20 Strangest Car Interiors Of The 2000s

The new Millennium crept up on one and all at the tail end of the nineties. And with warnings over Y2K and the impending electronic doom, people partied regardless, and yes, like it was 1999.

But when the old ball dropped and people realized that no, the world wasn’t going to end and we weren’t going to lose the technology we had worked so hard to obtain and create, we moved on, the way society pretty much always has.

And by moving on, many left behind the designs and styles of the past, eager to get past everything that had come before, and in the motor vehicle industry, this is probably most prevalent; cars took drastic turns in design and forms of fabrication.

Join us as we look at some car interiors from the 2000s that didn’t quite go as far as one would expect from a time when pushing the envelope seemed to be all-important.

20 ACURA EL 2004

VIA lallierhondamontreal.com

The car that pretty much should have symbolized speed, comfort and affordability probably got the message across over the loud thrum of the engines of boxier models, but let's face it, this one didn't offer much in interior style. It was very bland indeed as we look at this image here, and to look at the interior wouldn't convince us that the car was all that special.

19 BMW 5 SERIES (E39) 2000-2003

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By that same token, BMW is supposed to offer the lap of luxury and performance, but you wouldn't think that at all by looking at shots of the E39, seen here. This model, specifically with this interior, ran from 2000 to 2003, and we more than understand the reason this design didn't last all that long on the market.

We would expect much more style for the price this puppy was set at back then.


via Cadillac XLR Net

In staying with the theme of cars that are overpriced and expected to deliver on all counts, we've got this swanky little number here. From the 2006 era of motor vehicles, Cadillac launched this model with mixed reviews. The interior deserved a classier style as opposed to this modernistic display of a classless interior, seemingly fused together with enough grey to be confused with rough sheet metal. The way the car looked on the outside, we would have expected more.


VIA Consumer Guide Auto

And to go with something on the lower scale and simpler side of things, we go with Chevrolet's response to what can be considered cheap, dependable – but oh-so-boring! Talk about my granddaddy's car from back in 1991!

This is boring, to say the least and offers nothing in terms of a dynamic design. But then again, that probably wasn't what they were going for.

16 FORD FLEX 2009

via Consumer Guide Automotive

Anyone wanna ring the bell? Mine is the next stop...the corner of Elm and 57th Avenue. In case you didn't catch our drift, we were going for a comparison to the public bus, and although it looks comfy, we'd like to remind you that looks can be deceiving.

Those back seats look horribly crammed and we could do without these doctor's office decor colors.

15 BRISTOL FIGHTER 2004-2011

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Worthy enough to be considered for a part as a prop car in any of the James Bond films, this vehicle surely was a beauty, no doubt about it – but only on the outside. The interior was way too simplistic for what this car was; we would have expected so much more in terms of design and, of course, color.

The rust-like brown used here does nothing to complement the sleek contours this vehicle had, and on a performance level, it was top notch, for sure.


via Mecum Auctions

This one probably can fall and nestle itself quite nicely in the category known as "trying way to hard." This interior is more fit for say, a Porsche, or even a Maserati, but to put this design on the inside of a car that'll pretty much be used for doing bank runs and going from home to the office is pretty much a waste of materials, if you ask us.

13 BRILLIANCE BS6 2009-2012

via Wheelsage

Anything short of its name, if you ask us. Really, there's nothing brilliant about this thing. They should have called this model Boring, or maybe even Bland, but it sure isn't brilliant.

The vehicle itself was also just alright, but the interior makes us look on in distaste. Although we know they couldn't help it, as the company that fabricated it is known as Brilliance, but they sure didn't show any when they decided to use that interior.

12 DODGE NEON 2003-2005

via RoadSmile.com

This model sure changed hands a few times, manufactured first by Chrysler starting in 1995. It then got passed to Dodge, then Plymouth, then back to Dodge again, which of course brings us to the interior design we see here.

By the looks of the gas and brake pedals, the owner seems to have souped up this vehicle, and to that we ask, WHY? The carpets don't do much to improve things either.

11 BUICK REGAL 2001-2004

via Wheelsage

This one is still going strong. It's still available in a newer model of course in North America as well as Europe, Australia and New Zealand. But the fact that it's still selling quite decently isn't at all because of its interior, we're quite sure.

The vehicle is above decent overall and dependable, but man, that interior sure doesn't complement the whole package.

10 AUDI A4 2001

VIA autoevolution

Earlier, we talked about the lap of luxury, and when it comes to that ever-famous lap, Audi always fits the bill. But knowing us, we did find a wee bit of a problem with their 2001 offering in terms of the A4.

To us, it looks like the interior that would be more comfortable or at least look better in a mini-van, the likes of a Caravan or something.

9 BYD FLYER 2006

VIA Красный Дракон, магазин автозапчастей

Now we more than know that this car was designed to be compact, and when we say compact, we meany really compact. Doesn't that thing look pretty crammed? It does to us. How many sardines you think can fit in there? Not many by the size of it.

There is a way to make the interior of a small car seem larger, allowing space for the driver and passengers, but they sure didn't find that way here.


VIA Consumer Guide Auto

Not much can be said to save the reputation of those that would decide to put such a bright red amidst those bland grey and black colors. Black is fine, if used on a dynamic design, of course, but here, it's such a contrast from everything else that's going on, it renders this design an almost poser-ish attempt at making this vehicle seem like something it isn't.

7 FORD TAURUS 2000-2006

via Consumer Guide Automotive

And well, really, you can't get anymore bland than this. Okay, maybe you can – but this one here is definitely worth a mention, don't you think? We sure do, and that's why it's present here on our illustrious list poking fun at interiors of that first decade of the new millennium.

What can we say? We live for pointing out some of these car manufacturers' faults. After all, all they do is sit around the boardroom, thinking up ways of overcharging us for sub-par vehicles, right?

6 FIAT MULTIPLA 2004-2011


So apart from looking like one of the world's weirdest vehicles known to modern man on the outside, they also managed to achieve that same sentiment for the interior, which is why we've plucked it from the list of cars from this era.

The interior looks like the interior of some space hub – you know, the tiny ones that the bigger ship sends out to look for alien life.

5 FORD EXPLORER 2001-2003

VIA Wheelsage

The Ford Explorer has been the trusted vehicle of many consumers for quite some time. It was first introduced in 1990, which doesn't make it Ford's oldest model of truck by any means, but puts it in a reliable class all its own. But if we may, a reliable truck like this should have a more interesting interior, one that speaks volumes of its off-road toughness and reliability, and not one that calls to mind picnics in the park with the family.


VIA Consumer Guide Auto

With a name like “Sportage," we'd expect a little more of a sportier look. This model offered none of that, as you can clearly see. Kia, since day one, has been proving how it wants to provide affordable vehicles that look like more expensive models, but unfortunately are fabricated with sub-par materials and equally sub-par designs.

3 LEXUS RX 350 2009

VIA 2009 Lexus RX 350

Now we know what you're thinking, "What's wrong with this one?" Right? "Look at that navigational system...look at those seats!" But we ask you to look beyond all that frivolousness, and look at the name behind this design. Lexus should be better than this; Lexus should be higher quality; and above all else, Lexus shouldn't look like the inside of a Land Rover.


VIA DriveMag

Earlier we mentioned the Ford Flex looking like a bus and called to mind the experience of driving through the streets of your respective neighborhoods. But if that experience called to mind the experience as a passenger, we'd like to point out that driving this box on wheels would get you to understand the experience of driving a city bus, as the view for the driver runs the gamut of being quite similar.

1 NISSAN MICRA 2002-2010

VIA Pinterest

Nissan has been producing this bubble on wheels for nearly 37 years! It's true, it started being manufactured way back in 1982, and since then, it has been a top-seller. But we include it on our list today to ask the by now tired question of: couldn't they have matched a better interior with this successful vehicle?

Not much is offered here in terms of aesthetics, but maybe that wasn't the point.

Sources: Wikipedia.org, ConsumerGuideAuto

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