19 Strange Facts About TLC's The Little Couple

The network, TLC was launched in 1972, a whopping 42 years ago, and since then, they’ve been giving the public, quality, educational television, that borders on emotional, poignant and bold all at the same time. One of the shows that have made a considerable amount of noise in the mainstream has been Little People. It premiered in 2009 on the network.

It follows the life of Bill Klein, an executive businessman and his wife, Jennifer Arnold, who works in the medical field specializing in neonatology (a division of pediatrics). Over the years, the audience they’ve found have followed them through may trying times, and through it all, this family’s charm and class have shone through. But what do we know about the show, really? Do we see only what we’re made to see, and is there more to it than meets the eye? Join us as we take a candid look.

19 They Actually Met When They Were Ten

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The couple met online when they were adults, saying that their relationship evolved like many of this modern era ... online through instant messaging and the such, a concept foreign to most of earlier generations. But according to Bill, they actually met when each of them were ten years old. They were each in the hospital for respective treatments and he remembers it like it were yesterday, although Jen doesn't recall the meeting.

18 A Lot Of Situations Were Prearranged On Set

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As is the case with many reality shows of the era, many have claimed that the situations that have erupted on screen have been scripted, for lack of a better term. And we all know you can't script reality, but that hasn't stopped many producers for using the tactic to make 'real life' more dramatic. many shows are guilty of this, but we'd assume that the real aspects of their lives on this show were real enough, as they were quite serious at times.

17 Jen & Zoey Had Issues At First

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One of the major events in their lives that were documented for the show, was of course the couple,s inability to naturally conceive children. They went through a lot to try, and unfortunately nothing worked. So, like many couples who want to be parents, they adopted ... two children to be exact, and at first, Jen and her adoptive daughter Zoey didn't get along all that well.

16 The Show Suffered Some Legal Issues

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After an erupting legal battle between Discover Communications and LMNO (the production company that produces the show), it was necessary to actually stop production on the show, thus their long break in between season eight and nine. This legal battle lasted an amazing two years, and subsequently, the stars of the show themselves sued for compensation, which they were of course awarded.

15 A Seven Million Dollar Lawsuit Ensued

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Numbers were never really discussed on air, or in the media, but there were rumors circulating that all that legal drama was worth a staggering seven million dollars. And big words were thrown out during the legal proceedings ... words like embezzlement and even extortion! Quite the amount for a little hubbub over a small TLC reality show, isn't it? In reality though, the show's a tad bigger and has quite that much more influence than many would think. A TLC powerhouse, perhaps?

14 Bill Had A Few Bad Habits

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As a way of coping with the stresses of his early life, Bill fell to some harsh times in the form of certain bad habits. he has stated that it's been difficult for him, as many judged him because of his size. His habits, or addictions have gone undisclosed, but he has stated that his family and his work have helped him to overcome, which at the end of the day is a great thing.

13 And Yet Their Biggest Perils Weren’t Shown On TV

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The camera followed this family in some pretty serious situations ... life events that are harsh and difficult, but according to reports, the cameras weren't rolling when things in their life took even more serious turns. For example, the show did not include the difficulty they had when they brought Zoey home for the first time, apparently the child did not want to be there, sadly hating her new environment.

12 Privacy Is Now A Factor

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Like many that have found success in the mainstream, whether they like it or not, find a certain type of discomfort in the notoriety they've received as being associated with the lives they lead on TV. Now for a reality star, the lives they lead on TV are supposed to be their real lives, so for a reality star, there is no escaping, as they cannot say: ''Hey ... that's just a character I play on TV!'' Bill and Jen, and yes, even their little ones, are now highly scrutinized by the media.

11 The Show Has Received Negative Attention

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Like with any successful show, this one hasn't always been the recipient of favorable reviews and comments. And these days, especially in the media, people are apt to say anything ... even if it isn't based in reality and is just conjecture or speculation, but they have received some negative press, but they handle it well. After all, it comes with the territory. Most of the negative attention and comments came from those suffering health problems of ailments, themselves, stating the show exploited their minority.

10 Their Home Was Amazing … A Feature Not Really Shown On Screen

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They both have great careers, and those salaries are nothing compared to what they get paid by TLC or rather Discover Communications (and we still don't know how much they were awarded in court, remember), so in saying that, we'd more than understand their ability to pay for a gorgeous house like this one here. It was often concealed in the show, or rather not showcased to its fullest, but what a beauty, eh?

9 The Price They Sold Their House For Was Astronomical

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And as houses like this go, we're sure we don't have to tell you that this architectural piece of art sold for quite a few gold doubloons, right? The place was custom designed and when they put it up for sale, they listed it at over a million bucks! they finally sold it for over nine-hundred thousand dollars in the end, and we'd have to say that isn't all that shabby.

8 Jen's Political Ambitions

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We'd have to say, she definitely seems the type, and we more than see her one day standing up and campaigning to one day lead a party or who knows .. maybe one day, the country? But she's definitely already represented some causes worthy of some political note, specifically: when in Washington, she spoke out against some budget cuts to a specific cause that's most dear to her.

7 Her Work Towards Medicaid

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Medicaid is something that's near and dear to Jen, as she works in the medical field for starters and secondly, she has been a patient undergoing treatments for many of her health issues and conditions from when she was a little child. In a statement made on social media at the time, she spoke of how necessary  it is to support a program such as this one, and why they need as much financial support as possible. ''...why we need the ASEKidsAct to improve care for children with complex medical needs in Medicaid...''

6 They Spend A Lot Of Time Together As A Unit

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What's also quite refreshing to see is how they are so close, and away from the camera as well. They're a family unit, the likes of which would make Florence Henderson quite happy, as they struggle to keep their family unit as close as possible, which is refreshing to see, especially amidst a grouping of other more pop-oriented reality stars spending any chance they can get away from their families.

5 Despite It All, They’re A Strong Couple

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And perhaps their family unit remains quite intact because of their bond. Their initial bond and everything they've been through has definitely made them a strong couple, to say the least. Together they have built something here and their story is inspiring to many others out there, as for them, nothing came easy, as we've all seen on the show.

4 Despite A Two Year Hiatus, They Have Now Returned To TV

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And audiences can now rejoice as they have returned to TV and many are pleased at having them back. After two years, the little ones have grown and although they're not showcased on the show all that much, it's nice to see how they're all doing together. And what new adventures will they face? Find out and tune in on TLC and show these good people a little support.

3 Many Criticized The Couple For Adopting Their Children Almost Simultaneously

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But of course, there are definitely those that will criticize anything, as we've learned thus far. And yes, many believed that their adoption of their two children, especially that it was done so close together, was a little too soon. Perhaps many felt that having two children come into their home all at once would be a tad too much to handle, but we'd remind all doubters to remember all that this couple has overcome and think that maybe they've 'got this.'

2 Jen Loves Movie Theater Popcorn ... Exclusively

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Because of her skeletal dysplasia, Jen had to have a hip replacement procedure done on both her hips and at the young age of 27. Then, sadly once again at the age of 44. that was definitely hard on her. But Bill was supportive, as always and he was there for her, even bringing her movie theater popcorn to snack on, as she only likes authentic popcorn that you can get at the theater. And we'd have to agree ... popcorn you can find at the grocery store just isn't the same.

1 A Wholesome Message And A Positive Influence On TV

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So yeah ... they've had their ups and downs, but overall, this show is one that delivers the whole package. When watching it, you're likely to cry, laugh and jump for joy cheering them on, as they tackle yet another project or issue in their life. But overall, it's watching the messages in the human experience that keeps us watching, and the message delivered here is a wholesome one at that.

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