20 Star Wars Characters Way Cuter Than Baby Yoda

The Star Wars universe offers so much diversity on an intergalactic scale. Various creatures and colorful characters fill this universe with endless possibilities. Why, there's even a miniature version of Yoda nowadays and it's already becoming all the rage!

Sure, baby Yoda might have grabbed the attention of most Star Wars fan lately, but he's hardly the cutest. In a universe brimming with life, there's bound to be a plethora of characters that are way too cute for words to describe! In fact, the world of Star Wars is already bursting with dozens of furry, cuddly and adorable characters.

There's no shortage in variety, either. From charming droids to irresistible teddy bears, the cuteness of creatures in this galaxy knows no bounds! Whether it's in the form of cold metal or warm fur, fans will always find something here that could easily make them go “D'awww!”

Here are 20 of the cutest characters in the galaxy far, far away. Who knows, some of them just might give baby Yoda a run for his money!

20 Baby Tauntaun

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Tauntauns are like the loyal steeds of the Star Wars universe. Before they even get to become the swift and large pack animals that we know today, they first start out as little puppies like this one. Baby Tauntauns aren't made for riding, though...they're made for hugging! After seeing what happened to Luke Skywalker's Tauntaun on Hoth, how could fans not?

19 Kneesaa a Jari Kintaka

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The Ewok warrior princess, Kneessaa a Jari Kintaka, is as adorable as they come. She's exactly what a royal teddy bear should look like...but don't be fooled by her cute and cuddly looks! Kneessaa can actually hold her own in combat, even against tough Imperial soldiers! Well, they don't call her the princess and future chieftain of Bright Tree Village for nothing.

18 K-2SO

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Former Imperial droid, K-2SO, is like C3PO in many ways...it's funny, charming and highly intelligent. However, unlike C3PO, K2SO is prone to rebel against its nature. In fact, it's almost more human than droid!

Since that's the case, it displays the random quirks of humans, while looking like an adorable (albeit clumsier) version of the Iron Giant.

17 Twi'lek Youngling

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Twi'leks are tentacle-haired humanoids that are made popular by characters like Bib Fortuna and Aayla Secura. They're usually depicted as sly, cunning and lethal in combat.

Who would've thought that Twi'leks, a race better known for being either sultry or deadly, could look this cute and silly? Twi'lek younglings sure look as charming as they are sprightly!

16 Exogorth

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Exogorths might have given both Han and Leia a nightmarish experience, but one cannot deny that these ginormous space slugs look kinda cute. They have small, innocent-looking eyes and resemble whales. If only it weren't a hundred-foot tall worm with a monstrous appetite, some would definitely consider keeping it as a pet.

15 Vulptex

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Wouldn't it be awesome to have a Vulptex instead of a dog? They might come off as shy and surly-looking foxes, but they're actually quite a gregarious bunch. These icy, crystal-coated puppies can definitely give doggos a run for their money. They're not just lovely to look at, they're also cool, like, literally!

14 Nautolan Kids

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There are many iconic Nautolan warriors in the Star Wars universe, such as Jedi master, Kit Fisto. They're generally a stylish-looking race of humanoids that look like they're wearing permanent sunglasses! However, each youngling looks strikingly similar to the adorable squid baby in Men In Black. For a race that can look cool without even trying, they can sure look just as cute.

13 Loth-Cat

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Cat lovers hoping to find their special furry friend in a galaxy far, far away should look no further. Loth-cats can be very friendly and nice to their owners. Of course, just like regular cats, they're also temperamental. Getting on a Loth-cat's bad side is ill-advised, since they're not just heavier than your average cat, they're a lot feistier, too! Oh, the woes of owning cats.

12 Female Wookiee

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While male Wookiee warriors might already look cuddly, their female counterparts look even more lovely. They look like life-sized poodles in human form! This is one Wookiee that deserves a warm embrace, instead of just a pat on the head. Seriously, who wouldn't want to be enveloped in that warm fur? It sure looks ridiculously cozy.

11 BD-1

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Remember when fans used to draw WALL-E next to R2-D2 and BB-8? Well, that won't be necessary anymore, now that BD-1 is in the picture. The newest addition to the irresistible droid family doesn't just look like WALL-E, he's more than what meets the eye. He's resourceful, charming and downright adorable! It's like having a loyal pet dog. Minus the annoying barking, of course.

10 Jawas

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Jawas might come off as a bit creepy at first. It's hard not to see them that way, since they do have those eerie glowing eyes and dark hoods. However, fans who look past those things will find out that these little critters are actually as cuddly as Wookiees! How could fans resist their miniature stature and silly little banter, that could make anyone scream “utinni!?”

9 Anzellans

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We might not know much about Anzellans, but one thing's for sure...they certainly look cute enough to snuggle! They're apparently droidsmiths who are supposedly good at tinkering with machinery. However, we should resist the urge to tinker with these little munchkins. They do seem like a busy bunch who don't like being disturbed.

8 Rodian Babies

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Characters like Greedo certainly made the Rodian race quite infamous. The thing is, not all of them are actually that bad. Rodian younglings are constantly shown on numerous occasions and they look quite breathtaking! There's something about their innocent, seahorse-inspired looks and adorably sparkling marble eyes that fans find quite endearing.

7 Ahsoka Tano

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What makes Ahsoka Tano cute isn't just her looks, it's her personality! With her spunky attitude, funny quips and charming demeanor, she always finds a way to make others smile. It's no wonder Anakin regards her highly as an apprentice! This Twi'lek Jedi knight undoubtedly has a heart of gold.

6 Rotta The Huttlet

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Jabba the Hutt might look disgusting, but his son Rotta, is anything but that. Who would've thought that a miniaturized version of Jabba would look this adorable? Rotta is like a living stuffed toy that's just begging to be hugged! Anyone hoping to embrace Jabba's little pumpkin should be careful, though...there's a good reason why Ahsoka have given him the nickname, “stinky.”

5 Akk Dogs

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If anyone's curious about what doggos from faraway galaxies look like, they should look no further. Akk dogs are just like regular dogs. They're cute, loyal and can even learn tricks! Except they're bigger, tougher and have an even meaner appetite than your average dog, This is one doggo that owners wouldn't want to upset.

4 Porgs

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What would happen if Puffins were given droopy, puppy dog-like eyes? The answer is cuteness overload! That's exactly the type of aura that porgs emit. How could anyone hunt these innocent-looking creatures? Nobody could resist their natural charm. Well, except if you're a hungry Chewbacca, that is.

3 BB-8

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Whoever said machines are just cold, lifeless hunks of metal would think twice when it comes to BB-8. This lovable droid is anything but devoid of emotions. It can express itself in so many ways! If its adorable thumbs-up gesture isn't enough to warm your heart, perhaps its torch will do the trick.

2 Ewoks

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Ewoks are practically the Care Bears of the Star Wars universe. They're like living teddy bears that are capable of talking, building and even fighting! All that in a tiny and irresistible package. Did we mention they're extremely fluffy, too? Move over baby Yoda... Ewoks were here first.

1 R2-D2 (Plus Porgs)

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How can R2-D2 keep up with the newest group of droids that appear to be much cuter? Well, with the help of some fuzzy Porgs, of course! R2 might be way older than baby Yoda, but he's still considered by most fans to be the definitive symbol of adorableness in the Star Wars universe.


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