20 Stunning Photos Of Paige VanZant That'll Make Every Guy Sweat

Paige VanZant may be only a quarter century old, but her mixed martial artist skills are legendary. She’s not only a fierce competitor, but her good looks make her the total package. With her fit physique and all-American charm, this stunner is something special. She’s sure to keep up with her career for a long time to come.

Not only is Paige a powerhouse in the ring, but she is also a model. Fans can follow her on social media to see her pics which she updates regularly. Whether she is working out or dressed up for something less sweaty, this babe is always a beauty. When she doesn’t feel like fighting anymore, she’ll still have her admirers who will adore her for the woman she is.

Here are 20 fab pics of Paige, each unique and unmatched. When we see Paige in photos, it’s hard to keep our composure.

20 Awesome Abs

Via: people.com

Paige must work on her muscle tone if she wants to win. That is how her abs got so rock solid. It takes a lot of dedication to stay fit, but Paige is always up for the challenge. When her core is tight, she has the balance to break barriers in the ring.

19 Sending Her Love

Via: rgj.com

With her hands creating the shape of a heart, Paige is proving that she loves her fans as much as they love her. She’s excited for what’s to come, and appreciates all the energy from the crowd. She may not always win, but she’s always a winner in the minds of her admirers.

18 Time For A Weigh In

Via: people.com

Before the match, the contestants must step on the scale to be sure they are within the guidelines. Too heavy or too light, and the fighter may be disqualified. Paige looks perfect, but it all depends on the number they’ll see on the scale. If it turns out OK, then the fight moves forward.

17 Pink Punches

Via: menshealth.com

Paige looks extra cute with her bubble gum pink gloves. She may be tough, but she has a tender side too. But don’t let those “girly” gloves fool ya. This gal’s got grit, and she’ll knock someone out if need be. Behind her pretty face is a powerful person. Perhaps that’s her way of throwing off her competitors.

16 Big Biceps

Via: usatoday.com

It’s time to flex, and Paige knows how to make the most of her muscles. Those biceps are big, and Paige will use her strength to show her opponent who’s boss. While the other ladies are well-built too, Paige is determined to outdo them all. She’s super tough and will take anyone down.

15 Pretty Paige

Via: maxim.com

When Paige isn’t roughing it up in the ring, she shows her softer side and shares her stunning pics on social media. She looks hot in her half-shirt exposing her rock-hard abs. We love her blonde hair and lovely makeup. She may sweat while she’s fighting, but when it’s downtime, the woman cleans up well.

14 Broken Arm But Not A Broken Spirit

Via: middleeasy.com

When a woman is always fighting for a living, there will come a time when things go wrong. Case in point? Paige’s broken arm. Sure, she’ll heal eventually, but now she’ll have to rest up before getting back to business. We’re sure Paige can handle the pain, but the pressure will be on for her to snap back ASAP.

13 Out For Some Fun

Via: gatorchatter.com

When Paige has some time for herself, she gets dressed up in a cute outfit and heads out for some fun. She looks tan and toned in her romper and heels. While we adore seeing her in her sporty clothing, Paige looks even better when she dresses stylishly. Then again, Paige wouldn’t look bad in anything.

12 Practice Makes Perfect

Via: twitter.com

Paige spends plenty of hours in the ring so she can perform at her peak. She makes sure that she is ready for when the fight day comes around. There’s no time to slack off when the situation calls for stamina and strength. Without practice, she will never be perfect.

11 Sweating It Out

Via: mmafury.com

Working out means sweating a ton. Paige isn’t afraid to get soaked, but she must get tired after hours in the ring. She needs to build up her strength so every match is better than the last. Most folks would never be able to keep up with her, but Paige has her mind set on stepping it up.

10 Posing For Pictures

Via: wallpaperTAG.com

With a body like Paige’s, it’s no wonder that photographers want to snap her pic. She looks like a total knockout in this particular shot which highlights her fit abs and sense of style. She’s as dazzling as ever, proving that her modeling skills are as sharp as her jabs.

9 Summer Vibes

Via: celebzz.com

Paige is giving off a summery vibe in her brightly colored dress and her overall aura. She’s posing for the paparazzi with confidence and charisma. Who doesn’t love a gal who’s not only gorgeous, but full of fun? This woman is a wonderful example of the blending of strength and sweetness.

8 The Face Of A Winner

Via: wallpapercave.com

When a champ is called out, she wants to show the world she’s a winner. It takes a lot out of a person to push through a fight, but Paige is able to go the extra mile and make it through. She’s giving her fans what they want to see, and her spirit is sky-high.

7 Smart And Smokin

Via: nextshark.com

Paige is posing in her cute outfit and chic glasses. When she’s not in the cage, she’s as cute as a button. This babe is built well, beautiful, and brainy. She knows who she is and where she’s headed. For a woman of just 25, this gal’s got it going on.

6 Selfie With A Scale

Via: americaswhiteboy.com

Most women would never dare share their weight on social media, but Paige is proud of what her scale shows. Perhaps this is just the weight she was aiming for so she can get moving with her next fight. She’s not shy about sharing, maybe even inspiring other women to follow her lead.

5 Ready To Rumble

Via: awakeningfighters.com

Before the fight, the gals get together to get things going. Paige is up in this woman’s face ready to throw punches. Of course, the action won’t take place until later, but a few threats and intimidation get things heated before heading in. Paige will prove she’s the winner well before the fight is complete.

4 Activities After The Fight

Via: mmaimages.blogspot.com

Once the workday is done, Paige can clean up and get ready for a night on the town. Fighting is exhausting, but after a nap and a hot shower, Paige is back at it and ready to tear up the town. She’s looking hot in her olive-toned outfit, giving us a glimpse of her toned arms and legs.

3 Super Cute Selfie

Via: listal.com

Selfies are something nearly everyone takes, and Paige is no different. She’s getting up close with the camera, and she’ll share her sweet smile with her social media followers. Fans adore seeing new pics of the pretty woman, and she’s more than happy to give them what they’re looking for.

2 Fresh And Fun

Via: beautyelife.com

The bright sun is shining down on Paige’s pretty face, and she’s showing off her pearly whites with her signature smile. When Paige isn’t busy busting up her opponents, she’s doing appearances and working red carpets. This gal’s super busy, but she always has time to stop for a pic.

1 A Pop Of Pink

Via: wallpapercave.com

Paige looks super cute in her bright pink mini dress and strappy shoes. She’s all smiles as she poses perfectly, showing her fans that she can be feminine and fierce. When she’s fighting, there’s no time for getting dolled up, but when it’s time for other activities, Paige can put on her most attractive outfits and flaunt her figure.

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