20 Stunning Photos Of Priyanka Chopra That Drive Nick Jonas Wild

The gorgeous Priyanka Chopra is always dazzling, and her hubby is one of her many admirers. She’s a hit on-screen as well as when she shows up looking stylish on red carpets. Her unique look is beyond attractive, and folks who adore her are amazed at how stunning she truly is.

From her beautiful brown hair to her shapely figure, Chopra is a knockout. Her features are flawless, and her smile lights up a room. Jonas is one lucky guy to have won her heart, and now they’re bonded for life.

These 20 pics of the actress are unbelievable. She’s simply stunning and glows like the goddess she is. Jonas is in awe of her beauty, and the rest of the world is backing him up.

As for the fellas who wish she could be on their arm, Jonas beat ‘em to the punch. He put a ring on it, so she’s off the market.

20 Making A Splash

Via: apherald.com

Chopra is chilling out as she cools off in the pool. Her swimsuit is super stylish, and her vibe is relaxed and unbothered. When summertime comes around, there is nothing better than hanging out poolside and going for a dip. Her hubby must love seeing his bride in her bikini.

19 Backless Beauty

Via: pinterest.com

The stunning Mrs. Jonas is smiling to show off her pearly whites. She’s beaming in her backless dress, showing off lots of skin and her shapely physique. When her man sees her all dressed up for special events, he surely gets a twinkle in his eye. She’s so pretty, that even he has to remind himself she’s real.

18 Spotted In Her Swimsuit

Via: yahoo.com

Perhaps the pretty lady is on vacation, taking some time off to unwind and disconnect. As the actress walks around in her swimsuit, she’s proud of her body and happy to flaunt it. If she’s on vacation with her man, he has no problem seeing her swim and soak up the sun.

17 Natural Beauty

Via: sweetshout.com

Chopra does not need much makeup to look lovely. In fact, she needs none at all. Her natural attractiveness is beyond brilliant, and her smooth skin is silky. Jonas surely appreciates his wife’s wondrous beauty, whether she is fresh-faced or wearing foundation. He probably considers her a work of art.

16 Lady In Red

Via: elle.com

As the actress steps onto the street, her glamorous red gown is quite the sight. She is a real showstopper, with her hair pulled off her face to show off her true beauty. This strapless dress reveals her nice shoulders and arms, and the detailed style is sophisticated and chic.

15 Red Carpet Royalty

Via: news4masses.com

Hot pink and cream is a gorgeous combo, and Chopra’s pose screams self-confidence. Her pink lips match her gown, and those earrings are extraordinary. When the actress gets all done up for red carpet events, her “glam team” always does it right. She’s flawless from her head to her toes.

14 His Dazzling Date

Via: people.com

The duo is out on a date, and as they walk hand-in-hand, fans look on in awe. They make a handsome couple, and fans of both are beside themselves as they pass by. Chopra’s white outfit looks amazing, and Jonas is dapper in his look as well. These two must be happy to have found one another, as much as their admirers wish they still had a shot.

13 A Sincere Smile

Via: pinkvilla.com

That megawatt smile is surely what Jonas fell in love with. Chopra is amazing with her ear-to-ear grin and gorgeous overall appearance. Her brown hair is shiny and silky, and it’s hard to miss that dazzling ring on her finger. When Jonas popped the question, she must have thought his ring choice was perfection.

12 Red Hot

Via: kchsd.ru

Chopra looks racy in her mini dress. Red looks lovely on her, and her body looks great in this style. She can pull off any look, and this cute dress is just one thing in her closet that fits her to perfection. When her hubby sees how hot she is, he must do a double-take. Even he must have a hard time getting used to how stunning she is.

11 A Little Leg

Via: pinterest.com

When a lady goes outdoors in a mini dress and a gust of wind comes her way, she must hold it down or else she’ll flash everyone around her. Chopra knows the drill, so she makes sure her “bits” don’t get exposed. This adorable outfit is stylish and fun, two things that the lady who’s wearing it is as well.

10 A Pop Of Color

Via: wallpapersden.com

This magenta dress is form-fitting and hugs Chopra’s curves in all the right places. Her man must love it when she wears clothing like this, so he can see her shape without having to imagine anything. The bright color plays off her smooth skin, and the wall behind her adds a vibrant theme to this photo.

9 Rocking Her Bikini

Via: hotactressimageshd.blogspot.com

As Chopra walks along in the ocean, she’s being warmed by the rays of the sun. Her stylish bikini is perfect for a getaway, and her tinted shades pull the look together. When celebs take vacations, they may think they’re out of the public spotlight, but the paparazzi always find a way to seek them out and snap their pic.

8 Need A Ride?

Via: laughspark.com

Chopra looks alluring as she stands in front of this car and poses provocatively. Her high slit shows off her leg, and the dress is simple, yet so stunning. Chopra’s cool hairdo goes well with this look, and those leather gloves add something interesting. If she’s driving, Jonas would let her take him anywhere.

7 Standing Out Among The Crowd

Via: footwearnews.com

Crowds of fans are gathered to try to get snaps of their fave celebs. Chopra looks sizzling in her super-short dress with interesting details. She’s a gorgeous woman, and when fans spot her, it’s surely their dream come true. Not every actress would wear this number, but Chopra’s got the confidence to do so.

6 A Captivating Close-Up

Via: laughspark.com

Chopra is as attractive as it gets, and this shot of her stunning face is one that her hubby must simply love. She’s naturally gorgeous, with eyes that sparkle and skin that glows. Her vibe is easygoing and electrifying at the same time. Fans who can’t get enough of the star must think this photo is one of her finest.

5 Pretty In Purple

Via: onlyinhighheels.wordpress.com

Purple is a gorgeous shade, and this satin dress is a delight. Chopra is walking across the street in this amazing dress paired with white high heels. Her look is lovely, and her hubby surely believes that she is the most magnificent creature he has ever laid eyes on. It’s hard to disagree.

4 Attractive Audience

Via: people.com

Chopra is sitting in an audience with lots of people all around her. Her beauty is the first thing folks notice when she takes her seat. Her plunging dress is somewhat daring, still, Chopra looks chic. This shimmery dress is super stylish, with lots of sequins to catch the light. She sparkles even without the embellishments, with a glow that comes from within.

3 Fringe Benefits

Via: harpersbazaar.com

This white dress is fun and playful, with fab fringes down towards the bottom. Chopra is all smiles as she walks outside in her gorgeous gown. She keeps the rest of her look simple with a loose hairdo, a small clutch, and neutral shoes. Her necklace is tasteful and adds a bit of “bling” to her look.

2 Fashion At Its Finest

Via: elle.com

This colorful column dress is a real work of art, with lots of lace and pops of color. Chopra seems to enjoy wearing all sorts of styles, and this dress is one of her most interesting selections. The shape is perfect for her fantastic figure, and the fit could not be better.

1 Dapper Duo

Via: refinery29.com

The couple couldn’t look better as they pose for the paparazzi. Chopra’s coat/dress is remarkable, and her husband’s coat is creative. When these two are spotted side by side, their energy sizzles. They are one of the hottest couples in the public eye, and their appeal only gets greater the longer they’re together.

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