20 Stunning Photos Of Zendaya That Make Us Glad She's Mary Jane

Marvel fans right now are in a ray of, well, disarray as their friendly neighborhood Spider-Man is exiting the Marvel Cinematic Universe and sticking strictly with Sony due to some petty movie studio beefs. However, it looks like no matter where the Spidey franchise goes going forward, that franchise it seems will maintain the same Home cast for the foreseeable future at least and we could not be more relieved because that means more of Zendaya as Mary Jane.

Or "MJ," rather. Spider-Man: Homecoming and Spider-Man: Far from Home depicts Zendaya as a modernized "fun homage" - as Kevin Feige told IGN in an interview - to Mary Jane Watson; Michelle Jones is Mary Jane for the millennial generation. This inspired some controversy from critics who refused to accept Zendaya as Mary Jane when she doesn't look the part, traditionally. Frankly, we love the change, especially when we look at candid pics of Zendaya that highlight her as an actress and person.

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20 She Looks Good in Red

via instagram

While MCU producers continue to reference their MJ as more of a "fun homage" to Mary Jane Watson rather than a direct character interpretation, we'd buy Zendaya in the latter. Especially after seeing her strut out in public with Mary Jane's signature red hair. Red's a good look on Zendaya.

19 And Wearing Red

via instagram

As much as Zendaya looks good with red on her head, she looks even better rocking red for her outfit. Here she is rocking a red leather long coat jacket combo with the knee high boots to match. Red just suits Zendaya really well. It is almost as if she was always born to play the classic redheaded MJ.

18 Great Chemistry with Her Leading Man On Set

via Instagram

The best part about the new Spider-Man movies from the Marvel Cinematic Universe has been the chemistry between love interests MJ and Peter Parker. The reason why their chemistry is so strong on the screen is because the chemistry of Zendaya and Tom Holland, the actors behind the characters, are so strong on the set.

17 And Off Set

via Getty

Even when the cameras stop rolling on the set, Zendaya and Tom Holland retain much of that adorable chemistry we see onscreen. As it turns out, the bond they formed from making these films have made them the best of friends in real life. It's just as fun to watch them interact candidly than as characters. Their episode of Lip Sync Battle is a prime example.

16 And With Her Whole Cast

via Instagram

Even better than her chemistry with Tom Holland is the chemistry that Zendaya exudes off the set with the rest of the cast, including with Jacob Batalan, who plays Ned in these films. All three have become great friends after their experiences with the movie, which is fitting as they all play great longtime friends in these films to begin with.

15 Not Afraid to Be Dorky with Cool People

via Instagram

Zendaya's celebrity status puts her in the presence of top notch celebs on a regular basis. It'd be easy to try and act as cool as the celebs in front of her, but she's not afraid to be her regular dorky self, even when she is standing (or, in this pic, sitting) in the presence of legends like Bruno Mars and Lenny Kravitz.

14 Knows How to Vacation

via Instagram

Anyone can go on a vacation, but knowing how and what to do on vacation is half the battle. Zendaya knows exactly how to vacay with the best of them, as we can tell here in this candid pic of her sightseeing overseas. On a boat? Check. Snapping pictures with a camera in one hand? Check. Cup of ice cream in the other hand? Double check.

13 Ray of Sunshine

via Instagram

One thing about Zendaya that endears her to so many of her fans, peers, and co-workers is that she is basically a ray of sunshine. Whether she just is just dazzling the scene with her aura or cracking jokes, she stands out wherever she goes. Like a ray of sunshine. Almost as much sunshine that is beaming on to her face in this picture.

12 She's a Goofball

via Instagram

One of the qualities of MJ in the Marvel Cinematic Universe Spider-Man films is that in sharp contrast to the MJ of the comic books, this version of MJ is a nerd. Or "adorkable" as the new kids on the block may say nowadays. Which seems fitting because Zendaya is just as goofy and dorky as her character when the cameras stop rolling.

11 Famous Friends (Maybe more?)

via heavy.com

We know that Zendaya has some famous friends, but what about lovers? The former Disney star has been seen in the past alongside NFL wide receiver for the Cleveland Browns, Odell Beckham. They were even seen courtside at an NBA game one time. This sparked rumors that they were dating, but Zendaya promised TMZ that he was just a "homie."

10 Even Red Curly Hair Works

via instagram

We have seen Zendaya rocking the red hair before on a couple of occasions and we should all be able to agree that she rocks it well. However, most are pics of her rocking straight red hair. To our surprise, even when her red hair is curly, it suits her well. So if Sony ever wanted to make MJ's hair redder and curlier, we'd buy it.

9 Loves Her Assistant

via instagram

If you frequent her Instagram often for whatever reason, you may be wondering who this bearded fellow is who happens to be in most of her pics. This man is Darnell Appling, who for years has served as Zendaya's assistant. Their relationship goes beyond business as both cite each other as best friends.

8 Loves the Kids

via instagram

Zendaya has gone on record before in saying that if she was not in the entertainment industry, she would have become a teacher. That goes to show how much she loves kids. That and this visit she made to Fruitvale Junior High with Verizon Innovative Learning Labs to give kids hands on STEM experience.

7 Looks Sharp in a Suit 

via instagram

As with most Hollywood actresses, it is far too often that we see women pop out to the red carpet wearing dresses. Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course, but it is so refreshing when an actress does something different and steps out in public wearing a suit instead. We can add Zendaya's name to the list of women who can step out in both.

6 Looks Even Sharper in a Suit and Cornrows

via instagram

As if looking sharp in a suit was not enough, the movie star is also able to look good in short hair. Even better, Zendaya has proven that she can pull off both at the same time by rocking a suit with cornrows in her head. She got this gold suit from Tommy Hilfiger.

5 Squaded Up

via tomandlorenzo.com

No matter where she goes, Zendaya always pull up with her squad. And by squad, we mean security. Here she is being escorted at a fashion event by security. In the process, these guys prevent the Hollywood star from being flooded by fans, paps, and press people. There is no better squad on the planet.

4 Pretty in Pink

via vanityfair.com

We do not think there is a color that does not look good on Zendaya. We have said time and time again in this list how Zendaya looks good in red in multiple ways, but as it turns out, pink is her color, too. A pink suit for any occasion, the starlet looks flawless.

3 #NoFilter

via justjared.com

Hollywood stars get dolled up in makeup every day for the cameras and Zendaya is no different, but do not mistake having makeup for thinking that she needs it. As candid pics snapped by the paparazzi should prove, she looks just as great without makeup as she does with it on.

2 Loves Her Dogs

via instagram

Because, seriously, who doesn't love dogs? It is hard to trust someone who does not love animals or pets to begin with, but somebody who doesn't love dogs looks suspicious. It's why the movie Must Love Dogs exists. Because everybody must love dogs. Thankfully, we can rest assured Zendaya loves her dogs.

1 A Work of Art

via instagram

Nevermind the fact that Zendaya is caught on camera acting silly again (even though it does make this picture ten times better). She also has exquisite tastes in art scenery. She has an eye for the aesthetically interesting and the uniquely abstract, which is exactly what that painting pictured is.

Sources: Instagram, IGN

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