind reality television!

So, if people are ready to take a look at some uncomfortable truths, we think it's about time to dive in. It has been difficult to enjoy reality television ever since we found these things out, but it's always best to be informed!

20 Humiliation Is Important

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Producers on these shows will go to great lengths in an attempt to humiliate the people involved. Whether they do this by editing footage to make them look stupid, or put them into situations that are awkward and difficult for them to manage, they know that the audience loves a bit of humiliation.

19 Reality Doesn't Mean Real

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We like to think that everything that we see on a reality show is, well, real. However, anyone that is involved with their production will know that this isn't always the case. Not only will the producers ensure that the shows are edited down massively, but they will even tell those involved what to say!

18 The Endings Are Often Forced

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Yes, believe it or not, but the people in charge will often film more than just one ending, before choosing which one they think the audience will like the best. We don't know about everyone else, but that doesn't sound anything like reality to us.

17 Editing Is Manipulation

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There was a time when we knew that we could believe something we had seen and heard, but those days are long gone in the modern world of technology. Through the magic of editing, producers can make it look like conversations happened between two people that never actually did...

16 Judges Don't Have The Final Say

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We are led to believe that the people in charge on these shows are the judges, but that is rarely the case. Despite what the judges say, the final say comes down to the producer. They will pick and choose who they think will make for a better show, rather than the person who deserves it.

15 Nobody' Past Is Safe

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A lot of these shows are built on drama and scandal, so anyone that is welcomed onto one of them can be sure that the producers have scoured their past. Not only does this cover their backs, but it also allows them to conveniently use this knowledge to create tension.

14 The More Flawed The Better

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It should come as no surprise at this point that the people in charge of these shows are looking for ratings and little else. Therefore, they're hoping that flawed people will want to be a part of their show. This gives them something that they can exploit throughout the show to keep people watching.

13 The Pay Is Low

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Some of these shows are about people who already have a lot of money, but the ones about random citizens offer them money. While they will be able to cash in on their fifteen minutes of fame once they're off the show, they only receive a small stipend and have their expenses covered, if they're lucky!

12 Jobs Take Much Longer

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Whenever anyone is tasked with performing a job on a show, such as baking a cake or taking part in some DIY, it is made out that it only takes a day or two. It actually takes much longer but the film is edited to make it seem quicker than it was.

11 Location Is Decided By Budget

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If people are watching a reality show and the people on camera are outside, it's usually a good sign that they have a low budget. Filming outside costs a lot less. Some people even use their own homes as sets so that they can keep the pricing down. A lot of ways to cut corners!

10 Alcohol Is Used Irresponsibly

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Not only do the producers ensure that everyone on the set is drunk, they even like to push the substance on those who have had troubles with it in the past. This is the perfect example of the creators of reality television putting people's lives in danger just to get some added drama.

9 People Are Forced To Do Things Under Contract

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The main aspect of reality television that a lot of people tune in to see is human beings acting on instinct, not from a script. However, many people have alleged they were forced by their contract to make decisions given to them by the producers, now what they would've actually done.

8 There Is So Much More Footage Than What's Shown

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It should come as no surprise that the people in charge have to cut down a lot of stuff to get the short episode we see on television every week. They follow these people around all day, so they have to make sure we're only getting the most interesting footage they have.

7 People Will Alter Their Personalities

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This doesn't just apply to the contestants, but the judges on the shows will act in ways they wouldn't normally. Not only will they get angrier than usual to make contestants worry, but many contestants will find that they act differently when the camera is turned on them.

6 Medical Care Can Be Withheld

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A former contestant on America's Next Top Model alleges that she had healthcare kept from her when she started to experience anxiety attacks. This was down to the fact that they felt these attacks could help pump up the drama on the show, even if it was no good for the contestants health.

5 People Can Be Deprived Of Sleep Too

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Sleep is the one thing that all human beings need on a daily basis if they want to function properly. Without it, we can become irrational and uncomfortable, which is exactly what the producers want. This is how they get people to act out dramatically.

4 Producers Give Terrible Advice

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As producers are essentially there to make sure that everything is going well, they will often be approached by contestants for advice on what they should do next. Some producers have claimed they would purposefully give people bad advice so that they would make the wrong decision on screen.

3 Everyone Loves Violence

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Many people involved with the production of Jersey Shore have come out to complain that the producers openly wanted violence to occur between the people that were on camera. Not only would they not stop violence from happening, they would attempt to rile up people to get better footage.

2 Interviews Can Be Filmed Much Later

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A lot of shows are interspersed with talking head interviews, showing us all what the people involved are thinking and feeling about certain events. That being said, these interviews can be filmed long after the show has finished and be edited into the footage, making it look like they were filmed at the same time.

1 Type-Casting Contestants Is Important

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Purposefully choosing people ahead of time that producers think won't get along can be a difficult job. It means that producers are forced to take complex human beings and then boil them down into stereotypes. This means that they end up being typecast from early on in the shows production.

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