20 Tattoos These Women Will Probably One Day Regret

Lots of people have tattoos, from teens to those considered “over the hill.” The designs folks get run from the silly to the sophisticated, and sizes go from tiny to tremendous. Both men and women alike enjoy inking up their skin, be it as a matter of expression or artistic flair. Then again, one night without much thinking can lead to an unexpected tattoo…and a hangover to go with it.

Naturally, there are those who wind up regretting getting tattoos, somehow conveniently not realizing that the ink would be permanent while they were sitting in the chair. Sure, there are laser treatments available to remove them, but the process is costly and painful, so most people don’t even entertain the idea and wind up learning to love – or at least to live with – their tattoos.

Some women, especially moms, may be part of this group who may have been better off leaving their bodies the way they were when they were born. The tats may have been cool for a while, but the novelty has worn off. Too bad tattoos can’t do the same.

20 Does Her Armpit Smell Even Worse With An Onion In It?

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Heaven knows why anyone would want a tattoo of an onion, let alone get it inked in their armpit. The tattoo itself isn’t particularly well-done, and who shows off their underarm regularly anyway? She’s all smiles, so this gal must be glad she got the tattoo. Others would rather she put her arm down and leave the onions in the kitchen where they belong.

19 She’ll Have To ‘Face’ This As A Senior Citizen

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Face tattoos take a world of commitment. This woman’s face will never be “normal,” and her baby will one day wonder why mom made this choice to begin with. Her partner is heavily inked too, so perhaps he doesn’t mind that his gal is going through life in her own way.

18 This Doesn’t Make Her A Star

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Stars are beautiful…in the sky, that is. Sure, lots of people opt for star designs when they pick a tattoo, but they don’t generally get them inked on half their face. This woman may have a different outlook on life, but her starry face will one day sag. Maybe this wasn’t such a bright idea after all.

17 Spellcheck Is Essential

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Getting a quote tattooed on one's body is a popular trend, but the key is to be sure someone at the salon can spell. Now this gal will forever walk around with a misspelled word on her limb, asking for ridicule and hearing snickers. She could wear long sleeves, but the summer months will be a challenge.

16 Holy Brows!

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Bold brows are in, but there are ways to get them without a permanent (and painful) solution. This woman will now have a hard time looking in the mirror as she sees her terribly tattooed brows apparently inked by someone who had no clue what they were doing. She could grow long bangs to hide the blunder, but one gust of wind and her unibrow will be uncovered.

15 There’s Always Wigs

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This lady is surely not your “cookie-cutter” type, made evident by her choice to get her forehead and skull inked. She seems to be happy with her unusual decision, but these tats may not always be as “cool” as she thinks they are now. Her hair could cover them if she grows it out, but the idea that ink is seeping into her head is something she’ll always have on her mind.

14 Free Advertising

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The Golden Palace must be this woman’s favorite place. Otherwise, they payed her big bucks to get her forehead tattooed with their web address. There are other ways to make money that aren’t quite as long-term, but maybe this gal thought the 15 minutes of fame would be worth the life-long commitment. If that’s her kid, she’s teaching him a lesson he hopefully soon forgets.

13 When You Want Mom To Drop You Off A Block Away From School

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This woman is smiling, but that could be because she momentarily forgot that she has a bad-looking tattoo on her forehead. Her other tats aren’t amazing either, but at least they aren’t smack in the center of her head. Perhaps there’s a reason she chose to do this to herself, but whatever it was, it wasn’t worth it.

12 Turn The Other Cheek

Via: dazed.com

This tattoo is a big mistake on many levels. The first problem is how poorly it’s done. Secondly, when someone chooses to get their cheek inked, they should have to go through a process (perhaps psychological) before anyone can take their money and get started. This is a major commitment and a bad one at that. Whoever that fella is on her face must be important to this woman, but can’t she praise him in a way that doesn’t involve permanent ink?

11 Is She Referring To Blood Or Tattoo Ink?

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This woman’s “Thicker Than Water” tattoo is probably a shout out to her family bond, but the gal may regret getting the image on her neck one day. What if she has a falling out with her family? Perhaps she’ll want to wear an updo to a special event and not want the tat to show. There are many reasons someone may regret their tattoo, and this woman may one day have to face them. PS: the spider tattoo by her hairline doesn’t help.

10 Is It Halloween Already?

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It’s fun to dress up for Halloween, but by the end of the night, the masks come off. Not for this lady. She wants to haunt those around her 365 days a year…for the rest of her life. Her tattoo choice is questionable, making us wonder what thoughts (if any) went through her mind when selecting such a design.

9 Fan For Life

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There are tons of Drake fans across the world. They buy his records, download his music, go to his concerts, and so on. For this woman, the usual just wasn’t enough. She decided that her devotion to Drake was worth a forehead tattoo. She may never meet the celebrity, but she can safely say she’s his #1 fan. Let’s hope she actually likes his next album.

8 That’ll Come Back To Bite Her

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A scorpion tattoo isn’t for the faint of heart, so this woman must have had something specific in mind when she chose to get one inked on her skin. The creature is scary to most, but perhaps this woman embraces the scorpion as part of her personality. Getting a cuddly cat tat would have been far cuter.

7 Toughest Mom On The Block

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This woman is evidently proud of her many tattoos, especially the one on the side of her head. She even has a nose ring and some studs in her chest to round out the “rough” look. If she’s a mom, her kids must be used to her tats by now, but when they bring home new friends, they must freak out.

6 Lifelong Lip Liner

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Some women want to save some time getting ready each day, so they head to the tattoo parlor for some permanent makeup. One option is getting long-term lipliner. When the process is done right, the results can be remarkable. In this gal’s case, she wound up with a look that is far from fabulous. Let’s hope she didn’t also go for the everlasting eyeliner.

5 Lip Service

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Lip tattoos don’t always show, but for those who choose to get them, they’ll flip their lip whenever the mood strikes them. The concept is strange to some, and the pain must be excruciating. This idea seems like a way younger folks can get away with getting inked without their parents finding out. As for older folks who get them – they must think the trend is too good to skip out on.

4 Perhaps The Parlor Was Running A Sale

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The tattoo parlor must have run out of ink after this lady left the shop. She’s covered from head to toe, and there’s little space left for any new art. What will this woman do once there’s no more skin to sketch on? She’ll have to find a new hobby because her “canvas” is already overcrowded.

3 Creative Or Cuckoo?

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This woman seems attractive, but it’s hard to focus on her natural beauty when there’s so much ink to distract. Her tattoos are everywhere, and she seems like the type who’s not quite satisfied with what’s done so far. Expect this gal to get back to the tattoo parlor for more penning. There’s still plenty of room on her face for an eye-catching design.

2 This Look Won't Last

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It’s nice to be a fan of colors, but this woman is taking the rainbow concept to a whole new level. She not only is full of facial tattoos, but her teeth and hair are in on the action. This gal may love her look now, but in a few years, she’ll wonder if she was out of her mind at the time she stepped into the tattoo joint. She can always dye her hair differently and remove her “grill,” but those tats are now part of her identity.

1 A Face Only A Mother Could Love

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If this woman was going for a scary look, she certainly succeeded. Her face is frightening, and it seems like she’s posing for a mug shot too. There’s nothing good that could come out of changing your face to look so spooky, made evident by the situation she seemingly got herself into.

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