20 Surprisingly Attractive Photos Of Amish Ladies

So, when we think of the Amish people and their looks and lifestyle, let’s just say that there are certain words that can come to mind. These are words like, well, plain, or strict, or rules, for example. We think of barns. We think of work. We think of wholesome things that might not exactly be, well, excitingly captivating.

Spicier words like fun, attractive, good-looking, or even beautiful? Or how about pretty, or even mesmerizing? Not so much.

But we don’t think it’s a good idea to jump to conclusions. Why? Because it is often MUCH more fun to slowly scroll through and form your own opinions for yourself.

Beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder, folks, but we are pretty confident that you’ll agree with our selections for this honestly pretty awesome list featuring 20 surprisingly attractive photos of Amish ladies. Please enjoy.

20 Lovely Lady In Profile

No Greater Joy Ministries

Yes, sure, she’s wearing a quite old-fashioned little bonnet, there. But I think it sort of accentuates those lovely cheekbones, personally. And don’t even get me started on the lovely vivid green hue of that long-sleeved, high-collared blouse… But really, it’s the smile and smiling eyes as she gazes off into the rural distance that has us dreaming of a simpler and more romantic life…

19 Wise, Fiery Eyes


With blond hair, bright green eyes that look so wistful and sad, and a perfect pink pout, this lady is clearly appealing. Her sheer bonnet hides her hairstyle somewhat, and her slouch has hardship written all over it: This character has clearly weathered a storm, or perhaps she’s still in the middle of it.

18 The Benefits of Friends

All Things Amish

Just take a look at these happy and fresh-faced youths and try not to smile yourself, or at least look for a moment or two at their healthy complexions, fit physiques, and simple, understated confidence. Against a beautiful background, they pose in a line, and something about the looks on their faces is joyous.

17 Enchanting In White


Oh, boy. This lady in white is just about as captivating as they come, to be sure, and the white blossoms that she holds so innocently just really complete this enchanting look. I can’t imagine how long her golden hair is when it’s not braided as she wears it in this shot.

16 Loving This Laundry Look

NY Times

It’s simple, and she certainly looks quite stern. But no one ever said you have to be happy all the time to look beautiful, and in simple blue and white linens she stands by the clothesline where the very same plain-Jane fabrics hang to dry in the fresh air and sunlight.

15 A Look Says 1,000 Words


This is my personal favorite shot of this entire list, I am pretty sure. Does anyone else out there agree? Why she leans in so, I’m not quite sure. But she tilts closer to the camera and showcases her flawless, makeup-free skin and absolutely sparkling and vivid blue eyes. I adore it.

14 Something About Her


A sheer top floats forward to form the upper layer of this lovely lady’s ensemble, which might fleetingly make a viewer wonder if she is, well, with child, or, in other words, expecting a baby. Her look is totally serious and totally determined, if also a little bored or even resigned. The bold black and snug headscarf make this even more attention-grabbing.

13 Taking It Couture

The Jarkarta Post

Yes, I do love this look, which is high fashion imitating the Amish look. But the other thing I can’t get enough of, personally, is how the runway looks like a boardwalk or makeshift bridge used to cross a rural marsh or muddy field. The Jarkarta Post reported on this Hian Jjen 10-year anniversary collection featuring Amish-inspired fashion line.

12 A Quick Dip

Amish Country Gazebos

Is there anything more fun than a group of babes at the beach? Okay, maybe just any babe at the beach. They are certainly not flaunting it in bikinis, but they can still feel the soft sand and surf with their bare feet, some hanging back a bit more timid than the others and some bolding going forth.

11 A Glowing Complexion Like Perfection


She’s young, she’s beautiful, her skin is clear, tan and perfect, and she is focused and serious as she completes her household work, which we all know is something that Amish life completely revolves around and depends on. Hard work is good for you, whether it’s washing dishes or building houses, or writing articles about Amish women…

10 Peace and Love, Ladies


We of course adore the smirk on the lady in red. But what the eye is most immediately drawn to is of course the exuberance of the young lady in the center, throwing up a peace sign as she smiles wide with her eyes sparkling, clearly and intentionally posing for a picture for the onlooker who wanted to capture the moment.

9 Putting Ideas In Her Head


Posed with an antique book against a historic interior, this lovely lass has it all going on and then some. Her bright eyes and proud posture tell the viewer that she is surely going somewhere, or maybe at least having the seeds of a great idea planted in her mind by whatever it is that she’s been reading.

8 Because Nothing's More Attractive Than Rollerblading

The Sun

Hold up — who doesn’t love a lady in rollerblades? I mean, seriously, whether they happen to be wearing ‘90s bike shorts and a lime-green sports bra or, as in this case, a really long linen gown, blading means business when it comes to getting a great leg and cardio workout. It’s just so good.

7 Wide-Eyed Wonderment

The Travel

What may be sort of fascinating to a lot of us about the Amish people is that they tend to stay within their own communities with likeminded folks who all believe the same things and practice the same lifestyle and religion that they do. So what happens when they venture out in the world? Expressions like this.

6 Standing Pretty


Some are short, some are tall (we’re looking at you, woman on the right), and all stand barefoot on a wooden bridge that makes us straight up pine for a simpler, more romantic life far from the hustle, bustle, and complications of this modern world. And look at those happy smiles and healthy complexions!

5 Go Figure!

Lavender and Lovage

Not to be weird or anything, but curve’s the word that came to mind when we selected this shot showing a group standing and spectating. There’s a hand on a hip. There’s a sassiness to it, if we do say so ourselves. Both the light blue and the dark burgundy dresses these ladies sport and the way they seem to enjoy whatever they’re watching is pure joy.

4 Giddyup! My Personal Favorite

Amish Horses

What is it about a woman riding a horse? It’s hard to deny that there’s something special about it, no matter who you are or where you come from. This horse and rider pose within the stall of a barn, looking down at the camera’s lens in a knowing and confident way.

3 She Plotted An Escape


Our research tells us that this really is an Amish lady with quite a story, one of deciding to escape a life that wasn’t for her in order to move onto bigger and better things, and what is not attractive about that, my dear readers? Perhaps someone out there will read these silly words and be inspired to do the same…

2 Young Love


Oh. My. Gosh. Could they BE any more adorable? I could say a lot of things about innocence, and I could go on and on about the glow of youth and the magic of young love. But I fear that all of those things would be not only cliché but also quite unnecessary, as her bare feet and their embarrassed smiles say it all.

1 Glowing and Gorgeous

Total Frat Move

That smile… My word. A healthy and fresh-faced lady like this is not something you see in every place or every crowd, and that’s why this one makes us all stop and pause, and then linger a moment longer to gaze upon it still. A person laughing is one of the more attractive things ever, no?

Sources: The Sun

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