20 Sketchy Things Everyone Chooses To Ignore About Eddie Murphy

The term, "the greatest of all time", is sometimes overused. However, in this case, the phrase is appropriate. Eddie Murphy is one of the greatest comedians of all time. In the 80s, he was one of the most famous celebs in the world. His stand-up specials are groundbreaking, his work on Saturday Night Live is unforgettable, and his early film career was exceptional.

Murphy exploded onto the scene and made an immediate impact. He made the audience laugh so hard they cried tears of joy. Murphy toured all over the world and starred in the classic Beverly Hills Cop franchiseHe was so popular in the 80s that many people associate him with that decade. Indeed, he's one of the most beloved 80s celebrities.

Of course, the 80s were a very long time ago. A lot as changed for Murphy over the years. He no longer performs stand-up and his movie career went downhill. There's also another side to the famous comedian. He has a dark side, like many of his fellow comics. There's a sketchy side to him that fans often overlook. It's time to take a closer look at Eddie Murphy and his dark side. Here are 20 Sketchy Things Everyone Chooses To Ignore About Eddie Murphy.

20 Named Worst Actor Of The Decade

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In the 1980s, Eddie Murphy starred in blockbuster movies and classic comedies. In the 2000s, well, that's a different story. He starred in a string of some of the worst movies of all time. It's almost impossible to name any of his films from that time. In 2010, Murphy "won" the Golden Raspberry for Worst Actor Of The Decade. It's safe to assume he's not proud of that achievement.

19 Relationships

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Eddie Murphy has dated a long list of beautiful women. He's been in more relationships than good movies. However, he married only one time, despite his many relationships. He's come close a few times. He began dating Nicole Mitchell in 1988 and married her in 1993. The marriage came to an end in 2005, but Murphy's been busy since then.

18 Talked His Way Out Of Being Arrested In 1996

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In 1996, Eddie Murphy was still one of the most famous comedians in the world. Indeed, he starred in the classic, The Nutty Professor, that year. It was one of the biggest comedies of the year and earned Murphy a Golden Globe nomination. This helped Murphy when the police went to arrest him.

He was negotiating services with a female when the police apprehended him. Murphy was able to talk his way out of being arrested. Of course, the woman he was negotiating with ended up going to jail.

17 Lived In Foster Care For One Year

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Eddie Murphy started performing stand-up comedy at a very young age. Indeed, he's been making his classmates laugh since he was 12. Part of his sense of humor is because of his traumatic childhood. He went through situations that most kids his age never encounter. After his father's passing, Murphy and his older brother, Charlie, lived in foster care for one year.

16 Made Controversial Statements In 80s Comedy Specials And Only Admitted He was Wrong In 1996

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Eddie Murphy's stand-up comedy specials, Delirious and Raw, are groundbreaking and influenced an entire generation of comedians. However, he did make some controversial comments in the specials that gained more traction over time. He made several offensive jokes which were aimed at the LGTBQ community.

At the time, it didn't make major headlines, but, over the years, perceptions changed. Murphy refused to apologize, until finally giving in and saying sorry in 1996.

15 Owns An Island

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It's no secret that Eddie Murphy starred in a string of box office bombs. However, that hasn't stopped Murphy from becoming incredibly wealthy. He was one of the highest-paid actors of the 90s!

Murphy was wealthy enough to purchase an island, Rooster Cay, in the Bahamas. It turns out that Meet Dave and Pluto Nash did well enough.

14 Ten Kids

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As noted, Eddie Murphy has been in several relationships and married once. Indeed, Murphy has been a busy man off-screen as well. He has several children from numerous women over the years. Murphy has ten kids that range in age from 30s to 20s to teens...and even younger. He does have a close relationship with his kids for the most part.

13 He Has A Fear Of Animals

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In 1998, Eddie Murphy starred in the popular film, Dr. Dolittle. Critics gave the film mixed reviews, but it was a box office success. At that time, Murphy was still finding success. However, Murphy has a fear of animals, which makes his performance all the more impressive. Murphy didn't let his fear of animals stand in the way of him making a ton of money.

12 Feud With David Spade

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Comedian and actor, David Spade, is like many other comedians of his generation. He looked up to Eddie Murphy. Spade joined the cast of Saturday Night Live in the 90s. However, he made a joke about Murphy on an episode of SNL and Murphy didn't appreciate it. The joke kicked off a feud between the two that went on for a few years. Murphy even called up Spade to yell at him about the joke.

11 Party All The Time

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In 1985, Eddie Murphy was on top of the world. So, he decided to give music a try. He released his first album, How Could It Be, that same year. The lead single from the album, "Party All The Time", reached number 2 on the Billboard charts. Of course, many fans overlook the song. Murphy later released another single with Michael Jackson.

10 Claimed He’d Stop Making Movies At 50

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Eddie Murphy started his career when he was still a teenager. He quickly rose to the top in the stand-up comedy world and soon embarked on a film career. Murphy always promised that he'd retire at the age of 50. Well, it turns out Murphy decided to keep going. He continues to make movies and they continue to bomb. Murphy is set to star in Coming 2 America, which hits theatres in 2020.

9  O % On Rotten Tomatoes

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Eddie Murphy went from being guaranteed box office gold to a guaranteed flop. In the last several years, Murphy gained a reputation for starring in a string of the worst movies of all time. Indeed, the 2012 film, A Thousand Words, currently holds a 0% rating at Rotten Tomatoes. It's one of his worst movies...and that's saying something.

8 Eddie Murphy Sued For Stealing Idea For Coming To America

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In 1988, Eddie Murphy starred in one of his most memorable roles, in Coming To America. It was a major hit and one of Murphy's most successful films. However, writer Art Buchwald hit Murphy and Paramount Studios with a lawsuit.

Buchwald had a script in development with the same plot, with the same studio, and with Eddie Murphy as the prospective star. Paramount passed on the script, but used a similar story anyway. The studio settled out of court.

7 Focuses On Music Career Now

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Eddie Murphy became world-famous for his comedy and film roles. However, he has a second passion in life that he puts more focus on now. As noted, Murphy has released a few albums over the years, and he now makes his music career the center of his life. He does dabble in movies from time to time, as well. Regardless, music is a big part of his life now.

6 Stormed Out Of 2007 Academy Awards

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In 2006, Eddie Murphy costarred in the critically acclaimed film, Dreamgirls. Murphy proved all his critics wrong with an incredible performance, which earned him an Academy Award nomination. For years, he had to endure harsh reviews from his critics, and now he could rub his success in their faces.

Of course, Alan Arkin ended up winning Best Supporting Actor for his role in Little Miss Sunshine. Murphy was furious that he didn't win and stormed out of the awards show.

5 Traumatic Childhood

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As noted, Eddie Murphy had a difficult childhood and upbringing. Indeed, he suffered significant trauma at a very young age. As a child, his father passed away as a result of an incident with his girlfriend. Murphy and his brother, Charlie, had no family but each other. The traumatic event resulted in the two brothers living in foster care.

4 Relationship With Mel B

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Eddie Murphy has been in several high profile relationships. However, nothing comes close to his relationship with former Spice Girl, Mel B. They made major headlines all over the world. Of course, Murphy just came out of an intense relationship. However, he wasn't always the best boyfriend. Indeed, he seemed more concerned with his own well-being.

3 Married Tracey Edmonds But Separated Two Weeks Later

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A recurring theme with Eddie Murphy is his many relationships. Indeed, he's been in every type of relationship there is!

He did a long marriage and a short one, too. In 2008, he married film producer, Tracey Edmonds. They married on an island in Bora Bora, in a romantic and sweet wedding. Well, it was only cute for a little while. They were never legally married and separated two weeks later.

2 Quit As 2011 Oscars Host After Long-Time Collaborator Brett Ratner Was Fired For Making Controversial Statements

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In 2011, Eddie Murphy was set to host that year's Academy Awards. Hosting the ceremony is considered prestigious for many comedians. However, Murphy backed out as host after his long-time friend, Bret Ratner, lost his job for making controversial statements. Some criticized Murphy for sticking with Ratner, since many agreed that Ratner was wrong.

1 Demanded DNA Test To Prove Mel B's Child Is His

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As noted, Eddie Murphy was in an intense relationship with former Spice Girl, Melanie Brown. Brown announced that she was pregnant with Murphy's child. However, when interviewed, Murphy was skeptical that the child was his.

He demanded that she take a DNA test to prove that the child was his. When the girl was born, Murphy had a DNA test done and accepted the result (he is her father).

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