20 Sketchy Things Everyone Needs To Stop Ignoring About Gwyneth Paltrow

We are well aware that Academy Award-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, even though she’s a highly decorated and brilliant actress who cruised onto the scene at a fairly young age. Even though she’s the daughter of Hollywood veterans, Blythe Danner and the late Bruce Paltrow, she’s always had an air of independence about her and has often said that she doesn’t really care what people think about her in the past.

But is that a good thing?

Sometimes, Paltrow can be out of touch with the common person (to be fair, most celebrities appear that way too) but the actress comes by it honestly.

However, there are still a few who seem to ignore the fact that she’s done some pretty problematic things in the past. Here are 20 sketch things that people still seem to ignore about Gwyneth Paltrow.

20 Her Website GOOP Appears To Be Problematic

Vanity Fair

Gwyneth’s wellness brand Goop has always been a little loopy when it comes to the “treatments”. And in 2018, Goop settled a $145,000 lawsuit “for making unsubstantiated marketing claims about the health benefits of using jade eggs” for a certain part of a woman’s anatomy. It’s never good when your company is losing money like that.

19 Why Does Jeff Bezos Keep Ghosting Her?

At SXSW this year, Gwyneth told a room filled with people that Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has ghosted her on more than one occasion. Why on earth would anyone want to ghost a celebrity of Gwyneth’s caliber? He had reportedly told her he wanted to have a sit-down chat, but he’s ghosted her TWICE so far. We’ve got to wonder why.

18 What Does “Self-Made” Actually Mean?

Once upon a time, Gwyneth was complaining that people were getting angry because she’s called herself a “self-made” woman, meaning she and she alone built her empire. Thing is, her parents are RICH and she’s been rich her entire life. She said that she was cut off financially when she was 18 however, and had to wait tables in order to make money.

17 We Forget She Named Her Daughter Apple


We sometimes forget what Gwyneth actually named her first daughter with now-ex-husband, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin. In case you blocked it: Apple. And oddly enough, NO ONE was surprised when she did it. I mean, it’s such a rich person thing to do – name your kid something off the wall. Poor Apple.

16 She Once Worked Out On A Yacht


I mean – WHO EVEN DOES THIS? When you go on vacation, sometimes you tend to work out, especially if you’re on a regular schedule that allows you to do this during your regular time. But on a yacht??? This seems like a very Gwyneth thing to do. You know, work out when you could be just relaxing on a very large, luxurious boat.

15 Her Ties To Harvey Weinstein

LA Times

Yes, THAT Harvey Weinstein. Back in the 90s, all of Gwyneth’s work basically revolved around the Weinstein owned movie studio Miramax, so she worked closely with the disgraced studio head. She later came out to say that he too harassed her during her time at the studio and that then-fiancé Brad Pitt called him up to threaten him.

14 She Was Engaged To The Perfect Being


Speaking of Brad Pitt, anyone remember when these two were engaged? They were engaged when she was only 24 and being thrust into the spotlight in a high profile relationship didn’t really sit well with Paltrow. She says that they called off the engagement because she wasn’t ready to get married at the time.

13 ….And Then Ben Affleck


After the Brad Pitt thing blew up in her face, she then thought it was a good idea to date Ben Affleck for another three years. Affleck, who had shot to fame after winning an Oscar in 1998, was in an on-again-off-again relationship with Paltrow and starred in the film Bounce with her (she convinced him to do so when they were off-again, which led them to date again for another year).

12 She Doesn't Respect Her Kids' Own Privacy When It Comes To IG


You have heard the story about daughter Apple getting upset at mama Paltrow over an IG post, right? Earlier this year, Gwyneth and Apple went skiing and Gwyneth ended up posting a selfie of the two of them without her daughter’s consent. She even got on her in the comments: “Mom we have discussed this. You may not post anything without my consent.”

11 She’s Almost Too Perfect


There was a joke on HBO’s Sex in the City where Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker) asked her friend Stanford (Willie Garson) why Gwyneth Paltrow has to go see a shrink. His response is hilarious: “She suffers from high self-esteem”. A lot of people think this about her because she appears to be almost TOO perfect in her lifestyle.

10 We Hate To Admit It, But We Still Think About Her 1999 Oscar Dress

You HAVE to remember this dress – it’s her extremely iconic pink Ralph Lauren dress she wore when she won Best Actress at the 1999 Academy Awards. Most fashion critics said that it was one of the best Oscar dresses of all time. She was compared to Grace Kelly when she was walking the red carpet. It’s still stunning to look at.

9 People Will Be Surprised To Know She’s Not British

The Today Show

Gwyneth has been known to take on more British roles than American ones because her accent is so dang good that she can convince anyone she’s English. She even made fun of herself when she hosted Saturday Night Live and did her monolog in a British accent. It took Ben Affleck jokingly standing up in the audience to remind her that she’s American.

8 She’s Worked With Some Extremely Problematic Actors


Okay, so basically, EVERYONE in Hollywood has worked with problematic actors because a lot are floating around (more than even we know) so of course, some of the best, LEAST problematic actors have worked with some pretty shady ones. Like Gwyneth working with Kevin Spacey in Seven (even though they didn’t share screen time). Yikes.

7 Is She Out Of Touch With “Regular” People?


The thing about Gwyneth Paltrow is that she never pretended to be someone she’s not (you know, other than her PRETENDING to be other people because it’s her job) but she never really seemed to understand the common person or their daily lives. Now, it’s not her job to, but she should know a thing or two about it, especially since she launched Goop.

6 She Once Said “I Can’t Pretend To Be Someone Who Makes $25,000 A Year”


This actually goes hand-in-hand with her not really being in touch with the common person. When she was called out for acting snobby at times, she simply said: “I can’t pretend to be someone who makes $25,000 a year”. You know that has to be off-putting to some who work hard to make that amount of money a year.

5 Bragging About Who Her Children Call “Uncle”


If you didn’t know, Gwyneth Paltrow has some pretty A-List people she calls friends. Two of those friends happen to be Beyonce and Jay Z…and yes, her children call them “Aunt and Uncle” since they see them so much. Gwyneth even has sometimes babysat Blue Ivy for the couple and the kids all played together.

4 She Believes That “Every Woman” Has The Time To Work Out

Splash News

Gwyneth is a known workout guru and runner. As we said, she even works out on yachts. Unfortunately, a lot of women don’t have this luxury and she said that even if they don’t, it doesn’t matter – they can always make time to work out. Sometimes this is just not the case, especially for women who have to hold down more than one job.

3 She Once Said That Negativity Changes The Structure Of Water


On her website Goop, she once declared this very peculiar thing: “I am fascinated by the growing science behind the energy of consciousness and its effects on matter. I have long had Dr. Emoto’s coffee-table book on how negativity changes the structure of water, how the molecules behave differently depending on the words or music being expressed around it.” Huh????

2 She Criticized The Met Gala


So the one thing that Gwyneth does all the time is to attend some A-List functions – the Met Gala being one of them. It’s basically the party of the year for A-listers and an event you want to be seen attending. Something Paltrow does. But back in 2013, she dissed it. “I’m never going again. It was so un-fun. It was boiling. It was too crowded.”

1 A Woodburning Oven Is An “Investment”?


Normally, people invest in CDs or a Savings or their 401ks, but a woodburning stove? Leave it to someone like Gwyneth to say that “a woodburning pizza oven in the garden – a luxury, I know, but it’s one of the best investments I’ve ever made.” Well, a lot of normal people don’t have that luxury but…thanks?

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