20 Sketchy Things About Justin Bieber And Hailey Baldwin's Marriage We Need To Stop Ignoring

Baby, baby, baby, oh Hailey!

Those days of a floppy-haired preteen "Biebs" singing those iconically tinged songs of puppy love are long gone and have broken like a case of "Bieber fever!" Justin Bieber is all grown up and wants the world to know just how grown up he is, and he has an eternal lady love by his side to prove it.

The love of the right woman has managed to tame Justin and helped him shed his long-held image as yet another Hollywood bad boy who wanted to make sure there were many less lonely girls in the world. Hailey Baldwin made an honest man out of Justin when they married after a whirlwind romance, which escalated so fast, many still question whether the couple is ready for a huge commitment.

There's still so many details and questions to explore about The Biebers, and we're on the case!

20 Justin And Hailey Were Only 'Official' For Mere Weeks

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We shouldn't have to say this, but choosing the person you're going to walk down the aisle is a decision you'll have to live with past your wedding day! That sacred bond with your spouse takes time to solidify, right?

Time is nothing but a concept to Justin and Hailey. The couple decided to become Mr. and Mrs. after only being together for a month!

19 Justin Refused To Call Hailey His Wife In Public

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Maybe it's Justin's definition of the art of subtlety, or maybe there's a deeper meaning and a need for some insight into Justin's mind for an explanation behind this odd behavior?

Who knows exactly, but we have the feeling Hailey wouldn't be happy about her husband's hesitation to let the world know just who she is: his wife!

He finally did a few months later.

18 The Couple Waited A Whole Year Between Weddings

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Mr. and Mrs. Bieber haven't been hesitant to show the world how in love they are, and they aren't strangers to a spectacle, but we've got to remember the humans they are after the flashbulbs disappear!

Justin and Hailey didn't want to waste another second to make it official, so they tied the knot first in 2018, but why wait longer for the bigger wedding?

17 Justin Didn't Even Want To Be Hailey's Friend Beforehand

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Call us old fashioned, but it's important to "ship" the concept of friendship as the basis for a relationship!

Justin Bieber once thought differently. Like the couple often likes to remind us, Justin and Hailey weren't always clear on their relationship status. During a particularly rocky chapter, Hailey revealed her husband didn't want to have anything to do with her, much less be friends! Um.

16 They Often Look Unhappy In Photos

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Body language speaks louder than words in many, many cases!

When fans are allowed a little look-sie into the Biebers' private life via the occasional glimpse of the couple walking down the street, it wouldn't be amiss to assume there's some trouble in paradise. Justin and Hailey often look upset in photos. Are they always annoyed in candidly captured moments?

15 Justin Is Extremely Defensive Of Their Marriage

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For a man who is so sure about his feelings toward his new bride, he has to defend their union an awful lot! Wouldn't someone so confident in their feelings not feel the need to prove themselves? A bit sketchy, huh?

Justin often speaks out to critics and fans alike who have something to say about the state of his relationship and marriage to Hailey.

14 The Biebs Believes In Fighting

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There's nothing wrong with the occasional fight with your partner every once in a while, but when the fighting becomes a regular occurrence, it may be some cause for concern!

The Biebers have shown us once or twice they're not shy about fighting in public, but wouldn't it be better for their relationship if they kept the tense times behind closed doors?

13 Being Mrs. Bieber Has Been Hailey's Most Serious Commitment

via Inside Edition

Ideally, before marriage, it's a good idea to have had a few different relationships in your archives, so you know the exact qualities you're looking for in The One!

Love stories unfold differently for everyone, but for Hailey, she didn't have many to reference before she committed to being Mrs. Bieber.

According to CaptialFM, Hailey shared, "I'm somebody who was never in any serious relationships."

12 Justin And Hailey Still Go Out Separately

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Are we going to ignore how many solo ventures we've seen Mrs. Bieber take since she tied the knot with Justin?

Wouldn't a happy couple aim to make their public appearances together as often as possible? Justin and Hailey seemed to be challenging this notion as they've been seen photographed separately, even after relationship milestones happen.

What gives, kids? Is this a worrisome sign?

11 They Don't Believe In A Pre-Nup Agreement

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Okay, let's be real: No matter how iron-clad a marriage may be, it's important to at least consider a prenuptial agreement for some cushion, just in case!

Mr. and Mrs. Bieber really believe their marriage will outlast anything. The confident couple did not sign a prenup, and they're making a bold statement with their decision, but some may think it's not a wise one!

10 They're Already In Counseling

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The Biebers-to-be had an idea they would be in for a rough road ahead! The newlyweds decided to start going to marriage counseling.

Now, of course, marriage counseling can be a good thing, but wouldn't it make more sense to be married for a season before taking the plunge. Could their decision to seek counseling early on be a sign of something deeper?

9 Justin Even Wanted The Officiant To Keep Quiet

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Quite a telling sign!

Justin and Hailey generated a lot of press after their engagement, and even more, after the pair tied the knot in a courthouse wedding shortly after getting engaged. Sleuths were so keen to find some dirt on the couple, and their mission was accomplished! Justin was heard saying "Thanks for keeping it on the D.L." to the courthouse official. Really, groom?

8 Husband Didn't Follow Wife On The 'Gram

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What's more modern than a couple making it official by following each other on Instagram? We have to get ready for the influx of "likes" and heart-eyed emojis between the two.

We have to wait a little longer for Justin and Hailey! It's a bit hashtag-sketchy Justin wasn't following his bride on the 'gram for a moment in time! Does he compliment her selfies IRL?

7 The Couple Is Monetizing Their Union

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The ultimate sign of a celebrity couple in 2019? The two lovebirds have inked a sponsorship deal or two like the Bieber-Baldwin babes.

Justin and Hailey have recently been featured in an NSFW ad campaign together. Who knows their exact reason for choosing to make this risky move, but it's a little "off" and makes us wonder if something deeper is going on behind-the-scenes?

6 Hailey Has To Keep Cleaning Up Rumors

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Hailey may be a blushing bride, but she's still a bride who is attempting to ride away from rumors more than a year after her first wedding!

The number of different scenarios and situations where Hailey has felt compelled to speak out about whispers concerning her and Justin's demise is a little odd for a couple who are supposedly incredibly happy together.

5 Justin And Hailey Crossed Some Lines

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One important instance in the Bieber marriage we definitely should remember for all time? The time the couple decided to play a joke many weren't laughing over!

Hailey and Justin thought it would be hilarious to prank the public into believing the two were expecting their first bundle of joy, but the couple probably didn't expect the critical reception received in its wake.

4 Justin Likes To Hint At Hesitation

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By now we may be able to conclude it is sometimes hazy to clearly see if Justin is "all in" for his marriage because The Biebs periodically throws some curveballs with some select quotes about his relationship.

The Biebs once felt the need to downplay the idea of becoming parents on a social media post from Hailey, using the hesitant "I'm not in a rush."

3 Justin May Have Said Too Much

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Sometimes it's better to say nothing, no matter how tempted you are, than to say anything at all!

Justin learned this the hard way when he sent the internet ablaze after mentioning his famous ex-girlfriend in an attempt to get fans to ease up on speculation surrounding his personal life.

The most questionable part of his speech? He admitted he still "loves" Selena. Woah, dude!

2 Even The Family Has Chimed In

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Before building your own family, it would be comforting to know that your "first" family gives you and yours the official seal of approval. Hailey's famous family weren't all onboard for her upcoming nuptials.

William Baldwin's character may have weathered his share of drama while on Gossip Girl, but his real-life is certainly juicy! He once advised the couple to take their relationship slowly.

1 Hailey Isn't Here For The 'Jalena' Drama

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It goes without saying you probably would pass on having any of your ex's songs on your playlist, and it's safe to assume Hailey isn't blasting any songs by Salena Gomez, but she is blasting those critics who are looking to find some drama between the two ladies in the wake on Salena's recent release of the intimately revealing "Lose You To Love Me."

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