20 Smart, Strong, Independent Women Who Caused Major Laughter With Their Tweets

We all know what having a bad day is. All of us have had the days when everything we do seems to be falling apart and we can't even get a single thing right. But we also know that these days never last forever. They go by, and better times come sooner or later. And while we're feeling sad about ourselves or about others, we should cheer ourselves up and remember the ancient wisdom that sounds true today, and will sound true for generations to come: "This shall also pass."

And while we're coping with these unpleasant issues, we should find inspiration in others. In the age of the Internet, we can easily do just that. Just reading what some women write on their social media pages can give us a quick boost. These strong, smart, and independent ladies share their life's problems with a great sense of humor and how they solve them. They overcome their challenges, attain success, embrace themselves for who they are, and learn something new about life.

So let us learn a lesson or two from these women and cheer ourselves up by reading their posts that delivered some major LOLs. I'm sure these 20 posts will inspire dozens of other women!

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20 Hipster Squirrels Come To Us

Via: twitter

Today we live in the world, where what we eat and how we look matters more than ever. Besides, these two kinds of habits are certainly inspired by modern fashion. Let's take hipster fashion, for example. It's fun how they stand up against mainstream things, but actually create their own mainstream culture as well. They wear Uggs, tight pants, and baggy sweaters, they eat quinoa, kale salad, and everything gluten-free...

Even though they aren't bad habits, they're quite contagious. If even squirrels can catch this hipster virus after a single bowl of quinoa, it's needless to say that we get it quickly, as well!

19 Love And Connection...

Via: twitter

There are two kinds of people in the world: those who have tattoos and those who want to know why those who have tattoos made these tattoos. For these reasons, whenever they see a person with a tattoo, they ask, "Hey, what does your tattoo mean? Why did you decide to get that specific one?"

And while some tattoos have a more or less general meaning (like a butterfly that, obviously, means freedom, because it's free to fly whenever it wants), others imply something very personal. Something others may fail to understand.

Like this lady: for her, a ravioli is something that represents love and connection, and there's absolutely nothing wrong about it.

18 It Hurts So Much

Via: twitter

People always say that those who we love can hurt us the most, but until we get a first-hand experience, it's hard to understand this saying.

One morning, this woman finally realized how it felt when her beloved quesadilla hurt her palate.

She'd never expect that her favorite dish could be such a rat.

It was always so nice to her. It seemed that it could never betray her. Yet that morning it proved otherwise. I bet that this woman will never trust a quesadilla again, and her future breakfasts will never be the same... Knowing how it can hurt, she's going to be really careful while eating it.

17 Yeah, She Is

Via: twitter

Who else here becomes crazy when being hungry or tired? I'm sure that most people can recognize it about themselves. I surely can! When I'm hungry, or when I haven't slept well, I know that I might become cranky. My partner  knows it from his own experience and he always tries to keep me well-fed and well-rested at all times. So, I guess I'm lucky!

But not all people are. Some of us really need a person in our lives; a person who'd know why we're misbehaving at a given moment and lets others know that they shouldn't take us seriously. "She just needs to eat something and get some sleep, and then she'll talk to you, okay?"

Gosh, this kind of person feels like a Guardian Angel, right?

16 Just Some Girly Stuff, Keep Scrolling

Via: twitter

What's the best way to convey a specific message only to the people who need to read it?

The woman who wrote this tweet knew very well how to accomplish this task. So live and learn: if you want to write a tweet and make sure that only a certain group of people will read it, start it with something other groups of people won't care about. This way, everyone who shouldn't know what you want to say, just won't read the whole tweet! Genius, right?

But, on the other hand, this tweet is a pure nightmare for the people who can't stand unfinished sentences.

They just have to know what the third item was supposed to be. "Strappy what, Anna??"

15 Don't Mess With Her

Via: twitter

Imagine yourself in the shoes of the lady who wrote this tweet. Would you mess with the woman who cut in front of her if she had this "nice" set of items in her cart? If you're a smart person, you certainly wouldn't. After all, saying something against a woman who's clearly having a hard time in her month can lead to horrific consequences.

Almost any woman who's having "those days" has a kind of changed personality. She's moody and can easily fly into a temper, even if she's wrong (like this woman, who cut in the line). Those who never experience these things, while having "these days," are certainly lucky!

14 Nope, They Weren't

Via: boredpanda

For some reason, when we're asked "How are you?", we tend to reply "I'm fine," even if we're not fine at all. This answer just comes out automatically because it's a habit. Besides, if we talk to a person whom we barely know, we certainly won't unbosom ourselves to them.

And, as a consequence of this habit, every time we reply "things are good," a voice in our heads tells us the truth, which we can't hide from ourselves.

Things are NOT good.

Thankfully, most of us have at least one person in our lives whom we can tell what this inner voice tells us. We can honestly reply, "Ah, you know what, I'm not fine today..." and we'll feel much better after it!

13 Why Am I Always The Only One? Oh, That's Why...

Via: imgur

It sucks when you have to do everything around the house and no one even cares to ask if you need help! You give, and you give, and you give, but you never get anything back. You try so hard every single day, because there are so many things to do with all the cleaning, cooking, and other housekeeping work. Sometimes you spend the whole day to make your house shine, and no one seems to appreciate it!

Why on earth does it happen?! Oh, right, because you live alone and no one can actually offer you their help... But it still sucks!

12 Yeah, Guys, I'm So Sorry

Via: twitter

This post is a nice continuation of the previous one. Since you live alone and there's no one to help you around the house, sometimes your house doesn't look as tidy as your mom would say it should look.

Maybe at first, when your friends come to visit and you haven't had time to clean up, you feel embarrassed to let them see the mess in your house. But after some time, you understand that you can just say that you're sorry about it, and none of them will have any idea.

Not only you're not sorry, but also it's possible that your house usually looks even messier.

Only your besties will know, but for them it's okay. They love you for who you are, even if you're messy!

11 It's So Flattering!

Via: twitter

Usually we don't feel okay when we're compared to other people, especially when someone tells us a phrase that has the words "women like you" in it. Many of us perceive this kind of phrase negatively, because we think something like "messy like you," "unprofessional like you," or "boring like you."

But this woman has a lot of confidence, and we need to learn from her!

When she's compared to a vague image of other women, she thinks of powerful wizards. If you don't like wizards, you can think about confident, funny, and successful women and compare yourself to them, even if it's not what the person meant when they called you this.

10 Ask The Right Questions, People!

Via: boredpanda

If I may, I'd like to shift the discussion of this tweet from inspiring feminists to just successful people in general.

When someone is successful, we tend to ask who helped or inspired them to achieve everything in their life. It seems to be the most important thing. Well, in fact, it is important, but there's another side to any person's success, and this side doesn't seem to be so pretty.

I'm talking about the people who let these successful people down in their past.

Every failure and every challenge we face makes us stronger and brings our success closer. So let's learn to value the bad and mediocre people in our lives, as well as the good and inspiring individuals.

9 Such A Relatable Hummingbird

Via: buzzfeed

When we were kids, we thought that the adult life was full of fun and adventures. It seemed to us that our parents were preventing us from doing the coolest things, such as eating junk food or not sleeping at night. But now, when we've become adults ourselves, we realize how mistaken this opinion was. We eat junk food not because we like it, but because sometimes we don't have time to cook a wholesome meal. And most of the sleepless nights were also not so good.

In fact, when we're adults, we look just like this hummingbird. We look like other adults, but while doing our best to overcome everything that comes our way, at times we want so much to become kids once again!

8 Are Human Kids Overvalued?

Via: twitter

When a woman gives birth to a baby, there's nothing more precious to her than this child. For this reason, many new moms tend to speak a lot about their kids and shower their friends with photos and videos of their child sleeping, smiling, sucking on a finger, playing, or just doing nothing.

Ah, moms are so moms.

At these moments, these new moms think that their child is the most adorable creature in this world. And they forget that other children, including animal children, are also cute. In the animal world, babies often develop much quicker than humans, like giraffes, who can walk within minutes after birth. But they never post the photos and videos of their kids online!

Of course, animals don't have smartphones and internet access, but still...

7 Their Priorities Are Set Straight

Via: twitter

Getting a perfectly ripe avocado is no picnic (especially when you need it for a picnic). At first, it's too firm, and you know that you won't make a nice and smooth guacamole with it. Then it's ripe for about 15 minutes, and then it immediately starts to rot. If you weren't attentive enough and didn't eat your avocado right after it became ripe, you will just have to throw the whole thing away.

Therefore, you need to check it often and make up some kind of graph that'll show you when exactly your avocado will be perfect. When you know the time, don't plan anything on it, because it's going to be the only chance to eat some homemade guacamole.

6 Preparing For Mom's Visit

Via: twitter

Our parents always have high expectations for us. Of course this happens because they want us to be happy and successful. However, at times the notion of "happy and successful" have different meanings for us and them. They want us to look perfect, have a certain kind of job, and, of course, to keep our place nice and tidy.

Can they give us a break, though?

It isn't easy to understand that grown-up kids can be happy where they are, even when they don't have these things.

They like their imperfect looks, untidy apartments, and seemingly silly jobs. And, they certainly like their parents to come visit them once in a while to help the mutual understanding grow steadily.

5 Feeling Invincible Tonight

Via: twitter

Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to a real-life superhero. I mean, how else can you describe a woman who managed to do her eyeliner on a moving train? Even doing it in a non-moving house seems to be unreal to some of us, let alone doing it in a moving vehicle!

I think that this woman needs to arrange her personal makeup courses and share her secret with others. There are a lot of people who'd like to learn how to put on eyeliner while in public transport. It'd save our time, because we wouldn't have to do it at home.

Let's just hope that this is the kind of superpower that can be learned, not something like Superman's flying abilities.

4 Eggs Benedict, Anyone?

Via: twitter

Can you imagine that years ago no one knew who Benedict Cumberbatch was? Needless to say, no one could even pronounce this name... But now, ask anyone and they'll tell you who this guy is. And we all know that he's not related to eggs Benedict in any way, even though he might actually like to eat them.

(I actually have no friggen idea what he likes to munch on for breakfast.)

In fact, early in his career Benedict wanted to change his name to Benedict Carlton, but it didn't work well. When his agent asked him why he even thought of changing it, the actor replied that to him, Benedict Cumberbatch sounded like someone was, um, bring gassy in the bathroom!

Don't we love him even more for his sense of humor?

3 The Best Words To Live By

Via: twitter

Gosh, this lady is right! Our dogs are the creatures who couldn't think more of us. They love us and they know that we're the best people ever. They know that we're always there to play with them and pet them. They know that they can rely on us in any situation, and we'll never let them down.

For this reason, if you ever disappoint your dog, you feel so bad. It's like failing the trust of the most trustful being on the planet!

We need to keep this in mind all the time. If we try to meet the standards set by our dog for us, we'll be the best kind of person, right? If only everyone were like that, our world would be a much better place!

2 Happens Every Time

Via: me.me

Now, let me tell you the most relatable story ever.

A woman goes to bed at night and thinks, "Okay, tomorrow morning I'm going to get up earlier and finally exercise. It's good for me!" But the next morning, she wakes up and realizes that the last thing she wants to do is get out of her bed and go to the gym. But she's a strong-willed woman, so eventually she managed to get up and hits the gym, thinking how much she wants to just have a cup of coffee in bed...

While she's exercising, she curses everything she knows because it's so hard to do all these push-ups and squats. But after the workout, everything changes. She suddenly feels like an invincible goddess, who became extremely healthy and got an eternal life after this workout!

And that is the story of women.

Anyone else relate to this story? I bet the answer is "yes!"

1 Embrace Who You Are

Via: twitter

It's sad to see that so many women don't like the way they naturally look and strive to change something about their appearance. They cover their freckles with loads of toner, wear fake eyelashes, and some even go to extremes to "improve" something in their appearance. But at the end of the day, even if they do all these things, it doesn't make them happy. One can only attain happiness if they embrace who they are and appreciate everything they have.

It'd be so good if all of us could have the opinion similar to the lady who wrote this tweet. Just like she thinks of her freckles as of confetti that make her life festive every day, embrace your uniqueness and you'll be so happy!

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