20 Surprising Things You Can’t Do In The Delivery Room

After months of anticipation, soon-to-be moms go into labor and make their way into the delivery room. Even after planning for that big day for months, every new mom experiences jitters because even with all possible scenarios, there is a probability of a surprising outcome.

Most hospitals have rules in place that prevent patients from doing whatever they want on their premises. However, even with the rules, their biggest priority is to ensure that the soon-to-be mom has a comfortable stay and receives the best service. Here are 20 surprising things you cannot do in the delivery room:

20 Ask The Delivery Team To Wait For Your Doctor

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Most moms-to-be want their personal doctors to deliver their babies, but unfortunately, this is not always the case. According to cosmopolitan, personal doctors are not always on call and some even split hospital rounds, therefore the doctor on call will have to do the delivery. In any case, moms are usually in too much pain to care who delivers the baby.

19 Enjoy Meals

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For years, women were not allowed to eat or drink while in the delivery room because of the health risks involved. These days, moms still cannot indulge in double cheeseburgers however; they can have clear liquids like ice chips, Jell-O and popsicles. According to utswmed, soon-to-be moms need to refrain from heavy eating due to the increased risk of aspirating in case of a C-section.

18 Wait Too Long To Get Pain Relief

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The window for administering pain meds is usually limited and no two labors will be exactly alike. Often at times, women wait to experience labor pains in order to decide whether they want meds or not. However, some wait too long and ask for it when labor has progressed to a point meds cannot be sort. According to todaysparent, pain meds, such as epidurals, are administered during active labor at least when a woman has dilated at least 4cm.

17 Wear Jewelry

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Soon-to-be moms cannot have any jewelry or accessories on while in the delivery room; this is in preparation for an emergency C-section. According to thehealthsite, there is a possibility of something sticking, causing an infection, react with the skin or even getting lost. Hospitals do not want the responsibility of holding onto sentimental items.

16 Refuse Any Recommended Treatment

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While in the delivery room, moms cannot refuse treatment. Doctors usually have both the mother and the baby’s best interest at heart. Due to complications, like preeclampsia or the mother not able to push out the baby, doctors may recommend C-section, meds or vacuum extraction that may be off the mother’s birth plan as mayoclinic points out.

15 Go To The Washroom

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In most cases, nurses in the delivery room know it is time to start pushing when the soon-to-be moms report an intense desire to go to the bathroom. However, most hospitals do not allow them to go, reason being, as labor progresses, the same muscles used to go number two are the same ones used to push the baby out as HealthLine reveals and no one wants to give birth in a toilet bowl.

14 Stay Too Long In The Delivery Room

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Soon-to-be moms are usually whisked into the delivery room moments before they are about to give birth. The delivery period varies among women and their subsequent births, sometimes the baby comes really fast, other times not so fast, during the latter, moms do not have permission to stay in the delivery room for too long. According to WebMD, this leads to low oxygen levels or abnormal heart rate for the baby or uterine infection.

13 Take Loads Of Videos and Photos

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With this new digital era, it might be next to impossible to avoid snapping a photo during delivery. However, most hospitals do allow videos or photos taken inside the delivery room to protect their staff and for liability reasons. They may allow photos in the labor wards or rooms as verywellfamily points out.

12 Have Many Guests In There

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Another surprising thing moms cannot do in the delivery room is to entertain many guests over. Most hospitals have policies on the number of guests one can have in the delivery room, which is usually one or none depending on space availability. In addition, according to whattoexpect, many guests can destruct the patients focus on giving birth.

11 Decline The Intravenous Therapy (IV)

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Nurses usually place an IV in the hand or lower arm as a precaution to keep the mother hydrated at all times and to administer any meds in cases of emergency. Moms cannot decline the IV especially if they are planning to have an epidural. An IV can reduce the chance of a drop in blood pressure as whattoexpect points out.

10 Refuse Periodic Baby Heart Rate Checks

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Another thing soon-to-be moms cannot do in the delivery room is refuse to have the baby’s heart rate monitored during the entire labor process. Doctors and nurses need to ensure that the baby is not in distress at any given time and maintains a normal heart rate pattern during labor and delivery as WebMD points out.

9 Prevent The Natural Tear

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Years ago, women had to undergo episiotomy where they had to be snipped in order to create more room for the baby to pass through safely. However, nowadays research has shown that it is better to tear naturally than get an episiotomy. Unfortunately, according to mayoclinic, there is no guarantee to prevent natural tears but the wound heals quite well.

8 Refuse Cervical Checks

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It is very difficult for moms to ask for privacy or refuse cervical checks while in the delivery room. According to bellybelly, doctors will usually perform cervical checks to assess the dilation in a woman and privacy is usually the last thing to expect in the delivery room. During the delivery process doctors, nurses and other medical staff are always in and out of the room.

7 Start Pushing Before The Doctors Gives A Go-Ahead

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Moms cannot push before the doctors give permission to proceed. This is because doctors have to assess whether cervical dilation is complete before allowing them to start pushing. If one is not on pain meds, she might get the urge to push before full dilation, hence the reason doctors need to give permission to proceed.

6 Fight With The Nurses When Meds Don't Work

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Pain relief meds don't always work. Different bodies respond to meds differently. Epidural may take full effect or even work on one side of the body. According to betterhealth, doctors have no way of finding out if the meds will work until they are administered and when they do not take effect other remedies like massages, water immersion, and breathing techniques can be used.

5 Exhaust Yourself

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Labor is hard work and moms cannot afford to be tired before they face the challenge of giving birth. Things like eating right, hydrating, exercising and avoiding stressful situation during pregnancy help the process. According to babycenter, moms should try to relax between contraction and lie on the left side when they feel like lying down, this saves energy to pushing the baby out when it is time.

4 Choose A Birth Position

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In most hospitals, soon-to-be moms cannot choose another birth position in the delivery room. This is because the recommended semi-reclined position gives the doctor plenty of room to help with the delivery process and the position helps the baby descend. According to babycenter, the delivery room is also set up for the semi-reclined position. Changing it means changing up the room setup.

3 Urge The Doctor To Stick To The Birth Plan

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Soon-to-be moms cannot urge their doctors to stick to their birth plans. Doctors do their best to stick to what their patients want, however labor can take an unexpected turn. Some moms may plan for a normal delivery but end up with a breech baby where C-section is the safest option. It is always better to expect the unexpected than being disappointed as kidshealth points out.

2 Delivery In Water

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Another surprising thing you cannot have in the delivery room is a water birth. Majority of hospitals do not encourage water births because they are experimental procedures with high risks. As WebMD reports, although water births may reduce labor pains, they are not ideal for moms with high-risk pregnancies.

1 Give Up

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The labor process can drain every inch of your being; however, moms do not have the option of giving up at any point. It is possible for soon-to-be moms to feel incapable of giving birth. Fortunately, a woman’s body has the capacity to endure labor, and this means that it can get through the process of giving birth as WebMD points out.

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