20 Stars Who Totally Vanished After One Major Movie Flop

When celebs reach the top of the "A-List" after making a film which turns into a gigantic Blockbuster, the amount of opportunity for future projects and guaranteed amount of fame and fortune could make anyone want to rule at the top of the box office!

Unfortunately for some box office babes, the cliche about celebrities maintaining their fifteen minutes of fame actually becomes a reality; Hollywood isn't always forgiving, and the "other side" of fame isn't so desirable. When respectable actors get a taste of what it's like to be a member of the Hollywood elite and start to have dreams of making a movie worthy of large Oscar sweeps, a bomb at the box office would surely be a personal flop.

These 20 actors and actresses know a thing or two about "the other side" of Hollywood and have gracefully decided to bow out after a box office sleeper!

20  'Employee Of The Month' Jessica Simpson

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When we look back on Jessica Simpson's illustrious career, it's easy to remember her music and her hilarious antics on Newlyweds, but what about Simpson's film career?

Dig way back into your memory bank and you may remember the blonde bombshell was an actress, too! Her last lead role, Blonde Ambition, sunk at the box office in her home country, but was quite successful overseas!

19 Justin Guarini: The 'Idol' Of The Small Screen

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Way back in the day of 'Idols' far and away, Justin Guarini achieved the second place spot during the first season, runner up to a certain pop star!

Justin and Kelly were such a successful combination, their pairing inspired a fictionalized version of their journey. Neither Justin or Kelly have praised the experience, and for Guarini, the film was his only role for many years.

18 Lindsay Lohan

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There was a time period when Lindsay Lohan was known for being a highly esteemed actress rather than her headline-worthy antics!

After a string of big-screen successes, Lilo's light bulb in the film world began to dim; her foray into horror films didn't compare to her previous popular films. After I Know Who Killed Me was released, Lindsay never achieved the same amount of success.

17 Lance Bass Was 'On The Line'

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As a fan of your favorite pop star, what could be cooler than meeting your boyband hero and striking up a connection? This dream scenario was the plot to the pop star-to-big-screen vehicle featuring members of N'Sync, On The Line!

N'Syncer Lance Bass was the center of the cast and charmed fans as a leading man, but On The Line was his only starring role.

16 Freddie Prinze Jr.: 'Scooby Doo's' Leading Man

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Freddie Prinze Jr. was known for being a romantic comedy staple and heartthrob of your sister's generation, and he charmed Buffy herself, Sarah Michelle Geller!

Unfortunately, Freddie's charm was short-lived and couldn't be extended to box office numbers when he starred in the live-action Scooby-Doo films. Freddie turned his attention to television guest appearances, but would never come close to leading box office status.

15 'House Of Wax' Heiress Paris Hilton

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Surely, any pop culture queen will remember Paris Hilton for her period of insta-fame as the star of The Simple Life, and staple of the mid-aughts club scene, but one seldom remembered nugget about Paris' legacy? She appeared in the remake of the horror film, House Of Wax.

Paris' appearance was of a "blink-and-you'll-miss-her" nature, and the same could be said of her film career!

14 'American Pie' Sweetheart Tara Reid

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Any comedy film of the early 2000s needed a bubbly blonde to crack a joke and make audiences laugh, while consistently charming and captivating audiences' attention and Tara Reid fit the description in the critically acclaimed American Pie films, and Josie and The Pussycats!

Nearly 20 years later, Reid no longer appears in box office or cult hits; she's now a Sharknado princess!

13 Anson Mount Was At A 'Crossroads'

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When you're playing the leading man to the biggest pop star on the planet in her debut film role, those are some big shoes to fill!

Britney Spears made her big-screen debut in Crossroads, and her character needed a charming leading man to match her character's determined and precocious nature. Her character found it in Anson Mount, who has since found better success in television.

12 Taylor Momsen: Not Quite Jenny Humphrey

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Although Taylor Momsen delighted audiences with some big box office credits to her name, the actress, who is perhaps best known for her role in the legendary teen drama Gossip Girl, also starred in a string of box office flops and downright misses during her time on the big screen.

Taylor appeared in the forgettable film adaptation of Underdog, before leaving the film world altogether!

11 Mariah Carey: A 'Glitter' Bomb

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In one of the most captivating career blunders of all time, legendary songstress Mariah Carey made the leap from the studio to the big screen in her film debut, Glitter.

Mimi's fans were perhaps the only group who bought tickets to see Glitter! Glitter failed so badly Carey once said the movie "almost ruined her life."

Needless to say, her film career was no more!

10 Johnathan Taylor Thomas: From 'Tool Kid' To Retirement

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Jonathan Taylor Thomas had it all at one point in time. He was on the cover of multiple teen magazines, he starred in a TV show alongside a legendary actor, and he ruled '90s hairstyles! When it came to JTT's film career, he wasn't as lucky.

Thomas starred in a modern-day Disney holiday film, and according to Reader's Digest, failed, and JTT retired shortly after!

9 Schuyler Fisk: From Screen To Studio

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Schuyler Fisk is no stranger to the spotlight! Her mother is an acclaimed actress, and Schuyler has been in a number of films herself!

Fisk appeared in I'm Reed Fish alongside Alexis Bledel, which ironically features a singing scene from Fisk, which is now her preferred career choice. The film failed to charm audiences and Schuyler took a hiatus from acting to focus on music.

8 Jake Lloyd: A 'War' At The Box Office

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Starring in a prequel within one of the most successful franchises of all time has to be a dream for young actors everywhere. For Jake Lloyd, however, his time in the spotlight was more of a nightmare.

The Phantom Menace failed to reach expectations at the box office. Jake described the reception to his success as "totally mad," and soon left the spotlight.

7 Cameron Diaz: Retired And Radiant

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Wait, Cameron Diaz, the comedic actress who captured the hearts of millions with her multiple memorable roles in romantic comedies (who could forget this scene in The Holiday?), has experienced a box office flop?

Even the most successful of actresses have experienced a less-than-stellar film in their filmography. Diaz starred in a remake of the beloved musical Annie, and the film tanked.

6 Shirley Temple: Vintage Screen Princess

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We all have our favorite childhood actors and teen idols, and so did your grandmother! An icon of your grandmother's generation was Shirley Temple, who tapped danced into our hearts at an extremely young age, and grew up in the spotlight while accumulating more mature roles as she grew.

According to Ultimate Movie Rankings, the flop A Kiss For Corliss, lead Temple to early retirement!

5  Screen Legend Sean Connery

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Hearing an iconic name in Hollywood associated with a box office failure can be a head-scratcher, especially in the case of legendary screen veteran Sean Connery. Connery had been a film fixture for decades until he suddenly wasn't.

The "swan song" of his film career did so poorly at the box office, Connery decided to completely retire from acting, according to Movie Predators!

4 Michael Keaton: A 'Frosty' Reception

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The thought of a holiday film succeeding at the box office seems as if it would inspire warm and fuzzy feelings, but for Jack Frost, the seasonal vehicle for Michael Keaton in the mid-'90s, the movie snowballed at the box office!

Jack Frost only made a fraction of the cost it took to make, according to Nicki Swift. Keaton never quite recaptured his past success.

3 Meg Ryan: Romantic Leading Lady

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In the mid-'90s, Meg Ryan was a staple on the big screen as a leading lady in several romantic comedies. For fans of the trio of Nora Ephron films featuring Meg as a leading lady, the thought of her disappearing from the world of film may be surprising!

Meg disappeared from the film business for a number of years, never quite recapturing her previous success.

2 Jessica Biel: Smaller Screen Queen

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Nowadays, Jessica Biel makes more headlines pertaining to her personal life than her career. In fact, the actress' streak of poorly performing film credits has lead her to luckier success on the smaller screen.

After a streak of forgettable misses, like the film Stealth, which underperformed, Biel's appeal isn't exactly at the box office! According to Zimbio, the film "failed to recoup half its budget."

1 Justin Timberlake

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Justin Timberlake needs no introduction, but it's a bit more understandable if you need a refresher on his film career!

Timberlake does have some successful credits to his name, including The Social Network, but he's also no stranger to flops. According to Variety, Runner Runnner was a "spectacular box office flop." Timberlake even added, "I have no aspirations of being a movie star." Really?

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