20 Strange Places Where Cats Have Fallen Asleep

It is a well known fact that cats are weird. They are most likely creatures from outer space that accidentally landed on Earth because they were too busy napping to steer their cat spaceship. Luckily, Earth is full of humans who love cats and are willing to do everything in their power to spoil them rotten. Only the most expensive tin of cat food, and the most luxurious beds rivalling human beds for our cat masters! Even with these wonderful beds, cats continue to sleep in some strange, and what seem to be very uncomfortable places.

I have a few theories on why cats sleep in such strange places. Perhaps a cat's own fur is fluffier and softer than any bed we could ever give them. Perhaps cats are not made to withstand fatigue and when a wave of tiredness overcomes, they have no choice but to sleep in that exact spot. Or, maybe succumbing to comfort provided by humans is seen a sign of weakness.

I hereby present you 20 weirdest places where cats have fallen asleep. What is your theory on why cats sleep in such strange places? Let us know in the comments!

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20 This cat that keeps thinking that the grass is greener on the other side.

19 This cat who learned the hard way that he didn't have enough upper body strength to complete the pole fitness workout on these tree branches.

18 This cat who thought she could pass off for a fruit.


17 This cat that decided a wok on top of the freezer was the most perfect nap spot.

16 This cat that interpreted the term "tree hugger" a little too literally.


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15 This up and coming designer that is just trying to make it on the next Project Runway: Kitten edition.


14 This cat who thought that he could pretend that he actually went to the gym if he smelled like sweaty shoes.

13 This cat that fell asleep waiting for bath time.

12 This kitten who thought he finally found an effortless way to clean himself.


11 This fella that just wanted to be the cat version of Paris Hilton's Tinkerbell.

10 This kitten who really thought he could absorb all the knowledge inside these books by osmosis if he just slept on top of them.

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9 This cat who truly thought she was doing the humans a favour by getting out of the way of their spring cleaning.

8 This cat that went to extensive lengths to satisfy their craving for warmth.


7 This kitten spy who is failing miserably at his task at surveilling his human enemies.


6 This cat that decided to cheap out on real acupuncture and thought the dish rack could do just the same...

5 This cat that had absolutely no regard for the other animals in the house.

4 This cat that snuck out at 3 AM for a party, but had a little too much catnip at the party to make it back inside.

3 This cat who got himself into a tricky situation attempting to find the source of the salmon burgers.


2 This kitten that decided to the best way to demonstrate "food coma" was by eating so much food that they fell asleep on the plate.

1 This kitten that might love wine just a little too much.


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