20 Students Who Had The Ultimate School Experience

School is school, right? Everyone who has been there knows what it’s like and, while the times change, some school experiences never will. Anyone who looks back on their high school days will have certain memories that come up any time they think about the past. Those memories might include attending basketball games, a certain teacher that made a difference in their life, their group of friends, the horrible lunches or plenty of other things. However, there are some people that think back to things that are much, well, weirder than anything the rest of us experienced.

These pictures prove that not every student has a run of the mill experience when they think about their school days. In fact, many of these experiences are downright shockingly weird. How should we react to the idea that school, while weird for many people, is actually weirder beyond belief for some? These things might entertain the students more or bring more parents to the parent-teacher meetings. At the very least, they make us thankful that our own experiences were more on the boring side so we could escape school with normal memories that won’t scar any of us in the long run.

20 There's nothing like a friendly horse and donkey game

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When students say they are going to play horse on the basketball court, they probably mean the game where they spell out "horse" as they miss shots. They don’t usually mean they are going to actually ride mini-horses and throw in some donkeys as well while they play basketball. We want to know who cleaned up after what was surely a messy game. And did this sport become a tradition in the school or was it a one-time deal that no one will likely ever forget? Either way, it’s the strangest school-related activity we’ve ever seen take place, even in picture form.

19 This woman should be teacher of the year

Schools try a variety of things to raise money for their students and some ideas are rather creative. Take this event, for example. Students got to vote on which teacher they wanted to use and then they got to tape her to the wall. How long did she have to stay like this? What if she has an itch? Was she late to her next class? She seems to be a good sport about the whole thing and the students likely got a kick out of taping her up, down and all around. Plus, the students got a weird experience to remember forever.

18 The school that wants no students

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Don’t be late for school, they say. Don’t miss any classes, they urge. Well, how do they expect any students to get into the school in the first place when the school door is actually another brick wall?

We have to assume that there’s another door somewhere to give students access to the school, but from this picture, we aren’t quite sure.

Teachers are a lot saner in this school since they don’t have students to drive them crazy. However, the test scores are lacking since no tests can be taken if no students can get in the front door.

17 Using toilet paper the more natural way

Some principals will do absolutely anything for their students and their school. While there are principals that say as much, there aren't many that will actually follow through. This principal was a good sport during a school fundraiser by allowing students to mummify him if they met a certain goal. It looks like a lot of students met that goal because they are using every penny of what they raised in toilet paper to spray the principal into a complete mummy, or even beyond the normal mummy look. These kids have a weird, unique experience that they will remember for many years to come.

16 The platform-staged toilet

Colleges are unique places and there are things you see there that you might not see in other school settings. We’ve all heard the term “porcelain throne” in relation to a toilet, right? But not many of us have actually seen the toilet set up on a pedestal or on a stage.

This college forced students to take care of business on stage or, at the very least, on a platform.

This is not handicap accessible, but it does get lazy students to take a few stairs when they absolutely have to access the porcelain throne on certain necessary occasions.

15 Because you never know when inspiration might hit

And then there’s the college that has the chalkboard installed on the inside of bathroom stalls. Do students spend so much time in the bathroom that they might need to write down a formula they came up with while sitting around on that porcelain throne, so to speak? This college doesn’t want any million-dollar idea going down the drain. Students should have access to materials to write down what they need whenever the inspiration strikes. And since going to the bathroom is something every student must do, this only makes sense—to whoever had the idea to install it, at least.

14 When the principal lives at the school

Younger kids actually think their teachers live at the school, right? They just don’t go anywhere, even though the students leave and come back. But do those kids think the principal lives there as well? He’s not as in-their-face (at least for the kids who don’t need his attention) so they might just not think about him at all.

But for these students, their principal actually does camp out in the school parking lot on certain occasions.

How would it be to pull up to the school and have the principal pop out of his tent in his PJs to greet students?

13 No one dared to miss picture day

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Missing picture day was always a bummer because everyone wants to be in the yearbook so their classmates could look back and remember how fabulous they were. Some kids not only missed picture day but they also missed re-take day and then, they were stuck with whatever image the school came up with. Most schools would put in a picture that said “Photo not available” or something to that effect. Other schools would use a simple smiley face in the place of a real picture. This school? They used a duck. Whether there’s a reason for that or not, we don’t know, but it’s definitely weird.

12 When the principal goes green

Many schools are trying to teach kids about going green. They might teach them to turn off lights that aren’t in use and to recycle whenever possible. But this school is completely different—to have a principal going green in the most literal way.

Now, there’s a method to his madness.

He challenged the school to raise a certain amount of money through change collection. When they reached that goal, this is what he promised to do. He made good on his promise and went completely green. How long did it take for his hair to fall out completely after this?

11 The anti-theft device of math class

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Have you ever walked into an office and seen spoons taped to the pens? Or there are pens that are chained to the desk with rope or actual chain. That’s to keep people from stealing them. Schools can’t afford any extra expenses and calculators are rather expensive. This math teacher lost one (or a dozen) too many calculators from thefts—whether they were accidental or on purpose. His answer to that problem? Simply glue the calculators to bricks! No student is going to be slipping this into their backpacks without noticing and they’re not going to walk out with it in their hand, either.

10 Positive reinforcement is the best kind

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Teachers have to find ways to motivate their students and, with younger kids, it’s generally pretty easy. They simply give them a sticker on a chart or stamp something on a paper and the kids are happy. As students get on in their educational careers, they are harder to make an impression on, especially with things like stickers.

This teacher went all out and had a stamp created in his image.

He stamps daily assignments with his own face so he’s always smiling at the students and congratulating their good work. The stamps are a bit creepy, but the school experience is unique in a fun way.

9 The oddest recruiting tool ever

Schools are more creative today than they ever have been before. They want to recruit the best and brightest students so they can have the best outcome for their educational paths. They want the best and they will go after them, if at all possible. When this student was considering pharmaceutical school, she took notice when she got this in the mail. It’s a prescription bottle, but it’s also a recruitment tool. It showed her that this school does things differently and definitely thinks outside the box. Did she go there? We hope so because this school would be weird to attend!

8 What kind of incidents have they had?

There are strange signs all over the world, but some of them can be found at schools and they make us wonder what happened at this school in the past that deemed such a sign necessary?

School grounds are popular places for people to skateboard or maybe even rollerblade, but when was the last time schools had issues with pogo sticks?

Do a lot of kids in this town have pogo sticks and frequently use them at the school? They might damage the pavement or start a pogo stick revolution of some kind! This has to be a weird place to attend with that many people on pogo sticks.

7 The bulldozer-washing fundraiser

Many schools aim to raise funds for field trips and other activities and sometimes, they grasp at straws to come up with an idea to raise money. There’s always the old standard to fall back on—the school car wash. It’s fun to make students wash cars to raise money for their school and it’s hard for those who drive by to turn down a student working hard, right? These students (whose photos have been blocked out for privacy) had to wash a bulldozer to raise money during this car wash. Who drives their bulldozer to a car wash and where do these people live?

6 The best test alternative ever

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Wouldn’t it be great if teachers offered alternatives on tests? This one did and that led to a unique experience for these students. There might be some kids who enjoy logarithms, but we’re guessing most do not.

For those who don’t want to do them—or for those who just don’t care, they could color instead.

What we want to know now is did the teacher provide crayons or colored pencils to the class along with the test or were the students expected to bring those along to math whenever there was a coloring option, just in case? Entertainment for every kind on this test.

5 Using whatever utensils are possible

Absolutely anyone can run for office on the student council. It’s only fair. Schools should have democracies! But that doesn’t mean every student has the money to buy posters in order to spread the word about their candidacy. Poor Tony found an old pizza box and used that for his sign. He didn’t even bother with colors or block letters. Just a straight message to tell people he was running and wished to have their votes. Schools with students like this don’t need any other forms of entertainment. Did Tony win? Did he mandate pizza for lunch every day when he did?

4 The unfair advantage

Teachers might tell students that those who get good grades are going to have certain advantages later in life, but students rarely listen to that sort of advice from a teacher. This school, however, decided to put an example on that idea to show students what they meant.

Getting good grades wasn’t just an incentive to get into college and succeed in life, but it also hit students where it hurt the most—in the pocketbook.

Every high school student that saves up and gets a car wants to drive it to school. But paid parking? They might need to study a bit first.

3 The ultimate voluntary wall of regret

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It doesn’t matter how many times teachers tell their student's certain things about quizzes and tests; they make the same mistakes over and over again. They might forget to put their name on the quiz, for example, or they may not flip the quiz over to see there’s a backside. Or they might simply forego instructions completely and start answering questions in the wrong way. Whatever happened, these students are part of the quiz-shaming wall, at their own request and in a completely voluntary manner. This unique example will help other students and give these guys something to remember well into the future.

2 The largest class ring ever

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These students are receiving their class rings, which is a huge rite of passage in any school. However, in order to get the ring, they must walk through a giant class ring to get to the other side of the stage. How do the kids feel about this ring? Does it look like a larger version of the ring they get?

Who built this thing anyway and why?

This seems like a lot of work to go to for no particular reason. The small rings are plenty, there’s no need for something larger, but it sure does make for a unique-looking stage decoration.

1 The school that wastes no food and no profit opportunity

Schools waste a lot of food. Have you ever seen how much food kids throw away from their trays every day? This school has come up with a great idea for getting rid of the extras while making a profit at the same time. Their solution to the problem? Sell expired food for a cheap price. It’s the best of both worlds. They aren’t wasting anything, the kids get what they want and the school makes a little money at the same time. Who cares if someone gets sick? That’s less work for the teachers the next day or two, right?

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