20 Superheroes Who Are So Weak (They Could Never Save The Day Alone)

Let's face it, not every superhero is created equal. Some are clearly more powerful than others.

The average citizen expects a lot from their comic book superheroes. They have to be able to save the day, sometimes even the world, all by themselves. If they haven't, can they even really be called superheroes? Of course, comic book creators go to extraordinary lengths to convince us, their devoted followers, that their heroes are viable heroic options. But let's face it, not every superhero is created equal. Some are clearly more powerful than others.

However, day in and day out, comic books, TV series, and movies will try to convince fans that certain heroes could (theoretically) save the day. But they can't pull the wool over our eyes all the time. Read on if you want to go over all the "super" heroes that could never save the day alone, even if they really wanted to.

20 Animal Man

We like Animal Man. Really, we do. But the ability to "borrow" powers from animals near his body won't always come in handy when he's facing someone like, we don't know, Darkseid. The ruler of Apokolips would make short work of Animal Man without even trying.

19 Black Widow

We all remember that famous panning shot around the circle of Avengers in the first Avengers movie in the MCU. Superheroes like the Hulk, Captain America, Iron Man, and Thor looked supremely awesome with their might and powers surrounding them like an aura. And all Black Widow had was a handgun.

18 Aquaman

DC is desperately trying to make Aquaman look cool, but long-time comic book fans know better. We remember the friendly hero Aquaman swimming around under the ocean solving eco-disasters and talking to fish. He wasn't always the hulking powerhouse that is Jason Momoa.

17 Mystique

Mystique's ability to look like anybody is cool. No one can deny that. But in an earth-ending crisis, she's not going to be much help unless the circumstances call for shape-shifting powers. If she went up against a pack of killer robots, the most she could do is pretend she looks like them.

16 Elongated Man

Heroes like Mr. Fantastic and Elastigirl have taught us that stretchy powers are far from useless. But stretchy powers won't always save the day. If a meteor comes hurtling from the cosmos straight at Earth, Superman could punch it away. Elongated Man and all other stretchy heroes could maybe roll themselves into a tiny ball.

15 Squirrel Girl

Do we even have to discuss why Squirrel Girl is not the save-the-world type? She's Squirrel Girl, for crying out loud. Her newfound popularity in the comics is fantastic, but at the end of the day, she would hardly be a worthy contender against someone like Thanos if he came stomping into town.

14 Rorschach

This one hurts us. As much as we would like to think that the gritty and determined Rorschach could save the day, we doubt he'd be able to beat a truly super-powered being. Case in point, he was taken out by the all-mighty Dr. Manhattan at the very end of the original Watchmen series.

13 Dazzler

Dazzler is a mutant who can turn sound into light. That's pretty cool and useful when it comes to her singing career, but if she were to go up against a horde of Sentinels all by herself, she would be up a creek without a paddle. She definitely dazzles us with her powers, but we're not sure if she could save us with them.

12 Harley Quinn

Harley Quinn has reached all-new heights of popularity thanks to her portrayal in television shows and films, but she's not exactly a powerhouse. All she really is is an acrobatic person driven by madness and her love for Joker. Plus, we're not even sure if she should be termed a "hero," let alone a "super" one.

11 The Punisher

We get it. The Punisher is cool (even though his name is a bit derivative). Just like with Rorschach, we wish Frank Castle's cold determination were enough to save the day single-handedly. But Castle is just one normal man with a black wardrobe, some guns, and a vendetta. He's not a world-saver.

10 Green Arrow

Like it or lump it, Green Arrow is just a man with a bow and arrow. Even though he's a billionaire, he did not spend his money to upgrade his powers à la Tony Stark. He chose to stick with his bow and arrow. And no matter how great a shot you are, one man with a bow and arrow can't defeat an entire space army on his own.

9 Howard The Duck

Do we even need to go into the ways that Howard the Duck is a weak superhero? The duck's got spunk; he's got that going for him. But good ole Howard could never pull off a savior moment the way even a single Avenger could. What good is one duck against the kinds of super-terrors that beset stronger heroes?

8 Robin (All Of Them)

We love the Robins (well, all of them except for Damien Wayne), but these skilled protégés of Batman could not save the day on their own. It's practically written into their existence that they are meant to work alongside someone else. They are born partners. This kills us to even say it, but Robins are kind of weak heroes when compared to the rest.

7 Hawkeye

All of the gripes that we had with Green Arrow can also be applied to Hawkeye. He's just a guy with a bow and arrow. Clint Barton said as much in Avengers: Age of Ultron when he was convincing Wanda Maximoff to take more of an active role in the super group. At least he's aware of his weakness.

6 Batgirl

The only Bat-person who could save the world on his own is Batman. He's got the money, the tech, the training, the grit, and the luck to pull it off. We like Barbara Gordon oodles and caboodles, but the girl doesn't have the same power that Batman has. She can keep up with the Robins, perhaps she's even better than them, but she's not powerful on her own.

5 Angel

Realistically, the power of flight is not all that powerful. As much fun as it would be to zip around in the sky, you're not going to be doing any favors to anyone who needs a pylon lifted off of them or to be shielded from a bullet. Flight is cool, but it is not the save-the-day power that many believe it to be.

4 Black Canary

Black Canary is actually one of the toughest superheroes we know, but she's a street-level hero. Her martial arts skills and screeching powers are great at the ground-level. When the Justice League has to go up against someone like Darkseid, Black Canary is not the number-one choice for going toe-to-toe with him.

3 Iron Fist

Oh, Iron Fist, you think you're so special with your glowing fist of doom? Try pounding that bad boy against someone like Thanos when he's armed with the Infinity Gauntlet. Or better yet, try punching him when he's already collected all of the Infinity Stones, too. See how that works out for you.

2 Silk Spectre

Silk Spectre was raised by her mother (the first Silk Spectre) to be a costumed crime fighter. However, Laurie didn't even want the job. So that coupled with her innate lack of powers makes her one of the weakest heroes in the DC universe. As Ozymandias said, failing to save the world was her greatest accomplishment.

1 Human Torch

Let's not forget the Fantastic Four when we talk about weak superheroes. The other three members of the super group are actually quite powerful, but the Human Torch is the one weak link. Turning on fire is not a super ability, it's a super liability. Even Reed with his stretchy powers could at least save the day with his gargantuan intellect. Johnny Storm is hopeless.

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