20 Things We Need To Stop Ignoring About Kelly Ripa

Sometimes famous people turn out to be a bit mean when their fans meet them in real life. According to stars.topix.com, one of those stars is actress and singer Jennifer Lopez. Sometimes the star is not very nice when she is doing an interview.

But she certainly is not the only one who can have a bit of an attitude at times. Actress Julia Roberts has been seen getting in the faces of some people, and she can be very confrontational at times.

In addition, some celebrities are not necessarily mean, but they definitely can behave like divas. A great example of that is singer Christina Aguilera, who had an entire store shut down so she could do some shopping without being bothered.

Television personality Kelly Ripa has also been known to do some strange things as well. Here are some odd things that fans shouldn’t ignore.

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20 Kelly Doesn’t Mind Talking About Personal Things On Television


Ripa has made a career out of discussing certain things on television, but it’s still a bit surprising when she talks about some details of her personal life on television as if she were having a private conversation with her best friend. According to nickiswift.com, the star discussed her husband’s personal life on television when she talked about a job he used to have.

19 She Claimed That Mark Can Be Mean To Her Sometimes, And Then She Clarified Her Statement


During one episode of Live With Kelly, Ripa’s husband was a bit surprised when she started discussing the fact that there are moments during which he can be very mean to her. According to nickiswift.com, Consuelos appeared to be taken aback by her statement, which is totally understandable. She doesn’t seem to respect privacy much. She later claimed that she was only joking.

18 She And Mark Would Have Been Happy If They Had Been Married In The 1950s


The 1950s was a pretty awesome time, but things were harder for women than they are these days. However, according to nickiswift.com, Ripa and her husband, Mark Consuelos, have talked about the fact that they would be perfectly happy if they had been around back then. But Ripa doesn’t realize that she may not have been as successful then as she is now.

17 At One Point, Kelly Was Not Even Speaking To Mark


Things might be great between Ripa and Consuelos these days, but their relationship was not always that easy. The two of them even broke up right before he ended up proposing to her. According to cheatsheet.com, Ripa refused to speak to Consuelos before they got back together, which is pretty weird to think about now.

16 Lola Has Seen Some Interesting Things, And Kelly Laughs It Off


Ripa and Consuelos’ daughter, Lola, has accidentally seen her parents doing some very personal things. According to etonline.com, this has happened more than once, and one of those times was even on Lola’s 18th birthday. She was obviously very upset about it, and she claimed that they ruined her day.

15 Kelly Was A Bit Upset With Megyn Kelly


According to celebrityinsider.org, Ripa has not been very happy with her friend Megyn Kelly. At one time, Kelly appeared with Ripa on television for a bit, and lots of viewers watched them. Kelly used this to get her own show, and Ripa did not like that very much. Ripa was upset because she considered Kelly to be a good friend of hers.

14 She Does Not Care What Her Children Think About The Things She Posts On Social Media


Kelly Ripa is not shy about posting some interesting photos and videos of her husband on Instagram. But they have children, and sometimes their children get a bit embarrassed by some of the things their parents post. According to inquisitr.com, Lola responded negatively to a video Ripa posted of Consuelos, and Ripa did not seem to be bothered by it at all.

13 There Was Some Jealousy Between Kelly And Ryan Seacrest


Ripa and Ryan Seacrest have both been known to behave like divas sometimes, so it is not particularly surprising that there has been a little bit of jealousy between the two of them. According to naughtygossip.com, Ripa was jealous over the fact that she thought he was getting more attention than she was.

12 Things Are Not Always Perfect Between Mark And Kelly


Celebrity marriages usually include lots of drama, and not even Ripa and Consuelos can escape that. According to celebdirtylaundry.com, there was at least one time when Ripa was under the impression that Consuelos was doing something that she was not a big fan of. Ripa can be a bit jealous sometimes.

11 Kelly Is Not Always Friendly With Her Kids


According to redbookmag.com, Ripa has no problem being strict with her children. When Ripa appeared on The Wendy Williams Show, she claimed that she does not think her daughter likes her much. But she also doesn’t care what Lola thinks of her at all, which may not help their relationship.

10 She Joked About Her Daughter’s Body


Ripa says a lot of very personal things about Lola, and that happened again when she was recalling when Lola was about to leave to go to the prom. According to people.com, Lola had someone alter her dress without her mother’s permission. In Ripa’s eyes, that meant that it was okay for her to tell a really weird joke about Lola’s body.

9 She Really Doesn’t Care If Her Children Like Her


According to today.com, Ripa has never been concerned with what her children think of her. She does not believe that parents should ever try to be their child's’ friend. Instead, she believes that if a parent is their child's’ friend, the child will see them as their equal, and Ripa thinks there is something wrong with that.

8 Kelly Has Talked About Going Through The Stuff In Lola’s Bedroom


Lots of moms are pretty good at telling when their child has something that he or she should not have, and Ripa is no different. When she found out that her daughter was hiding an extra cell phone, the television star decided that it was perfectly okay to go through the stuff in Lola’s bedroom to find it, according to babygaga.com.

7 The Kids Are Not Allowed To Fail Spanish


According to abcnews.go.com, Lola was once caught using her cell phone when she wasn’t supposed to. At the time, she was supposed to be studying Spanish. Her mother informed her that Spanish is a subject that she definitely was not allowed to fail. Then she banned Lola from using her phone and the internet.

6 Lola Can’t Always Pick Out Her Own Outfits


According to thetalko.com, there have been times when Lola did not even get to decide what she wore. Ripa picked out her clothes for her. It’s natural for a parent to want their child not to dress a certain way, but controlling their wardrobe entirely is a bit of an issue.

5 Kelly Keeps A Close Eye On Her Children’s Social Media Accounts


Ripa is definitely a strict parent, and she actually does everything she can to monitor her children’s social media accounts. According to closerweekly.com, she believes that nothing her children do on their social media accounts should be kept from her. The television star claimed that she would not read a diary if any of her children kept one, but she does not think twice before keeping an eye on what they are doing on the internet.

4 She Joked About Exploiting Her Children On The Internet


Most parents don’t joke about exploiting their children at all, but of course Ripa has no problem with it. That is because she once joked about wanting children so that she could use her social media accounts to exploit them, according to people.com. When the television star said this, she was discussing the fact that Lola does not like her mom to post pictures of her on the internet.

3 Kelly Contemplated Not Answering One Of Lola’s Phone Calls


Most parents seem to enjoy getting calls from their children. Some of them even answer those calls without thinking twice about it since it could be an emergency, but there was once a time when Ripa seriously considered not answering a call from her daughter, according to people.com. This was because Ripa had posted an image of her online, and she knew Lola was not going to like it, so she didn’t want to talk to her.

2 Kelly Has Been Very Critical Of Lola


According to moms.com, Ripa often criticizes Lola, and she does not treat her other children the same way. Ripa has claimed that her sons are always happy and in a good mood, but that things are a bit different with Lola. Ripa has had a harder time raising Lola than she has had with her boys.

1 She Has No Problem Going Through Someone Else’s Phone


Lots of people leave their cell phones laying around, including Ripa’s children. But according to moms.com, that is not a good decision unless they do not mind their mother going through it. She once did this to Lola when she saw her phone laying on her bed, but that’s not surprising when one considers how strict she is when it comes to cell phones.

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