20 Strange Car Interiors Of The 90s

The nineties were a great time. For those that were raised in the era, we’re sure there are nothing but moments, both terrible and great that can be reflected on when things get quiet. These days, however, in this fast-paced society of ours, things rarely get quiet.

And of course in the nineties, there was also a sort of tackiness that could have been attributed to both fashion and of course entertainment, but those that loved the era forgave any such tackiness. But there were things that could not be forgiven, no matter how many times we try looking back.

Case in point: some of the car styles and interiors we saw during that time. And yes, even on some of the greatest cars in history, we saw some pretty strange and atrocious applications in terms of style interiors. Just wait and see; we’ve got a few for you here …

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20 1993 Land Rover

via Zomb Drive

The Land Rover was introduced in 1948 and since then, many have considered it to be one of the most reliable SUVs in existence. But there are those that have shed some light on the interior perhaps being a little lackluster in terms of aesthetic value. We'd have to agree, as the vehicle can be quite pricey, and especially the '93 model in question here.

19 1994 Pontiac Sunbird

via Zomb Drive

Ah Pontiac ... the company that once was, and also the company responsible for the ever-powerful GTO. But they were also responsible for some pretty horrible disasters in terms of vehicles. Anyone remember the wave? And if you still have one, we feel for you, honestly. But the interior of this one here lacked quite a bit of ... innovation, for lack of a better word.

18 1990-94 Chevy Cavalier

via Consumer Guide Auto

The Chevy Cavalier was a very dependable vehicle. One that could be relied on and as far as style goes, it was okay, we guess, for the era it was released in of course. The nineties gave us  a lot of boxy cars, but that was forgiven, as at least they weren't as boxy as the cars from the previous decade. But the interior of that car surely didn't seem complete. It seemed like it was missing something; don't you think?

17 1993-97 Firebird

via en.wheelsage.org

Pontiac again ... this company had a lot of wins in the eighties and earlier, as we stated, but the late nineties certainly brought some blunders, and ones we couldn't ignore, no matter how hard we tried. The Firebird in question certainly wasn't as bad as some of the models that would come later, but it wasn't one of the great ones we hold dear to our hearts, and the interior just didn't make all that much sense, as it looked like the interior of some old lemon we wanted to get rid of.

16 1997 Ford Explorer

via Zomb Drive

And talk about old school looking interiors. This car looks like our grandfathers could have driven it maybe in the eighties. We understand that the nineties were only a few short years later, but still, with all the advancements that the nineties brought, we would think that they would have added a wee bit more style to this interior. The dark brown is way too much to handle.

15 1994 Mini Cooper

via South Western Vehicle Auctions

Although there are indeed many who love the Mini Cooper, and we can more than understand why, the inside of the 1994 model in question here, kind of looked like the inside of a child's stock car. The gauge cluster looks like something off of a boat and so does the rest of the dash. And the seats just don't match the rest of the interior.

14 1991 Geo Prizm

via Consumer Guide Auto

Can anyone say boring!? That's the first word that comes to mind when we look at this interior here. Again, the vehicle was what it was, but my goodness, that interior could have had a few more additions to it. Even if they didn't do anything in particular ... all that empty space could have been taken up by ... something.

13 1992 Chevrolet Camaro

via Barrett-Jackson

Here lies one of the greatest cars we've been given from the car gods. The Camaro is legitimately one of the greatest muscle cars to have been created and we more than understand. That said, you would think they could have come up with a more worthy interior. It's so strange! Look how simple and mediocre that interior is. And one thing that the Camaro doesn't deserve is mediocre. Can we get an Amen?

12 1991 Buick Reatta

via streetsideclassics.com

Whoa! Now talk about boxy! Here's one that definitely looks like it doesn't belong in a car. No matter how boxy this vehicle may have been, even though it had more of a sporty look with a sleek contour, the interior should have been better than this. It too looks like something off of a boat. ''Captain ... beware! Iceberg ahead!'' It was actually in production from 1988 to 1991.

11 1993 Renault Twingo

via classicsworld.co.uk

Yikes! Can anyone say ''tacky!?'' Remember that word that we used in the introduction about the nineties? Well, it applies here. The nineties were all about loud colors and loud music, and if you don't believe us, just as The Fresh Prince. If you'll remember, he loved wearing flashy colors and loud music, and if this interior is anything at all, it's pretty ''loud'' if you ask us.

10 1991 Geo Metro

via Zomb Drive

The Geo Metro was first manufactured by CAMI Automotive; this was from 1989 to 1994. But for those that didn't exactly get enough of this one, it was taken up by the wonderful people at general Motors. They manufactured it a little while longer, running from 1995 to 2001, biting into the new millennium but just slightly. It was then that cars and their interiors started to change quite considerably, which is probably a good thing judging by this particular interior.

9 1992 Ford Mustang

via Barrett-Jackson

Let's be honest ... the nineties weren't really considered the golden years for The Mustang. And the vehicle or rather make, didn't really achieve that golden era status until Ford released the 2004 model. It was then and only then that the Mustang returned, and in all its previous glory. The models of the late eighties and nineties were pretty below standard, so to speak, and the interiors were too, as we can see here.

8 1998 Fiat Multipla

via carstyling.ru

Now if you've ever looked inside an old Fiat, there wasn't much to it. That was the most basic of basic. That's why this interior here for the nineties model shocked us when we saw it. Talk about too many buttons and frills. Now there's boring, but this is too much, and way too many buttons and frills for no reason, especially for a Fiat.

7 1992 Buick Skylark

via Curbside Classic

Did anyone else's grandfather drive this one? Some grandfathers still do, believe it or not. You can still see some of these trundling up and down the streets , and believe it or not, they're actually still in decent shape. Well ... it doesn't take that much mileage to drive top the corner store for Lotto tickets every day, now does it? Regardless, this is yet another example of a boxy and spacious interior without much to look at but that tacky color.

6 1995 Buick LeSabre

via Zomb Drive

In the early portion of the new millennium, this one here got a lot of flak, especially for its style. It was even poked fun of in a skit in the later seasons of Friends. We guess it just has a stigma attached to it, even in the nineties. Was the type of vehicle that Howard from accounting would drive on the weekend. You know what we mean? And if he really got crazy, he'd turn his Barry Manilow cassette from 3 to 4 with the windows down. Forgive our attempt at humor, but it's a nineties thing and you had to be there.

5 1997 Crown Vic

via Hemmings Motor News

Aha! The vehicle that the police forces around the world, but predominantly North America trusted above all others. It was their vehicle of choice for so long, it actually was most associated with the authorities and them alone. Of course the cruisers in question had a lot of belts and whistles added to the mix like a computer and of course other items, so the regular issue no doubt would look strange to us.

4 1991-95 Dodge Caravan

via Consumer Guide Auto

The original soccer mom van. This one here had all the comforts, and although that front seat was spacious, it lacked a wee bit of style if you as us. This one actually has quite the production history, as it changed manufacturer hands a whopping 5 times! And each interior was as boring as the last. It's still manufactured today by FCAUS LLC if you don't believe us. Go ahead and take a look.

3 1991 VW Jetta

via VWVortex

There sure are a lot of Jetta fans out there and although it's a decent car, we've of course seen way better. But there are those that would defend this vehicle to the end, and to those we ask: if the vehicle is so amazing, why couldn't they make the interior look a wee bit better, and maybe adding a few more features at the same time?

2 1995 Ford Escort

via flickr.com

The Escort was a decent car, like many of the Fords of the era. The hatchback of this particular model was perhaps the better of the two ... performance wise at least. But when we look at this interior, a familiar feeling washes over us, as there wasn't much to it at all. We sure hope the drivers of this vehicle had some music to keep them company, as the inside was pretty blah, for lack of a better term.

1 1991-95 Saturn Sedan/Wagon

via Consumer Guide Auto

And of course Saturn vehicles didn't offer that much more in inspired interior designs in that era when Grunge music (or rather the Seattle music scene) was introduced to the world. It's funny how in an era where art, film, literature and of course music was so vibrant and full of angst and aggression ... in a time such as this, the motor vehicle industry produced some of the most boring interior vehicular designs.

Sources: Wikipedia.org, Consumer's GuideAuto, HemmingsMotorNew

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