20 Surprising Facts About The Real Captain America, Chris Evans

This is a major spoiler for Avengers: Endgame, but it seems like the original Captain America’s time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has come to a permanent end. Just like most Marvel fans, we are incredibly sad to know that we won’t be seeing Steve Rogers on the big screen again anytime soon.

While it seems abundantly clear that loads of actors are ready to carry the mantle of the MCU into the future, there is no doubt that Chris Evans will always play a key role in the franchise’s history. Still, given Cap’s cinematic swansong, now seems like the perfect time to take a bit of a closer look at the popular actor. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 20 surprising facts about the real Captain America, Chris Evans.

20 Chris is a Bostonian

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As one of the most in-demand actors in the world today, it should be a given that Chris Evans is talented enough to drop in and out of an accent when a role demands it. However, it is surprising that he never seems to sport a pronounced Boston accent as he was born there and it more often than not is easy to tell when someone is from that city.

19 Serious Driving

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As someone that cares deeply about his craft, Chris Evans didn’t want it to look fake when his character from the movie Cellular performed various driving stunts. As such, he chose to undergo five weeks of stunt driving school so that he could be the one behind the steering wheel when those moments were filmed.

18 Solitary

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Whenever you see Chris Evans in an interview or listen to one of his co-stars discuss the man, it is abundantly clear that people like being around him. Despite that, Evans himself has revealed that he likes to keep to himself in a lot of ways. In fact, he told Us Weekly “camping by myself is one of my favorite things”.

17 Headaches

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Just like a lot of other superhero movie actors, Chris Evans has spent a huge amount of time working out in order to put on the muscle mass to play Captain America on the big screen. If that weren’t enough, working on 2012’s The Avengers was an arduous process for him as wearing Captain America’s cowl during the filming of that movie gave Evans constant headaches.

16 Tap Dancing

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Throughout Chris Evans’ career, he has proven to be talented in a number of ways. For example, the dude seems to be effortlessly charming, totally hilarious, and a fantastic dramatic actor as well. If all of that weren’t enough, thanks to Elizabeth Olsen spilling the beans and him confirming it, we know that Chris trained to tap dance as a kid and is refreshing his skills of late.

15 Daddy Dearest

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If you have ever found yourself looking at Chris Evans while wondering how his teeth look so perfect, there is an easy answer for that, his father is a dentist. After all, according to what Evans himself said during a 2011 Jimmy Fallon interview, “I looked like the village idiot growing up because my teeth were trying to escape my face”. Fortunately, his dad gave him clear braces that fixed his smile right up.

14 Chris Copes with Anxiety

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Even though Chris Evans has been fortunate in a lot of ways, if you think that stars like him lead a life without worries you have another thing coming. In fact, Evans has struggled with anxiety at certain points in his life and during a Rolling Stones Magazine interview he compared the stress of the red carpet to “walking on hot coals”. Fortunately, for some time now he has been going to regular therapy which has helped him.

13 Unusual Relationship

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As we all know, every parent has a unique relationship with their kids. With that said, most people like to keep intimate details of their love life private from their parents even as adults. On the other hand, Chris Evans revealed during a Seth Myers interview that the first time he slept with a woman he went home and immediately told his mother.

12 He Got His Start as a Teen

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Long before Chris Evans was world-famous, he was just like a lot of other acting hopefuls, willing to take on just about any role. In fact, he landed his first gig of sorts when he was only 15 years old. That said, it wasn’t the most glamorous job as he debuted in an educational film called Biodiversity: Wild About Life!.

11 Great Feelings

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Given the fact that a lot of couples wind up breaking up for less than stellar reasons, it makes sense that so many exes walk away with hard feelings toward one another. On the other hand, when Jenny Slate and Chris Evans broke up, she walked away with nothing but admiration for her ex. In fact, Slate even said Evans is “truly one of the kindest people I’ve ever met”.

10 He More than Works for Disney

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Due to the fact that Disney owns Marvel Studios, every time Chris Evans has played Captain America on the big screen he has been working for the House of Mouse. That should be a dream come true for Evans since Hollywood Reporter revealed that as a kid Chris “spent hours drawing alone in his room, dreaming of being a Disney animator”. On top of that, the entire Evans family takes regular trips to Disneyland since they are mega fans.

9 Comics Career

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Now that movies inspired by comic books have taken over the box office every year, there are loads of actors who’ve appeared in several of them. However, Chris Evans has outdone himself when it comes to comic book movies as he has played Captain America in 11 movies including cameos. On top of that, he starred in 2 Fantastic Four movies, voiced Casey Jones in TMNT, and appeared in Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, The Losers, and Snowpiercer.

8 Siblings Trait

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Seemingly born to be an actor, Chris Evans’ mother worked as an artistic director at the Concord Youth Theater which seems to have had a profound effect on her children. After all, Chris a well-known actor, his brother Scott is a highly successful soap opera star, and their two sisters had a passion for musical theatre growing up.

7 Barely Happened

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Given the fact that Hollywood is an incredibly competitive place, you’d think that Chris Evans would have been overjoyed when he was offered the opportunity to play Captain America. Instead, he actually turned down the offer twice before ultimately agreeing to play the Marvel hero we all know and love today.

6 Musical Aspirations

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As we touched on earlier in this list, Chris Evans grew up in a family full of performers. In fact, when he was a youngster he played the lead character in a stage production of Bye Bye Birdie and he was prone to singing in front of his relatives. Evidently still bitten by the singing bug, Evans has revealed that he badly wants to perform in a movie musical.

5 Outspoken

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In this day and age, there are a lot of celebrities that shy away from taking public stances on subjects for fear of turning off some of their fans. On the other end of the spectrum, Chris Evans has been rather outspoken on a number of subjects, especially when it comes to his support for the LGBTQ+ community. As for why that may be the cast, part of it could be because of the fact that his brother Scott is an openly gay man.

4 His Downey Jr. Connection Is Deeper Than Most People Know

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Of course, Robert Downey Jr. and Chris Evans have co-starred in several movies together and they have served as the cornerstones of the MCU alongside a few other actors. However, as it turns out their connection runs deeper than that because after Chris turned down the opportunity to play Cap twice, it was Downey Jr. that convinced him to take the role.

3 Hospital Visits

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Due to Chris Evans playing heroes on the big screen, he has managed to entertain loads of youngsters over the years. Obviously aware of how much his characters mean to younger audiences, Chris has visited sick kids in hospitals both in and out of costume. In fact, if you google “Chris Evans hospital visits” it seems like there are endless articles looking at the times he has visited ill children either by himself or with others.

2 His Favorite Marvel Co-Star

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Due to all the superhero movies Chris Evans has been in, he has co-starred with a long list of respected comic book movie actors that seem to be a lot of fun to be around. For example, we’re sure he loved working with people like Anthony Mackie, Scarlet Johansson, Robert Downey Jr., and Chris Hemsworth. However, during an interview for the YouTube channel SPKBLUE, Evans revealed that his favorite co-star is Fantastic Four actor Ioan Gruffudd because he is “just so funny”.

1 Board Game Beginnings

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Earlier in this list, we touched on the fact that Chris Evans’ first onscreen gig involved playing a small part in an educational video. What we left out at that time was that shortly after landing that role, Evans took a pretty amazing modeling job. Hired by the people at the Milton Bradley Company, Evans posed as a character named Tyler for the board game Mystery Date.

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