20 Stunning Pics Of Ronda Rousey Working Out

This 32 year old femme fatale has definitely risen to prominence over the last few years, and luck sure didn’t have anything to do with it. She worked her way to the top of not one, but four distinct industries.

She first set her sights on winning Olympic gold in the martial arts—specifically Judo—and she almost accomplished just that. She ended up winning bronze at the 2008 Olympic Games. She then set her sights on the world of mixed martial arts and dominated there, ultimately becoming one of the greatest champions the sport has ever seen—and that includes the men.

Having reached the pinnacle of that sport, she then tried her hand at the WWE and she has also garnered some really good roles in film.

But all of that stems from the hard work she learned in the dojo and the gym. Join us as we take a look at a true warrior in training.

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20 Charisma And Attitude

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At the end of the day, it’s in a person’s DNA make-up if they’ll be good in front of the camera or not. Something—a quality they have—that’ll enable them to attract as many eyes to them as possible. Ronda’s definitely got that. In fact, if she retired from the public eye after her MMA career, it would have been a terrible waste.

19 Slipping The Jab

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It can definitely be hard to make a name for oneself in any sport, but the martial arts, like boxing relies on one thing … winning. If you win, you rise to the top; if you lose, well, it’s probably time to pick another goal. The martial arts are a great way to learn discipline and to get in shape and competition isn’t for everyone. Although that wasn’t the case for Ronda.

18 Excelling At Whatever She Tried

She definitely worked hard and excelled at whatever she tried. In her early days as a Judoka, she learned the art and applied it to her life, essentially learning that hard work always paid, and soon, she would be moving forward, learning how to strike, adding punching and kicking to her arsenal to become a complete mixed martial artist.

17 Nutrition & Hydration

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Many athletes nowadays know how important it is to keep hydrated during workouts, and the diet industry sure has coma long way over the years. MMA fighters, like bodybuilders know the importance of advanced nutrition and what it takes to stay fed appropriately for what they do in the gym and the ring. Ronda trusts the science of Gaspari Nutrition. Rich Gaspari was a IFBB bodybuilding pro and his products are among the best.

16 As It Stands Today

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Well, as it stands today, Ronda is on an injury leave. She injured her hand at Wrestlemania this past April. She's rehabbing the injury and is thinking about growing her and Travis' family. She also has some other film roles on the docket and a return to WWE is probable for about January when the Royal Rumble will be sure to hit the WWE network.

15 Friends In High Places

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She has attracted the attention of many in Hollywood because of her charisma, strength, beauty and class, and none other than Mark Wahlberg saw all of that and more in this young woman. He cast her in the film version of Entourage, a film he produced (based on the HBO show he produced which was loosely based on his life). He then cast her in his action/thriller, Mile 22.

14 Discipline & Hard Work

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For many, passing from youth to older age, specifically childhood to teenage hood, can be a terrible nightmare. Heck, we’ve all been there. To have something to guide you in the form of discipline and pastime is a good way to steer clear of trouble. The martial arts is probably one of the greatest of these pastimes, and it was so for Ronda.

13 Dabbles In Every Aspect Of Training

As a great martial artist knows, there are many ways to achieve overall endurance and strength, and the old means, like weightlifting and hitting the bag just don’t cut it anymore. There are so many ways to get to Rome, as the old saying goes. These days, fighters know that elastic band training is a great way to protect the joints.

12 WWE Training

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Now going from real fighting and giving every strike and sweep and hold everything you have is a whole different animal compared to the WWE or professional wrestling. Here, the competitor must hold back with his or her strikes, and for a martial artist that’s really hard to do. Wrestlers need to make it look good, all the while working together.

11 Putting In Work

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So needless to say, Ronda had to put in a lot of work, and she did, as she’s not afraid of a little hard work, or a lot for that matter. Apparently, when she signed with the company, she put in over four to six hour sessions in the ring, training and practicing holds, moves and all the other drills needed to be the best in the game.

10 Nothing Like The Pads To Get That Frustration Out

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Fighters with actual discipline are hard to spot, but when you know what to look for, you’ll never miss them. They are those that leave it all in the gym, dojo, mat, or ring. They are able to keep themselves calm and collected during all other stressful moments and even seem to do better in those moments than non-fighters. Ronda seems to have mastered this. Maybe it has something to do with heavy bag and pad work, eh?

9 Just Another Gym Rat

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A gym rat is usually defined as someone who spends all their hours in the gym. Now Ronda sure spends a lot of time training, but we can’t call her a gym rat per se. She’s involved in her public career and is rather active on social media. She also has her own YouTube channel and loves spending time with her main squeeze, Travis and his kids.

8 You Can't Get That Overall Physical Shape Without Throwing A Few Punches

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Many try to starve themselves while training to achieve that overall lean look that many fighters have. But in the end, many don’t realize that these athletes eat quite a bit of food. Just watch Ronda’s channel and you’ll see how much this young woman loves food. Essentially martial arts training including muscular work, cardio and fight training are the greatest exercises you can find.

7 Stronger Than Most

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But probably what Ronda had more than most women in the sport was her brute strength. Let's be honest ... there are some men that would wish for a back like that, and in fighting, a strong back means everything, as the lats do a lot of the work when punching. That means lots and lots of pull-ups and rows, and bag work, like Ronda's doing in this shot. We'll bet she can open that jar of pickles without any help.

6 Breathing In

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The Rowdy character she portrays on camera with the WWE is very far from her own character. that's why it's so hard for her to stop smiling out there. And when she turned heel, a lot of people were surprised, but not at all disappointing. In real life, though, she's very different from the loose cannon we saw on the road to Wrestlemania. Cool, calm and collected, you might say.

5 There's Always That One Guy

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There's always that one dude that'll be challenged or offended by a woman's strength. And yes, even in this day and age. Amazing how far we've come. At the end of the day, it's hard for men like this to deal with the fact that there could be a woman out there that puts more gym time in than he, is stronger than he, and yes ... could essentially wipe the floor with him as well. Sorry dudes!

4 Always Time For A Run

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'Road work' is probably the oldest standby in any fighter's training arsenal, and Ronda is obviously aware of that. She runs often and prefers this sort of cardio work to many others, as there,s nothing like real all-out running. Treadmills and ellipticals are fine, but you won't see many pictures of her on them, as she prefers running. And running on the beach with some weights in your hand ... well, that just takes it over the edge.

3 A Powerful Roundhouse

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In martial arts films, actors kick quite a lot. We saw a lot of high flying kicks in the martial arts films of the nineties, and we still see a fair share today. But the world became privy to the fact that they weren't strategically okay to throw in real fights when the popularity of the MMA grew considerably. And even though kicks are hard to land in the sport, some are capable of placing some hard and fast kicks in nonetheless ... Ronda included.

2 She Trains With Men

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Now Ronda competes against women. She has risen to the top of her sport and has laid claim to many achievements. perhaps this is so because she's trained with men almost her entire career. Now, training with men gives her the advantage, as she can dismantle any opponent at any time, because she has experience fighting both genders. many MMA fighters of the female gender have adopted this approach.

1 A Great Character

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At the end of the day, this young woman makes herself readily available to one and all. She's approachable to fans and is always in a good and bubbly mood. She gives off a positive energy and if we can compare her to any one star, it would have to be Dwayne Johnson. Now there's a movie worth a billion at the box office ... a blockbuster starring Dwayne Johnson and Ronda Rousey!

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