19 Of The Sweetest Interactions That Mark Hamill Has Had With His Fans

Mark Hamill will always be remembered for his role as Luke Skywalker. He's also the voice of The Joker in the 1992 cartoon, Batman: The Animated Series and plays The Trickster on The Flash? In addition to having all of these iconic roles, he's known for being absolutely wonderful to his fans. This means the internet consistently ends up with gifts thanks to these moments.

Many of Hamill's interactions with his fans are sweet, but some of them are occasionally hilarious. This shows Hamill has a gift for comedy and isn't just the serious person we think he is thanks to his best-known part. His humor has become something that fans strive to receive in order to connect with him on his social medias. From reaching out to his fans to how he interacts with his fellow cast mates, Hamill has proven time and again how sweet, funny, and down-to-Earth he is. Either way, these interactions always bring joy to those who are on the receiving end.

Here are just 20 of the sweetest fan interactions that Mark Hamill has had with his fans, and just in time for Solo: A Star Wars Story!

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19 When he went undercover as a Storm Trooper

Star Wars fans are known for supporting charitable causes. After all, Luke Skywalker may go through his hard times, but he still advocates a just use of Jedi powers. When the cast of Star Wars: The Force Awakens nominated 15 charities to assist, Omaze enlisted the help of Mark Hamill in order to help spread the word.

Though Hamill plays a Jedi that uses his powers for good, he was a good sport and dressed up as an evil stormtrooper in order to surprise fans. Those who contributed were eligible to win a meal with Hamill and tickets to see The Last Jedi.

A video that was posted online shows how our new favorite stormtrooper dealt with Iron Man and the fans' happiness upon discovering who they were really talking to under the helmet. With this video and their donations, fans helped charities like UNICEF, The Malala Fund and the Africa Cancer Foundation.

The video of this charity fundraiser from two years ago is also a gift for those who may think that Hollywood celebrities are usually rude. Hamill is proof that even superstars can be down-to-earth individuals who make their fans feel at ease. Plus, every fan interaction only gets better after watching this.

18 That time he made snarky comments when fans wanted an autograph

Via Ranker

Mark Hamill probably wasn't expecting social media to be a thing. No one could've thought that, one day, people could air out their dirty laundry, upload embarrassing pictures, or reveal one's snark. We love Mark Hamill's sass and the way he gave fans more than they bargained for!

It seems that Hamill knew what trolling was before the internet ever came up with a term for this phenomenon. Some people may be tempted to sell these autographs for the amount of money they're probably worth, but a real fan would never part with such a treasure!

We love how Hamill not only complied with this fan's request for an autograph, but trolled them at the same time. He's definitely right, though. That card could be in much better condition.

Over the years, fans who were able to meet Hamill pre-social media have revealed some of his most hilarious autographs. These treasures have shown that Hamill has occasionally displayed a more risqué sense of humor than normal.

You could even say that Mark Hamill perfected the art of creating memes before we even had the chance to do it. Does this mean that the Force is so strong with Hamill that he's from the future? Ah, that's not how the Force works. Our bad! perhaps we'll never know, then. What we do know is that even a 10-second interaction with Hamill could result in something that makes everyone smile!

17 When he mastered dad humor

Via Dorkly

Fathers from all around the globe are known for their specific brand of humor. Mark Hamill has shown his wit, sarcasm and improvisational skills over the years (both onscreen and with fans). This Twitter reply shows that he's also familiar with the conventions of what we know in many parts of the world as the classic "dad joke." A fan made an innocent request and got more than they knew what to do with. To be fair, Hamill is known for answering his fan's requests on social media.

One look through his Twitter account that proves he's more than thrilled to make his fans happy.

This tweet is also proof that he's happy to engage in gentle trolling in order to leave a small gift on the internet. It also lets fans know the type of jokes you'd get if Mark Hamill was your dad! It looks like several fans had a good laugh over this tweet-turned-meme. We personally thank Mark Hamill for not being shy about his many comedic skills. Anyone reading this list is encouraged to try a stunt like this. There may not be an answer, but if there is one, it's sure to be epic.

16 When he trolled John Boyega

Via The Daily Dot

You probably have to be a big fan of Star Wars to get a role in the film. After all, each movie in the series adds more layers to the story that's been going on for decades.

It seems that John Boyega was a big fan of the series before he became the franchise's first black stormtrooper. He's even spoken about this several times. Naturally, his hero Mark Hamill had to troll him on his birthday. Boyega took everything in good spirits, showing that there's no beef between Finn and Skywalker.

Hamill tweeted a possible "spoiler" for fans of his and Boyega's. This isn't the first time Hamill has trolled any of his cast mates on social media. Luckily, Boyega gave his seal of approval at this supposed spoiler.

Being good enough friends with Hamill in order to have these small Twitter moments must be amazing! Fans who didn't have the privilege of starring in a film with him are probably jealous of the rapport that Hamill has with his cast mates from this new Star Wars trilogy

One thing is clear, Hamill is kind but fair with every fan when it comes to his jokes—even when he works with them.

15 When he took the initiative

Mark Hamill doesn't just have his own fans, he's also a fan of other great actors such as Gal Gadot! During this year's Oscar Awards ceremony, Jimmy Kimmel gathered a group of stars so that they could crash a fan-only preview of Ava DuVernay's A Wrinkle In Time. Though Hamill already knew her work, he took the time to introduce himself to Gal Gadot. Geeks around the world loved her reaction. It's very clear that she also loves Luke Skywalker!

Guests at the film screening must have been surprised to see some of their favorite icons step inside their theatre.

Not to worry, though. Celebrities are people, too, and they also get surprised when one of their heroes approaches them. Gadot's reaction was quite put-together considering how so many fans freak out whenever they meet their cinematic icon. Hamill also showed his human side and it's clear that a new friendship probably blossomed that evening. Unfortunately, there's little to no hope of Wonder Woman ever making a cameo in Star Wars. Fans of Wonder Woman and Luke Skywalker probably loved this cute interaction. Things wouldn't go viral all over the world if people didn't enjoy them, and we definitely enjoyed this!

14 When he wanted to protect fans from "autograph hunters"

Mark Hamill feels strongly about people who hunt for his autograph so that they can then sell them online for way more than they're worth. This shows us that he cares about real fans who are asking for autographs just for the sake of having one.

He went as far as riding in a wheelchair in order to prevent autograph-gougers from identifying him just so he could be there for the real fans. Those who were waiting for Hamill were probably stressed out about seeing him in this condition.

Hamill later admitted the reasons behind this stunt on social media. Some even panicked about the state of his health and voiced their concerns. Was this measure a bit extreme? Maybe, but he had good intentions. His dedication to making sure that his admirers always have access to his autographs for good reasons is yet another reason why they love him so much.

We've already established that many celebrities are kind, but not many of them put this much effort in ensuring that heir fans aren't taken advantage of. Plus, after a good scare, people must have been happy to know that Hamill was in perfect health. Next time they wait around for him, they should know that he might pop up in an unexpected way.

13 When he convinced Prince Harry and Prince William that Luke Skywalker is royalty

Via IBTimesUK

Prince Harry and Prince William are just like the rest of us—unapologetic Star Wars fans who had the time of their lives meeting the cast. They even attended the premiere of The Last Jedi the year it came out. This makes perfect sense since the latest installments of the saga were filmed in London's Pinewood Studios. To top it off, they were slated for a cameo in the film. If we were royalty, we'd certainly take advantage of this position in order to meet our favorite Jedi. Mark Hamill isn't just funny, he's also pretty smart.

He also took advantage of this opportunity to explain to Prince William and Harry why Luke Skywalker is technically royalty.

According to his statements, his exact words were “Your Highness, I would like to make a case for myself. My father was Lord Vader, my mother was Queen Amidala, my sister was Princess Leia – doesn’t that make me royalty?” It's a pretty logical case to make to the Royals, because they actually ended up agreeing with him! However, knowing what we know about Hamill's joyous personality, we're sure that the Princes took these comments in stride. You have to commend Hamill for having the guts to plead his case to actual royalty, though. This has to be one of the most hilarious fan moments that Hamill has given us.

12 When he answered a fan's question by talking about another fan

Via Twitter

Mark Hamill gets a lot of tweets during May 4th, otherwise known as "Star Wars Day." When a fan asked Hamill about his favorite Star Wars quote, he didn't just answer the question. Hamill provided proof of the time he recreated the moment with another fan. The hilarious picture shows Hamill and a fan yelling Darth Vader's infamously iconic "noooooooooo!" Seeing the two in action only proves that there's a reason why that scene works best when the character is wearing a mask.

This recreation of this Star Wars scene makes us wonder what these two guys might've been scared of.

Or maybe they're just cheering for their favorite sports team or something. It's cool how Mark Hamill not only recalled his favorite quote in order to answer this tweet, he went out of his way to provide an example of a time when he made another fan's dream come true. Just goes to show that being a Mark Hamill fan is likely to get you a response. Not too many admirers of other celebrities could say that their hero even helps them recreate special moments. We wonder if any of his other fans can get him to top this!

11 When he channeled the Dark Side

Always a good sport about Star Wars, Hamill once pranked fans by wearing a Darth Vader mask. Yup, our Jedi Master was willing to go to the Dark Side just to surprise a few fans  and make them happy.

The prank consisted of wearing the Vader mask while fans recreated moments from the galaxy far far away. Hamill would then walk up behind his fans and then reveal who he really was. The prank was yet another event to assist with charity as part of Star Wars Force for Change.

It took place last year just as fans were getting ready to celebrate Star Wars Day on May 4th. Their reactions were captured just as they realized who was wearing the mask next to them. In addition to being really chill with his fans, this prank wound up doing social good while giving us an endearing video that will last for years to come.

If there's one thing to be said about Mark Hamill, it's that you won't care if you meet him because of a prank or at an important event. He could be wearing a stormtrooper suit, lounging around in a wheelchair, or acting as Darth Vader. The experience will probably be delightful regardless of the scenario.

10 When he helped a fan find what she was looking for

Via Twitter

Hamill has proven that he's great at answering questions. He doesn't even mind providing definitions when someone asks him nicely. When a fan tweeted that she wanted to find his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, he helped her out by providing directions. We're not sure about the accuracy of these directions, but we do know that the ceremony for his star took place in front of the El Capitan Theatre.  Anyone who's been to Hollywood can attest to how difficult it is to find a specific star on the Walk of Fame.

So it's cool that he mentioned something about where a fan can hope to find his star.

People often spend a lot of money in order to get to California just so they can find their favorite celebrity's star. Hamill proved that he's committed to helping them get only the best experience out of their journeys. The other funny thing is how he mentioned that he's near Minnie Mouse since they're kind of coworkers now. Is there anywhere else fans would like to go in order to get the best Star Wars-related experience? We're sure that Hamill will do anything in his power to make sure that they can see it.

9 When he admitted your birthday isn't special

Via Twitter

Mark Hamill probably gets way too many tweets every day. It's a wonder he even has time to answer some of them considering how many fans he has. We like to imagine that he takes time out of his day to scour through tweets that are worthy of a reply. Otherwise, we can't see how he has time to juggle Twitter along with his career.

One fan actually pointed out how Hamill asks people not to bombard with birthday greeting requests. Since we imagine he has fans that ask him this every day, we sympathize. It turns out that birthday greeting requests are one of the things that Hamill doesn't oblige his fans. Nothing against anyone, it's just because there are so many of them!

When a fan pleaded with fellow fans not to make these request, Hamill politely explained that our birthdays aren't special. What he says is true, though: your mom did do all the work! Hamill even mentioned that he has several prepared birthday greeting requests for such occasions and has given his fans permission to use them.

We also love that he reminded us that our birthdays involved no work on our part. Maybe we should request for some shoutouts for our moms? With everything Hamill does to bring us joy, we can certainly give him a break on this, right?

8 When he surprised fans at Disneyland


When Disney bought Lucasfilm Ltd., fans were afraid that they'd somehow ruin one of our favorite film sagas ever. Thankfully Disney has been careful in delivering consistent surprises. They even created rides at the amusement park that provide fans of all ages the chance to experience Star Wars in the flesh. Fans of the best franchise ever couldn't have guessed who would be there to welcome them at their ride. Disney changed the script to let riders know that a special guest would be joining them. And, yes, they did mention that "the force is strong with this one."

Fans were naturally shocked, and thanks to the greatness of the internet we can take a look at their delightfully surprised reactions.

One guy in particular was quite stunned to meet his favorite celebrity. Take one look at that face and admit that you'd make the same one. But don't worry, we're with this guy and agree that it was definitely an appropriate reaction. Many actors dislike having their fame tied to one role, but Mark Hamill actively enjoys it. Plus, the fact that he does what he can to participate in events like this just prove that he's grateful to the people who love his work. And we're grateful to him in return!

7 When he made fans think that he had an exclusive trailer

Via Buzz.ie

When you're Mark Hamill, you probably have a lot of say about what gets included in any new development for Star Wars. We know this means that he has to keep a lot of secrets. Disney is notorious for forcing the Star Wars cast and crew to keep quiet on a lot of things that could spoil the experience for audiences.

Still, if Hamill says that he can release a preview, you'd believe him, right? Mark Hamill tweeted something about an exclusive look at the trailer for The Last Jedi and fans were curious about the details. He's Luke Skywalker, and Jedi masters don't lie! Fans anticipated their first look at this Episode VIII preview only to learn that it was a just a joke from Hamill.

It turned out to be a picture of him in an actual trailer that he was using on the set of The Last Jedi. perhaps Hamill was thinking more like The Joker. After all, he's voiced the character for several years. We must also remember that playing Luke means that he's playing someone whose father is the poster child for evil and intimidation.

Luckily, fans took the joke well and seem to harbor no ill will towards Hamill over his innocent prank. It's important to remember that having consultation authority doesn't mean that Disney will let him divulge their secrets. Kudos to Mark Hamill for creating an even more epic dad joke.

6 When he let a young fan play doctor with him

Mark Hamill often gives back to his fans and to worthy charitable causes. When The Last Jedi was released, many cast members of the film were invited to the Graham Norton Show. Instead of attending the famous British talk show, Hamill decided to visit children at the Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH). Located in London, this hospital is known around the world for treating children who have heart ailments. In fact, they were even behind the first lung and heart machine for children in 1962!

The hospital has received charity from notable figures in the past, and author J.M. Barrie donated the rights to Peter Pan to them.

Hamill's visit to the hospital made everyone happy and showed that actors can have a positive impact on society. One lucky child got to play doctor with Hamill. We wonder how Oscar's parents felt about seeing THE Mark Hamill hanging out at the hospital with their kid. Of course, Hamill met several other children who were fighting rare diseases and brought them some much-needed attention. It looks like kids were able to forget about their health issues at least for a little while and give us a few sweet pictures.

5 When he surprised Adam Scott

Adam Scott is best known for his role in Parks and Recreation as Ben Wyatt, and he currently stars in Big Little Lies. Those who've been paying attention may have even noticed that he played a small part in Knocked Up. One night, he appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! when it was hosted by Kristen Bell.

Scott recalled a time when he was two years old and invited Mark Hamill to his birthday party. Unfortunately, Hamill was tied up with another event at the time. Handler set up this moment in order to surprise Adam Scott on his birthday. Mark Hamill apologized for not showing up back then and gave Scott a nice birthday greeting.

Fans were happy to see him on the show as he made a hilarious and grand entrance. This should give any fan hope that there's just a small chance that Mark Hamill could show up to a birthday of yours someday. Adam Scott seemed genuinely surprised at this wonderful birthday gift, resulting in some colorful language and a hilarious reaction from him.

Kudos to Bell for setting up this surprise! Adam Scott is proof that being a fan of Star Wars is a lifetime commitment.

4 When he trolled an innocent photobomber

Most people don't photobomb on purpose. But when they do, they don't end up in a celebrity-laden super-selfie. This poor photobomber must be a fan of Mark Hamill, because we honestly don't know anyone who doesn't love that guy. That must be the only reason why he must have been so close to the cast of The Last Jedi. In this photo. we can see that there's such a thing as being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Most of us aren't put on blast via social media when this happens.

Thankfully, we can deduce that, regardless of his expression, this guy must have had a blast hanging out with the cast of The Last Jedi.

This selfie lets us see how happy the cast of the film are when they're around each other. We cans see that underneath all of that onscreen angst, Kylo Ren and General Hux are cool guys! Regardless of the circumstances, no one can fault Mark Hamill for taking the opportunity to make a comedic jab at someone when the opportunity arises. Social media may cause a lot of negativity, but it can also let fans of Mark Hamill laugh at small things.

3 When he pointed out the obvious

Via Twitter

Whoever created this tweet was probably trying to troll people. Real Star Wars fans know that Episode IV is the first film in the beloved saga! Mark Hamill has the sense of humor and knowledge to tell posers from real fans. What we've learned from this here interaction is that if the force isn't with you, Hamill has no problem with calling you out!

As we've come to figure out at this point in the list, Mark Hamill has perfected the art of having hilarious interactions with fans. What's more, he can turn them into a tsunami of hilarity with fans who do understand him. Eventually, these small encounters turn into small internet gifts that we can laugh at on a bad day.

Anyone who follows Hamill on Twitter is bound to receive a bounty of comments like these on a daily basis. The moral of the story here is to never ever think that you can outwit Luke Skywalker just to get a few retweets.

The poor person who created this meme wasn't credited. At the very least, Hamill created a hashtag in their honor: #MayTheDuhBeWithYou. Ouch! If you're going to troll someone, make sure that the Force isn't with them first, young padawan.

2 When he trolled this poor puppy

Via Twitter

Dog owners can tell you what their pets' favorite snacks, songs, and even TV shows are. This dog is totally a fan of Mark Hamill, and the story behind this pawsitively adorable (sorry, we couldn't resist). Millie has the patience for Mark Hamill's good-natured pranks. Otherwise, there's no way that she'd be smiling at him in this photo. It turns out that this is actually his puppy. We're sure that she's used to this type of behavior from her owner judging from her adorable reaction. This is just further proof that the force is strong with Hamill, and we can imagine that this puppy isn't his only canine fan.

Any dog owner will explain how attached their dogs are to their toys.

It's obvious that Millie completely understands that Mark is just playing around and has no intention of actually keeping her toy. That Hamill can do this just shows that he's great at keeping his dogs happy. Otherwise, there's no reason why any puppy would allow this to happen. There's also another thing to keep in mind. Mark Hamill actively retweets cute animal videos from sites like The Dodo and We Love Dogs USA. We can tell that this means he cares very much about animals and their well-being.

1 When this photoshoot happened

This picture is the result of Mark's interview with a website run by teenaged writers and journalists who covered the Star Wars Celebration last year in Orlando, FL. Hamill was gracious enough to treat the teens who were running the site as professionals and answered their questions in an interview.

Journalists, of course, have to stick to their integrity and professionalism regardless of their age. But, let's be honest here, can anyone of any age resist the chance to audition for a small bit in Star Wars?

It seems that this young journalist stumbled upon an opportunity of a lifetime and could have scored a role in the film franchise. Unfortunately, that didn't pan out and she quickly discovered that she's better suited to be a journalist.

Not to be beaten by these obstacles, she requested a portrait with Mark Hamill so that she could feel better about her failed audition. And that's how we got one of the purest moments that a Star Wars fan could ever ask for. Knowing that we may not get a role in the franchise is a bummer, but at least we know that there's always a silver lining. We're just wondering why more journalists don't try to get a picture like this after an interview with Hamill!

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