20 Stunning Pictures Of Jay Leno's Car Collection

When you look back at the history of late-night television, one who’ll always goes down as a legendary host is Jay Leno. He was the host of the Tonight Show for 27 years.

Leno brought some of the best entertainment on TV and managed to make a lot of money during 22 seasons of the show. What did he do with some of that money? Leno is a car connoisseur, so naturally, he went out and bought a lot of cars.

He has more than 150 cars in his collection, which features some of the rarest vehicles ever produced. We wanted to see what his collection consisted of, so we gleaned pictures of some of the most stunning cars that he owns.

20 McLaren P1

via Youtube

When you have connections like Jay Leno has, you can own one of the rarest vehicles ever produced. The 2014 P1 model that Leno owns was the first example of the hybrid supercar to arrive in America. Some guys have it all. McLaren produced only 375 units. Leno is one lucky guy.

19 Fiat Bota

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Compare this Fiat to the latest 500L. There's a massive difference not only in the way they look, but also in the way they perform. Leno decided to buy a 1917 model, and as the picture shows, he is letting the car rip on the road. It looks spectacular and performs well, despite being more than 100 years old.

18 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray

via GT Spirit

One of the most famous American sports cars to ever grace North American roads is the Corvette Stingray. This is a restored 1963 model. One of the features that make this car unique are the split rear windows. Every inch of this car is flawless. It truly is a classic that many people would love to own.

17 Ford GT

via du Pont Registry

Most of the cars we've featured in this list are classics, but we couldn't leave out one of the best sports cars that emerged from a U.S. automaker. When a car is as special as this 2017 GT, only a lucky few are fortunate to have a buying opportunity. Leno was one of them, and it cost him $505,000, according to The Drive.

16 Doble Steam

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Doble was an American manufacturer that operated from 1909 until 1931. Although the company is no longer around, some of its vehicles are still on the road. Well, this one is a beauty. When Leno gets his hands on a classic, you can count on him to take excellent care of it.

15 Jaguar XK120M

via Yahoo News

In my opinion, the one car manufacturer that doesn't get enough credit is Jaguar. The British automaker has produced some of the most elegant cars on the road. XK120M is another example supporting that. It's one of the most successful and classiest sports cars of its era. A stunner.

14 Lagonda V12

via Rare Delights Magazine

Although this isn't the original, it's still a beauty. This is a custom-built 1939 replica of an original Bentley designed Le Mans racer. One of the things that Leno deserves a lot of credit for is maintaining his cars. Most of them are in tip-top condition, and the Lagonda V12 is no exception.

13 Chevrolet Corvair Yenko Stinger

via Motor Authority

The U.S. automaker produced this car in 1966. It was a special edition and a high-performance vehicle. Many people saw it as the U.S version of a Porsche 911.

Don Yenko tuned the car in the '60s and ensured that it was a speed demon. Motor 1 reported that only 70 out of the 100 Yenkos still exist.

12 Lamborghini Countach

via Hiamag

There's no car collection that's complete without a Lamborghini. Knowing that Leno buys only the best, he went for a classic Lamborhigni by choosing the Countach. His one is a 1986 model, which he used as a daily driver. The car has over 70,000 miles on the clock. We can't blame him for driving it every day.

11 Ariel Atom

via Automobile News

Some cars are supposed to look dashing and be on the road. The Ariel Atom doesn't fit into either of those categories. It doesn't have much of a body, but it's not supposed to. The main purpose of this car is to go fast. That's exactly what it does. Leno takes this baby on the track and gives it gas.

10 Bugatti Type 57

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If you look at Bugatti's history, you'll find that Type 57 is one of the company's most beautiful and rare models. Leno's one has a replica Type 57 body over the original chassis and engine. Business Insider reported that the two surviving originals are worth around $30 million. Wow.

9 EcoJet

via The News Wheel

You won't see a car like this every day. That's due to the fact that this car was built by the crew at Jay Leno's Garage. It is a jet turbine-powered EcoJet, which General Motors assisted with in the styling of the car.

It looks spectacular. Cruising around in supercars is just another day in the life of Jay Leno.

8 Chrysler Tank

via Car Rants

It doesn't have the most sophisticated build, but the Chrysler Tank car is street legal. The car is a 20o1 model and receives its power from an M47 Patton Tank engine. I guess that this is just one of those cars that you either love or hate. The design is unique, and Leno is in love with it.

7 Jaguar E-Type

via Motorward

Another Jaguar from Leno's collection makes it onto the list. Who can blame us? After all, it's such an amazing car. This car is a 1963 model. Business Insider reported that Leno added it to his collection in 2013. What makes the car even better is that it's an original example. This is an amazing car.

6 Cord 812

via No Car

Without a doubt, this is one of the most beautiful cars in Leno's garage. It's more than 80 years old, but the 812 is a stunner. Produced in 1936, this Cord 812 was known as the Baby Duesenberg. Can you believe that this car has enclosed headlights and front-wheel drive? It's an absolute stunner.

5 Chrysler Turbine

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Here's another 1963 model in the Leno collection. This car is an extension of the obsession at the time people had with the jet engine.

The turbine engine allows the car to run on just about anything. Well, not anything, but you get the point. Although a unique car, the Chrysler Turbine was in production for only two years.

4 Lamborghini Miura S

via Youtube

Built in 1969, the Miura S is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and best sports cars ever built. You can never go wrong with a Lamborghini, especially when it's a classic like the Miura S. Many people say that the Miura S is even better than the Countach. Some have said that it isn't comfortable.

3 LCC Rocket

via Flickr

Here's another car that Leno takes onto the track with him and pushes it to the limit. The LCC Rocket is the product that Gordon Murray, a Formula One and McLaren F1 designer, produced. Murray produced this lightweight vehicle to ensure that the driver experienced the best ride of one's lifetime.

2 Maserati 3500 GTi

via Auto 24

Talk about a beast. This looks like a car that James Bond would drive.

Although it has similar features to a classic Aston Martin, this Maserati 3500 GTi is a fully restored car, which includes fuel injection. Funny enough, it was discovered in a barn. It's amazing what you find in the strangest of places.

1 Duesenberg Model J

via Youtube

What can be said about this car that it doesn't already convey? It's one of the most luxurious cars that an American manufacturer ever produced.

This is a 1931 model, which the Levi Strauss family originally owned. It was the last unrestored Duesenberg in America. The color is sublime.

Sources: The Drive, Motor1, Business Insider

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