20 Surprisingly Flattering Photos Of Vikings' Lagertha

The hit TV series, Vikings, isn’t known for glamorizing its characters. The show takes place at a time where cleanliness wasn’t at the forefront of people's minds. I mean, they had much bigger issues (like winning battles and finding new land) to worry about, rather than focusing on what they looked (and smelled) like.

One of the main characters, Lagertha, is played by actress, Katheryn Winnick. Her character is known for her powerful, independent, and strong-willed personality. She’s not afraid to jump into battle or show her husband, Ragnar, how displeased she is...by throwing every object at arm's reach towards him! This woman is strong, and the last thing she’s concerned about is her looks. However, if you look past all the dirt, smeared black makeup, and occasional blood, Katheryn is actually gorgeous.

This side of Katheryn isn’t shown often during the series. Here are 20 photos showing her looking like the beautiful queen she is!

20 Candidly Flawless

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Wouldn't it be nice if we could all look this good while casually standing on the streets of New York? Before an interview at the AOL Build series, Katheryn had time for a quick photo shoot and showcased a cute business casual outfit. She certainly is making that NY breeze work for her.

19 Beautiful Baby Blues

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Two words. Holy. Eyes.

When she’s not filming for the hit series, Vikings, Katheryn has time to have her makeup properly done. Her makeup artists sure know how to showcase those baby blues with this subtle glam and bold lip combo. Her complexion clearly isn’t fazed by all the dirt she’s often seen covered in on the show!

18 Kat in the Hat

via The Coveteur

Katheyrn sure can rock a hat.

During this interview and photo shoot with Coveteur, she explains that, in order to keep her hair in its healthy, luscious form (which is perfectly shown above), she has her hairdresser fly out to wherever she’s filming for touch-ups, even if that means travelling all the way to Ireland!

17 She Doesn't Need A Fancy Outfit To Look Good

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Katheryn proves with this photo that she doesn't need a stylist (or well, any outfit) to look good. While it may not be her most glamorous look, she still managed to snap this selfie of her rocking major “I woke up like this” vibes. Honestly, it wouldn’t be surprising if she did look this good when she woke up.

16 Making Us All Want To Step Up Our Little Black Dress Game

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Katheryn isn't known for wearing very extravagant outfits when she's on the red carpet, but this photo of her at the Cannes Film Festival shows that she doesn't need to. Sticking with a simple black dress and her usual subtle glam look, she’s able to let her natural beauty shine through and do all the talking.

15 Looking Chic

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These photos of Katheryn just scream chic and class. Fun fact: despite wearing it here, Katheryn isn't a fan of red lipstick. because she finds it way too hard to maintain. She claims she’ll usually only wear it during photo shoots, so it isn’t on for too long. It certainly helps tie her look together here, so hopefully she has some extra help for touch-ups.

14 A Sweet Selfie

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There’s no shortage of selfies from Katheryn on Instagram or Twitter, and no one’s complaining. This one certainly highlights her beautiful hair, outside of her usual Viking warrior braids. You can definitely see the payoff of all the work she has done to keep her blonde locks healthy and beautiful.

13 Training Like A Viking

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Katheryn makes it known that her fitness and health are super important to her. It makes sense that she has to be in shape for all of the battle scenes she’s in while filming Vikings. Wielding shields and swords all day can’t be easy work. Clearly, whatever training program she’s using is working!

12 Outdoors-Woman

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Much like her Viking counterpart, Katheryn prefers to spend much of her time outside. As a Canadian citizen, there’s certainly no shortage of wilderness where she’s from. She snapped a photo here, showcasing her catch of the day...and looking cute in her outdoor apparel. You’re certainly quite the catch, too, Katheryn!

11 Beautiful In Burgundy

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Katheryn is seen here during an interview on Good Day New York back in 2017, about her movie, Dark Tower. Her burgundy dress is extremely flattering, while still having that professional look. Also, does Katheryn have a bad angle? Because it certainly doesn’t seem like it.

10 Match Made In Valhalla

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We’re not too sure what’s going on in this photo, but we are sure that Katheryn looks good doing… whatever she’s doing. She’s pictured here with her on-screen husband and co-star, Travis Fimmel, who plays Ragnar Lothbrok. The two seem to have some off-screen chemistry while goofing around during an event.

9 Stealing The Spotlight

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There are no other words to describe these photos of Katheryn but flawless. This photo was taken during the 2015 Vanity Fair Oscar Party, which she attended to help celebrate fellow stars. Her stylists certainly nailed this golden look. Katheryn is absolutely glowing in that gown.

8 Self Defense Connoisseur

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Any fan of Katheryn Winnick’s knows that she’s a huge supporter of self-defense and martial arts. What most people don’t know is that Katheryn actually has her own self-defense business! WIN KAI helps to empower women through self-defense techniques. Katheryn is looking fierce and strong in this photo from her campaign.

7 Stunning With Cast And Crew

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Some of the main characters from the show are seen here, in between autograph signings, posing with some attendees at a Comic-Con event held in 2014. Katheryn, looking gorgeous as always, is certainly rocking that red jumpsuit (props to her stylists once again). Her co-star, Travis Fimmel, seems to agree!

6 Looking Pretty In Pink

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Is there a color that doesn’t look good on Katheryn Winnick? This photo was snapped before her attendance at Elton John’s 2019 AIDS Foundation Oscar Viewing Party. The dainty diamond choker pairs perfectly with her ruffled pink dress, and her makeup and hair are super flattering (and complement the whole ensemble).

5 Like Mother, Like Son

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It’s no secret that Katheryn Winnick has amazing chemistry with her on-screen son, Alexander Ludwig. Ludwig plays Bjorn Lothbrok (son of Ragnar and Lagertha Lothbrok) on the show, Vikings. Katheryn has admitted that she and Alexander have an amazing friendship off-screen...and that she adores him. Their incredible blue eyes steal the spotlight in this photo.

4 Serving Major Lagertha Vibes

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Katheryn is seen here in attendance at the 2016 Critics' Choice Awards. Her messy up-do and black eye makeup make her resemble her character, Lagertha. Her black and lacy dress, paired with some strappy shoes, a thin black choker, and small black clutch, make for a super flattering (and fierce!) red-carpet look.

3 She's Not Afraid To Show Off Her Abs

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This outfit is simple, yet effective. Katheryn, pictured here at the Chanel and Charles Finch Pre-Oscar Dinner in Los Angeles, shows off her toned midriff in a black, cropped, long-sleeved top and a sleek white pencil skirt. This goes to show that her Viking training is certainly paying off (big time!).

2 Airport Chic

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Picture proof that Katheryn Winnick can pull off just about anything. Looking cute and dressed for comfort, she’s seen here leaving Los Angeles International Airport in some grey sweatpants, a tank top, and a black fedora hat to top it all off. It certainly is a strange accessory, but she pulls it off quite well!

1 Scarlet Beauty

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Typically known for her stunning blonde hair, Katheryn also had a brief stint with some red-toned hair! Katheryn is all smiles in this photo...her shiny, long, strawberry blonde locks, along with a red jumpsuit and red lipstick, make it clear she can pull anything red off with ease.

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