20 Surprisingly Flattering Pics Of GOT's Shae

When it comes to Game of Thrones, most of us are familiar with names such as Emilia Clarke, Kit Harington or Sophie Turner, but the show had so many characters that plenty of the actors didn't get the attention they deserved. But don't worry, we're here to change that. Today our whole list is all about actress Sibel Kekilli, who played Shae — Tyrion Lannister's main love interest. Spoiler alert: Sibel played her from seasons 1 to 4, after which we (and Tyrion) have desperately missed her. And while the show moved on and eventually (painfully) wrapped up, we haven't forgotten about Shae — so here we are making a list entirely dedicated to her! And let us tell you, judging from all these pics — we definitely haven't seen the last of actress Sibel Kekilli!

Okay, now here they are — 20 photos of Shae in real life that prove she's actually a gorgeous goddess!

20 Let's Start Off With Sibel Kekilli At The Game Of Thrones Season 8 Premiere

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How gorgeous does actress Sibel Kekilli look at the premiere of the last Game of Thrones season in New York City? The German actress wore a stunning, slightly sheer maxi dress that not everyone can pull off — but she certainly did. As Sibel is definitely a 'less is more' type of girl, she kept her makeup very minimal.

19 The Actress Definitely Knows How To Pose Like A Model

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Even though Sibel Kekilli has been acting since 2002, when she was discovered by a casting director in a German shopping mall, we definitely have to say that she could have easily had a career in modeling as well. The gorgeous actress certainly knows how to work those camera angles!

18 And How Gorgeous Is She While Leaving Her Hotel In NYC

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There's something very old school and gracious about the actress, and we absolutely love seeing her in long gowns and with her hair pulled up. Sibel was definitely perfection as Shae in Game of Thrones, but we'd absolutely love to see her in some period piece with dramatic dresses and intricate hairstyles!

17 Sibel Clearly Has No Bad Angles

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In the photo above you can see the actress at the premiere of The Kindness Of Strangers at the 69th Berlinale International Film Festival. This may just be one of our favorite looks on the star — the dress is rather edgy and it's definitely not something she rocks every day!

16 And She Flirts With The Camera Like A Pro

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Famous German photographer Christian Schoppe took the two photos of the actress and honestly, this is just more proof that she is incredible in front of the camera. Sibel definitely knows how to pose without it looking staged and she certainly seems to be very comfortable in front of a lens.

15 Sibel Is Clearly Not Afraid Of Making A Fashion Statement

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We love us a celeb who isn't afraid to rock a statement piece and nothing screams 'look at me' more than a pair of vibrant, red booties! The actress decided to keep the rest of the look rather simple and black, making sure nothing takes away from the funky shoes!

14 And Here Are Shae And Samwell After They Discovered Selfies

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Samwell Tarly is definitely one of the most underrated Game of Thrones characters and here's proof that John Bradley — who plays Sam in all 8 seasons of the show — is just as adorable and fun. Just look at him and Sibel posing for a cute selfie on the red carpet!

13 The Actress Always Looks So Effortlessly Classy

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To be completely honest, we would have never guessed that Sibel Kekilli is 39 years old — she certainly has a very youthful appearance. The photo above once again proves that the actress has a certain timeless beauty and she doesn't need fancy clothes or tons of makeup to look gorgeous.

12 And We Can't Wait To See What Her Next Big Project Will Be

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Game of Thrones was definitely the most well-known project the actress has been in so far, but we have no doubt that we will see her face a lot more in the future. Before playing Shae, Sibel has stared in plenty of famous German and Turkish television shows and movies!

11 Obviously, Sibel Loves Having Fun At Oktoberfest 

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The photo above is of Sibel and a friend dressing up in traditional Bavarian dresses for the famous Oktoberfest funfair in Munich, Germany two years ago. While the actress was born and raised in Germany, her parents moved there from Turkey in 1977 — three years before the star was born.

10 And Here She Is At An Event For The International Women's Day

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Sibel Kekilli is a human rights activist and is known for her work with violence against women. The photo above shows her at an event for International Women's Day at Bellevue Palace in Berlin, where she received the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany — something not many actors can say they did!

9 The Actress Has A Gorgeous Smile

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One thing that everyone immediately notices about the star is that she has a beautiful smile which she loves showing off quite frequently. Sibel is definitely radiating with positive energy, and we bet the Game of Thrones cast loved having her on set! Seeing this photo alone definitely puts us in a better mood!

8 And Looks Flawless Even Without Makeup

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We already mentioned this, but Sibel certainly doesn't need much makeup to look amazing, and it seems as if the actress prefers going makeup-free. In the photos above you can see just how gorgeous the star looks naturally, and we are so envious of her beautiful, glowing skin! Share your secrets with us, Sibel!

7 Here She Is Giving A Speech On Female Empowerment

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Here's Sibel giving a speech relating to International Women's Day at Castle Bellevue in Berlin back in 2015. As we already mentioned, the actress is very active when it comes to fighting for women's rights and is frequently attending relevant events. Personally, we love a celeb who is using their fame for the greater good!

6 Sibel Is Definitely A Great Role Model

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Sibel definitely seems like the type of celebrity who is a great role model for young girls (and boys) all over the world. She's kind, she's smart, she is great at her job, but most importantly she has a big heart and is all about fighting for equality and peace!

5 And Isn't This The Cutest Facepalm Ever?

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We simply had to include these two photos of the actress facepalming on a red carpet because it's absolutely adorable. We love a star who is laid back and isn't afraid of being themselves — and the 39-year-old certainly seems like that type of gal! You just keep doing you, Sibel!

4 Here She Is Serving Us Looks At The 2019 Berlinale 

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It's evident by now that Sibel has a signature style as she prefers timeless, classy clothing pieces. The photo above is from this year's Berlinale International Film Festival where, by now, Sibel is definitely a staple. The actress chose to wear a loose, beige blouse which she tucked into black pants for that classy, sophisticated vibe.

3 Doesn't She's Always Seem Like A Little Ray Of Sunshine?

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Let us answer that for you — yes, she does! We have a feeling that Sibel could go into a room full of grumpy people and somehow change their mood instantly with one of her genuine smiles. We wonder what her secret is to always being so happy and full of joy!

2 Keep On Slaying, Sibel

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How stunning does Sibel look in this peach chiffon MaxMara dress which she paired with a loose, bohemian updo and some cute statement earrings? The actress rocked this look to the 2014 Screen Actor's Guild Awards at which the Game of Thrones cast was nominated for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.

1 Lastly, Here Are Shae And Tyrion IRL Making Our Hearts Melt

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To wrap things up, here are Shae and Tyrion Lannister aka Sibel and Peter Dinklage hanging out at an event together. While the two didn't have a happily ever after in the show, seeing them having fun together off-camera certainly warms our hearts. Shae and Tyrion will be our one OTP forever!

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