20 Surprisingly Flattering Photos Of The Alaskan Bush People

The Discovery Channel's Brown Family is best known for their eccentric, off-the-grid lifestyle. The wilderness loving clan spends their days in the Alaskan woods, living off of the land and making their own rules. Their reality television show depicts them forever looking rugged and worn as they chop down trees, build what they need and dig in the earth. Rarely do we see with them without facial stubble and grime under their fingernails.

Catching the Brown family looking so fresh and so clean is a bit of a unicorn. It's hard to come across pictures of them looking like bonified movie stars, but somehow we managed to come up with 15 images of the gang that will make everyone do a double-take.

Are these the real Bush People? Or Are we seeing doppelgangers?

15 Gabe Brown Looking Less "Bushy" And More Brawny

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We are used to seeing Gabe Brown looking bushy and unkempt as he helps his family survive the Alaskan wilderness. It's a little bit jarring to see him sporting a crisp white shirt and a fresh haircut in a hotel lobby, but we could get used to this move civil side of Gabe. He looks like he could be a part of a Dr. Pepper advertising campaign.

14 Rain Brown In Full Flower Power Mode

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Little Rainy Brown is looking all grown up these days. She is out of the woods and into the wonderful world of social media and flower power filters. Of all of the Brown family members, Rain seems to have the greatest collection of fetching pictures online. She is certainly growing up to be a stunner.

13 Rainy Rocking That Sassy Hair Style

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Rain Brown is not only busy trying out new selfie poses and social media filters, but she is also venturing out into new and exciting fashions and styles. We have to celebrate this edgy haircut that Rain chose to rock. The girl looks great when she is selecting out-of-the-box styles like this one.

12 Snowbird Brown Is Growing Up To Be A Natural Beauty

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And she may have gotten a little work done to her former set of pearly whites, which seem to have helped her looks and her self confidence. Many fans of the show are pretty sure that little Snowbird has replaced her former, brown and crooked teeth with nice, straight-looking ones. She has gone from ugly ducking to stunning swan.

11 Sisters Taking On The City Lights

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Alaskan Bush sisters took on the city lights and made sure to snap of pic while they were at it. Both Rainy and Snowbird looked sleek and confident as they stepped out of the isolated wild and into the wonderful world of lights, cameras, and action. While there are recent reports that the Brown sisters don't get along, this picture makes us think otherwise.

10 Work It

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Get it, Gabe. We are liking what we see here. Gabe has spent his years sawing logs and building his biceps up and may we say that it has most definitely paid off. This Brown boy seems to be only getting finer with age. This newlywed's wife is one lucky lady.

9 Bear Brown Looking Healthy, Happy And In Love

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Bear Brown is also looking fine these days, and we think it is because he is happy and in love. Bear is set to wed his fiance Raiven Adams so perhaps she has a little something to do with this former rough and tumble fellow looking all dapper. The couple has supposedly left life in the bush; maybe they are making a move to a more suburban setting? We shall see!

8 Fatherhood Looks Good On Noah

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Noah Brown and his wife Rhain Alisha welcomed their first son, Elijah, back in February. Little Eli was the first Brown grandbaby, and all certainly cherish him. Fatherhood seems to be a good look for Noah, who is playing every part the doting daddy. Parenthood looks good on some people.

7 Look Who Cleans Up Nicely!

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Weddings bring out the best in some people, and the Browns are no exceptions to this rule. Look at how dapper the gentlemen are looking here in their tuxedos! And the ladies are holding their own as well! This family knows how to transform themselves from wilderness days to glammed up nights.

6 Matt Looks So Fresh And So Clean

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Matt Brown has not has the easier road as of late. He has faced his fair share of roadblocks and setbacks, but here he is doing his best to put on a good face. A fresh haircut is life-altering. When you feel like the world is against you, a snip, a trim, and a good shave can make all of the difference.

5 Mom's Still Got It

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Matriarch Ami Brown has lost a bit of her luster in recent years because of pretty serious health woes, but here she seems to have gotten her groove back. You can not deny that Mama Brown is a natural beauty. She might not wear tons of makeup or designer clothes, but she doesn't need it.

4 Easy, Breezy Rainy Brown

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You have to admit; this girl has that "it" factor. Rainy Brown has fallen hard for the camera, and the camera loves her right back. When it comes to great settings and fun styles, Rainy is Queen. We bet that in the years to come, we will be seeing a lot more of this reality star and her fashion style.

3 Young And In Love

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Here are Ami and Billy looking very young and love. This photo was snapped long before the pair made a fortune living their lives on the small screen. Billy and Amy have had many years together before becoming reality stars. This couple has been side by side since Ami was a teenager!

2 Looking Like Movie Stars

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Three generations of Browns are looking like a bunch of movie stars here. Ami and Billy stopped to pose with their daughters, son, daughter in law, and their adorable grandson. Everyone looked pretty content and dolled up for the day. We especially love Billy's white suit coat. Looking fly there, Mr. Brown.

1 Mr. Bicep Brown

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Gabe has been hitting the gym or busy lifting logs, and it shows! He looks like he is posing for a calendar here, but he is probably just doing a bit of promotional work for his family's hit reality television show. Either way, we are digging the sleeveless tee shirts on Gabe Brown.

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