20 Super Smash Bros. Fan Theories That Might Be True

The Super Smash Bros. series features more than a fair share of fan speculation and theorizing. Fans are always speculating who, or what, could be coming next in gaming’s most ambitious crossover. As such many theories are made about everything on how the game is marketed. Even newsworthy developments that happen in the world of Nintendo can sometimes lead to wild speculation. Additionally, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate features a grand adventure mode called The World of Light.

However, it is a story mode that features very little dialogue. So many things can be taken out of context. Nevertheless, it is a great discussion point as to what is the true meaning of World of Light’s story. Thanks to the Youtube channel, The Game Theorists, there is quite a bit to consider. Here we will go through some of the most interesting fan theories that may or may not be true.

20 Dharkon Represents The Fans

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Dharkon is the opposite deity to Galeem, but what exactly could this monster represent? If Galeem feeds off of the Master Hands for power, Dharkon uses an army of Crazy Hands to attack Galeem. Who can create chaos for Nintendo? The Game Theorists say that Dharkon is actually the toxicity of the Super Smash Bros. fanbase. If you follow the internet, it’s pretty clear that the fan base can have toxic reactions to announcements and make overwhelming demands to Nintendo, often ignoring the well-being of the developers and not grateful of what characters actually are in Smash Bros.

19 Is Tracer Coming?

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A very recently hot rumor as of the time of writing, Overwatch appears to be coming to the Nintendo Switch through a leak of a Switch accessory listing on Amazon. Additionally, before that leak came out, there was a user on 4Chan stating that one of the fighter pass characters is a “female” character that “no one asked for.” If you look through the Smash communities, not many people have thought about Overwatch’s headline character Tracer. It would also make sense as a popular third party character to promote a new Switch game.

18 A Hidden Rhythm Heaven Tribute?

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Masahiro Sakurai has been noted for taking an interest in the quirky rhythm series Rhythm Heaven. There were even some strong rumors to suggest characters from the series could become a playable fighter. One particular instance is in the King K. Rool trailer, Donkey Kong was seen laying down in a really relaxed pose watching TV. Most may not make anything of it, but it was noted that the pose was a very similar look to Karate Joe from the series. It may have been a nice little tribute to the series even if there is no fighter.

17 Rayman Frozen Battlefield Theory

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A theory that is still pending is that Rayman could be hinted in Smash Ultimate. If you look at the frozen structure in the Battlefield stage, you might notice a silhouette that resembles the shape of Rayman. Rayman’s inclusion would make a lot of sense as Ubisoft does not currently have a playable character in Smash. Rayman even has a trophy in Smash 4, which is very unusual. Could this be a little nod to an upcoming requested character?

16 Home Run Contest Returning?

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Some may say that Super Smash Bros. Ultimate lacked a few single-player components. Many fans miss modes such as Break the Targets and Board the Platforms. However, there is some good news, dataminers have discovered file names for Home Run Contest in addition to Stage Builder. The later would eventually be added in version 3.0. At some point, the Home Run Contest is bound to return to Smash.

15 Did Joker Change King K. Rool’s?

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One of the coolest theories is that the trailers for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tell a story of King K. Rool having a change of heart. At the end of Joker’s character trailer, it shows him stealing King K. Rool’s crown and escaping. If you have played Persona 5, you know that when a malicious character’s treasure is stolen they have a change of heart. Well in the Banjo and Kazooie trailer, it shows King K. Rool hanging out with Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong. Could King K. Rool have a change of heart, thus befriending the Kongs?

14 Ultimate Box Theory Was Real

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Before Super Smash Bros. Ultimate released, many fans looked at anything to come up with theories as to how many characters are in the base roster. After the announcement of the Gamecube controller bundle, it showcased a package box with all of the characters, including recently announced ones. However, there were some empty spaces on the box, which led many to believe that just a few more character announcements remained. It was confirmed true when the last three announcements of the base roster were Isabelle, Incineroar, and Ken.

13 Mii Outfit Theory

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This could either be something or just a coincidence. Plenty of Mii costumes that were used in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS ended up as playable characters. This included characters like King K. Rool, Chrom, and Isabelle. If they were to have been planned or considered, then perhaps we might see more characters like the Monster Hunters for example, which for whatever reason is currently not present in Smash Ultimate.

12 Ultimate Spirits Theory

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During the final Smash Direct before launch, Sakurai revealed spirits in the game. These spirits were based off of thousands of different characters, some very popular, some very obscure. The scary thing is that many characters that people wanted were either assist trophies or spirits. While there are some alternative versions of playable characters (such as Kaptain K. Rool,) having a character as a spirit could mean that they are not going to be playable. Keep in mind that new characters in the fighters pass comes with new spirits.

11 The Brave Theory That Was True

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Dataminers revealed two codenames for DLC characters, “Jack” and “Brave.” Jack was Joker, but who was Brave? Eventually the Director of Kirby games uploaded a photo to instagram of a shield belonging to Erdrick from Dragon Quest. He also captioned it as “The brave’s shield.” Chances are, this could be a coincidence. But even though he had little involvement in Super Smash Bros. it was still telling as to what the meaning of brave was. Eventually Erdrick would be part of the Dragon Quest Hero as the 2nd DLC character.

10 Assist Trophy Theory

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This is one theory that we likely won’t get answers about for a while. Since assist trophies are modeled characters that temporarily fight for the user in Smash Bros. one could theorize that they could be long term projects as potential playable characters. There have been a few cases where that may be true, after all, both Little Mac and Dark Samus elevated from assist trophy to playable fighter. Let’s hope that a character like Isaac from Golden Sun is next on the list.

9 All Fighters Are Toys

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Throughout Super Smash Bros. characters have been displayed as a model of various things such as dolls and trophies. This theory was confirmed by the late Nintendo President Satoru Iwata in an old Iwata asks interview with Super Smash Bros. creator Masahiro Sakurai. This leads into a series of imaginative perceptions of what Super Smash Bros. truly is.

8 From Children Dolls To Collectable Trophies

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While it’s been established that fighters are a bunch of toys, one theory suggests that the progression of Super Smash Bros. games can be seen through the eyes of a child. As that child grows older, they upgrade from playing with dolls to collecting trophies, stickers, and so on. This matches how Super Smash Bros. has changed the perception of what these fighters are.

7 Who Or What Is Master Hand And Crazy Hand?

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Master Hand and Crazy Hand are the traditional “villain” of the Super Smash Bros. series. But what exactly are they and who do they represent? According to in-game descriptions, Master Hand is the bridge between the imaginary world and reality, the embodiment of creativity. Whereas Crazy Hand is more destructive, impulsive, and chaotic, even towards its own creations. Fans believed that they represent a sort of Yin and Yang, or chaos and order, relationship, but possibly from the same source. But who is that source?

6 Sakurai Represents The Hands

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Some fans have theorized that the hands could belong to Masahiro Sakurai himself. This makes some legitimate sense as he is the creator of Super Smash Bros. while having well-documented accounts of becoming so heavily involved with his work, it makes him ill. Master Hand could represent the passion and creative ideas he puts into Smash Bros. while Crazy Hand could represent the difficulty and frustration of having to spend so much time on it.

5 What Of The Hands In World Of Light?

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While the Sakurai-is-Master/Crazy-Hand theory has merit to it, there are a large number of Master Hands seen in the intro to World of Light. Why is that so? Perhaps these Master Hands, the embodiment of creativity, could represent other creative minds. In this case, they would be the developers of Smash Bros. All of these minds work as a team, but for who?

4 Could Galeem Represent Nintendo?

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Taking the previous entry into account, if all of these Master Hands are working together, they would be working for a particular entity, which is what Galeem is in World of Light. In reality, that team would be developing this game for Nintendo, as they are the publishers of the series. Considering Galeem absorbs the Master Hands, it would make sense to view it that way.

3 Ultimate’s Meta Ending

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The World of Light campaign ended rather suddenly and without explanation. But when you consider the theorized conflict of Nintendo and toxic fans, you could say that the fighters, along with Sakurai’s help (playing as Master Hand,) defeat both Galeem and Dharkon to “free” the spirits in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.


1 Kirby Is Special

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Among all of the characters in Super Smash Bros. Kirby always gets a sense of special treatment. In Brawl’s Subspace Emissary when all of the characters are eliminated by Tabuu, it was Kirby who improvised and saved everyone. In The World of Light, Kirby is the one character that survives Galeem’s attack and once again, it’s up to him to save everyone. This favoritism is likely the case as Kirby is Sakurai’s own creation. Since he doesn’t work at HAL or on Kirby games anymore, this is his opportunity to work with his own creation again.

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