20 Surprising Facts About The Real Star-Lord, Chris Pratt

Arguably among the most unlikely movie stars in Hollywood today, when Chris Pratt first rose to fame he was an overweight guy who seemed to take very little in life seriously. However, after transforming his body for his role in the MCU and proving that he could anchor a massively popular film, he has become a bankable star that a lot of people love.

When Chris Pratt first gets brought up, most people are bound to think about his most famous roles from the MCU, Jurassic World movies, and the sitcom Parks and Recreation. Despite that, there are several interesting facts about Pratt’s life of which many of his fans are unaware. With that in mind, it is time to get to this list of 20 surprising facts about the real Star-Lord, Chris Pratt.

20 His Odd Nickname

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Considering how animated Chris Pratt always seems to be during interviews and behind the scenes footage, it makes sense that he earned nicknames during his teen years. However, the fact that he was known as “Monkeyboy” during high school and some old friends still call him that to this day because he used to do a comic strip about monkeys took us by surprise.

19 Warrant For Arrest

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For the most part, Chris Pratt has managed to come across like a good guy during his public appearances. Of course, that doesn’t mean that he has never had any run-ins with the law as there once was a warrant out for Pratt’s arrest. Even though that sounds bad, it wasn’t overly concerning as it related to a ticket he received and couldn’t afford to pay at that time.

18 Near Misses

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Even though Chris Pratt has a lot to be thankful for when it comes to his career, he certainly hasn’t received all of the high profile jobs that he came close to landing. For example, he auditioned for the lead role in 2009’s Star Trek franchise relaunch and Avatar only to lose out to Chris Pine and Sam Worthington respectively.

17 He Had a Weird Bond With his Ex-Wife

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During the early dating process, a lot of us build connections with potential suitors by talking about the things we have in common. When it comes to Chris Pratt and his ex-wife Anna Faris, one of the things that bonded them was the fact that for some reason both of them had bug collections when they first met.

16 Always Popular

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While a lot of people struggle to find acceptance during their high school years, that wasn’t a problem in the least for Chris Pratt. In fact, he was so well-liked by his peers that he was chosen to deliver his class’ graduation speech. If that weren’t enough, a local newspaper from where he grew up wrote about how popular Pratt was with jocks, preps, stoners, and drama kids alike.

15 Salesman

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In a lot of ways, all actors are in the sales business as they need to convince casting agents and other power brokers to cast them in their projects. For that reason, it seems likely that Chris Pratt’s past as a self-described successful coupon salesman has helped him to convince some of the most powerful people in Hollywood to work with him.

14 Teenaged Achievement

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Considering the fact that Hollywood is an extremely competitive place, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that in order to make it as an actor you need to have a strong work ethic. For proof positive that Chris Pratt knows how to work hard, look no further than the fact that he came in 5th place in a Washington state wrestling tournament which is quite impressive.

13 Previous Work

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By the time Chris Pratt first began filming Parks and Recreation, he was about to turn 30-years-old and had been trying to find his breakthrough role for many years. As Pratt revealed during a 2013 interview with Buzzfeed, years before that when he was only 18-years-old he decided to become an amateur dancer... of the exotic kind. As for why he did that, Pratt said he “loved to [do it]” so he “may as well get paid”.

12 Original Plans

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From the time Chris Pratt’s Parks and Recreation character first debuted on the show until his final appearance, Andy Dwyer underwent a huge change in personality. While we can’t say for sure, it seems likely that the reason why that was the case was Andy originally was only supposed to be a part of the show’s first season. As such, in order to keep his character relevant to the show’s ongoing storyline he needed to change.

11 He Won Over His Father-In-Law in the Gym

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When Chris Pratt gets to spend time with the father of his current wife, we can only imagine how exciting it is to spend time with Arnie. However, The Terminator is known to be a pretty intense guy so it could be intimidating as well. Thankfully for Pratt, his current father-in-law is so impressed with Chris’ strength and especially how much he can incline press that Arnie has welcomed Chris into his family.

10 Childhood Dreams To Be A Stuntman

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If you follow interviews with Hollywood stars closely, you’d likely realize that many of them dreamed of being world-famous actors when they were children. On the other hand, when Chris Pratt was a youngster, he wanted to make a living in front of cameras but as a stuntman which would have been a shame considering how entertaining he is as an actor.

9 Odd Relationship

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Of course, when two actors are cast as onscreen enemies, nobody expects them to dislike each other for real when the cameras are off. Despite that, it just feels weird when you learn that Chris Pratt and Emily VanCamp dated each other while they both starred in the show Everwood as brother and sister.

8 Near Drowning

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During several interviews, Chris Pratt has revealed his love for fishing but while talking to the Mirror, he let the world know that he almost lost his life as a youngster due to that hobby. That is the case because Pratt “didn’t notice a set of waves coming in” while fishing in “really, really turbulent and dangerous water,” nearly pulled under. Thankfully, after letting go of his rod and losing the flip flops he was wearing, Pratt held on to some lava rocks and remained above water.

7 Inappropriate Behaviour

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As we touched on earlier in this list, Chris Pratt likes taking his clothes off. What we didn’t reveal at that time was that during the filming of a scene for Parks and Recreation, he surprised Amy Poehler by doing so while in character, which he thought would be funny. Instead, his NBC bosses sent him a letter reprimanding him for his inappropriate behaviour.

6 Extreme Efforts

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In the Oscar-nominated movie Moneyball, Chris Pratt arguably gave the best dramatic performance of his career to date. Given that he was best known as a comedy actor at that time, it would have made sense if producers didn’t believe he could pull off the role. Instead, the problem for Pratt was he didn’t look like a baseball player so he worked hard to lose weight, trained with ex-MLB players, and learned to play with his wrong hand.

5 Discovery

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Throughout the annals of Hollywood history, there are loads of examples of actors being discovered in the most unlikely of places. In the case of Chris Pratt, he got lucky when actress and director Rae Dawn Chong entered a Bubba Gump Shimp Company restaurant he was working in. Amazingly enough, Chong was so taken with Pratt during their brief interaction that she cast him in her short horror film Cursed Part 3.

4 Mistake That Worked

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If there is one thing that is clear about Chris Pratt it is this, the guy has really good comedic instincts. As such, when he dropped an orb during the filming of Guardians of the Galaxy he stayed in character and his reaction was so great that the moment wound up in the final film.

3 Amazing Video

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As is the case with most modern shows, during the production of Parks and Recreation there was a push to capture behind the scenes footage. During one of those clips, Chris Pratt jokingly pretends to be responding to a text from Steven Spielberg in which he supposedly was offered a role in Jurassic Park 4. This is amazing because several years later Pratt landed the lead world in Jurassic World which is the fourth film in that franchise.

2 Rob Lowe Hosted Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Rehearsal Dinner

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On face value alone, it is pretty surprising to learn that Rob Lowe hosted Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger’s rehearsal dinner. However, if you think about it Pratt and Lowe co-starred in Parks and Recreation together. On top of that, it turns out that Lowe’s wife is Katherine Schwarzenegger’s godmother due to her long friendship with Maria Shriver.

1 He Used to be Homeless

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As a mega movie star, Chris Pratt has been getting paid massive salaries to appear in films over the last several years. That must be a massive change of pace for him considering at one point when he moved to Maui in an attempt to land acting jobs he was forced to sleep in a van or a tent on the beach.

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