20 Text Messages He Sends That Show The Relationship Is Going To End

Ariana Grande didn't have to chant "Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored" to push these guys into doing the deed.

A breakup is never easy, and IRL men do not break up with women The Bachelor style by not giving them a rose. No, men have to deliberately tell a girl that it is over. The problem nowadays though, because of our phone usage, is that many men find it tempting to break up with women over the phone. And some, quite frankly, cut off all communication with someone without explanation and without a word; that is something rude known as "ghosting."

Yes, we are used to using our phones to communicate, but since we're all adults here, breakups through text are unacceptable. If a man was cowardly enough to awaken a woman's love with no intention of loving her, he'll also be a coward when it comes to breaking up via text.

At the end of the day, no one deserves a breakup via text. The thing to remember is that guys do give hints when they are about to end a relationship. The problem? Not every person can take a hint. We want men to do the mature thing and let go of women in person. Most importantly though, we want all ladies to know that there are warnings before a relationship is about to end, and most of them come through text. If he's sending the following texts, he isn't innocent and will probably break her heart.

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20 'We Need To Talk'

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Men often don't explain their reason(s) for ending a relationship because it feels impossible to know exactly what to say. When a man is about to break up, most of his text messages are cryptic.

Plain and simple, this text is the ultimate curt one as it immediately makes any woman panic. "What did I do?" and "What does he have to talk about?" are the thoughts that immediately cause anxiety.

Well, a woman's initial thoughts about this text are correct 99% of the time, because when a man sends this text, a breakup is exactly what he's hinting at. He knows the words are sharp and that they will get to you; he is trying to mentally prepare you for what is to come next.

19 'Hey, Can We Talk In Person?'

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This is another text that will inspire nothing but anxiety. Contrary to the above entry, when a man sends this text, it's because he wants to end the relationship ASAP. However, he wants to do it respectfully and not over text.

If a man is still in love with his girl, he won't dryly ask her, "Hey, can we talk in person?" Do not be naive!

Thankfully, this man knows that a face-to-face conversation is the only way to end a romantic liaison, and he's also giving a fair warning. We know it won't make the heartbreak easier, but remember that when he sends this text, it isn't because he wants to go for coffee. This text means that his exit plan is already sorted out and planned.

18 'I Have A Lot Going On Right Now'

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Does he really have a lot going on right now? Obviously not. Nothing has changed in his life, yet he sends you this text to make it seem like his life is upside down, when truly it isn't. It will only be upside down when he lets you go.

Many men opt for this text because they want to use it to buy them some time. If you nag them for being unavailable, they will tell you, "Well, I told you I have a lot going on." He will also make it seem like he is an emotional mess at the moment, and cannot be available because he has "so much going on." This is just one way to brush you off until the real breakup comes.

17 'I'm Going To Sleep'

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You did not hear from him for an entire day, and when he finally replies he tells you "I'm going to sleep." In other words, this man could not be bothered by you or the relationship and is putting you on "do not disturb." That moon icon next to your name on his phone is a bad sign, because it means he wants nothing to do with you anymore.

However, the coward he is, he'd rather shut you out and tell you he is going to bed than talk about the relationship. You know that this text doesn't even merit a reply and you may as well end the relationship.

16 The 'OK' Text

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The one-word reply - "ok" - is acceptable when he is responding to a generic question or something you've told him. However, the simple and curt "ok" that he sends your way on many occasions is a warning sign. Why? When he starts to make "ok" his staple, this smart man is pulling away. He knows that the "ok" will anger you whenever he uses it, and that's his goal.

He wants you to recognize that he no longer has interest in chatting with you, which in turns means he no longer wants to be committed to you. This bare minimum response you keep getting to your texts is him prepping you for what is to come. And when he ends it, hit him right back with the "k."

15 'I'll Call You Tomorrow After Lunch' When She Was Supposed To Be With Him

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He just keeps on putting off everything with you, even phone conversations. If all is well with your man and suddenly he keeps pushing back everything, like talking on the phone, he's purposely distancing himself from you.

You were supposed to go have a cute lunch date together, and instead he cancels it by blatantly telling you he'll call you at the supposed meeting time. Weird, right? He no longer wants you around and you're not a temporary thing, so do not let him treat you as if you are.

If he says he'll call you tomorrow, and you guys have not spoken, pick up the phone and put your foot down! It may not change anything because you cannot force him to love you, but you can take charge.

14 About The Next Date, 'I Don't Know, I'm Busy'

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Oh, now he is too busy for you? How about you tell him you're busy forever by telling him "bye!"

Ladies, we know it's hard to believe your man will leave you, but texts like this are right in your face and you cannot ignore them. You know that if he loved you still, he wouldn't consistently text you that "he's busy." The "I'm busy" text is the lamest excuse, but many men will text that right before a breakup, hoping she will catch on. Since he's not optimistic about spending time with you, he will no longer make the time for you.

At least he is being semi-honest about his feelings. Just know that this text is complete BS; he does know that there will not be a next date and he isn't so busy.

13 'I Won't Be Able To Text For A While...'

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Did he abruptly send you this text? If so, your relationship is slowly going to come to an end.

If a man texts you, "I won't be able to text you for a bit," he is trying to distance himself and take some space. Sometimes, men who are about to break up with their partners need time away before doing so to relax, reflect and breathe. By eliminating contact, they feel much more at ease to proceed with the breakup because they already distanced themselves.

We know that this text may be sudden, and that's usually the case, but it's because he selfishly doesn't want to contact you to make the deed easier.

12 'I'm Not Sure' Is His Response To Everything

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What does this guy know? He knows that he is about to break your heart. And no matter what you reply to him at this point, he will still end up causing you pain. He also knows that you do not appreciate vague responses, but he no longer cares because he wants out.

Even when you ask him to Netflix and chill, he replies with a "Not sure, I'll let you know" - woah, something is definitely up! It is totally uncool on his part because he doesn't even have the decency to tell you the truth. And this text is totally on purpose and meant to get underneath your skin.

11 'Well, That's None Of Your Business'

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Last we checked, if he's with you, it is your business. Besides for this text being blunt and rude, it's a sign that he no longer wants you around. If he did, he wouldn't mind you knowing his business, or telling you where he is on boys' night. However, he thinks he can get away with being that disrespectful because he is about to call it off with you.

By sending this kind of text, he is clearly signalling a breakup and he wants it to be known. He can't say the words, so he tries to mask them with unforgivable text messages. And since he claims nothing is your business anymore, then do him a favour and get rid of your business with him.

10 'But I Already Made Plans'

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He already made plans and you weren't aware of it. As a matter of fact, he's been too busy to hang out with you and he's told you so, but he texted you that and now you're conflicted. What he's trying to tell you is, "I already made plans without you because I don't want to be with you." Whether you take a hint or not, why would you want to be with a man who excludes you?

He is going to text you this maybe once or twice before breaking up because he doesn't want you there, literally. First comes the "I already made plans" text, then comes the "I don't want you in my life anymore" text. You should feel somewhat grateful this man is giving you a heads-up.

9 'She's Just A Friend'

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"She's just a friend" - we all know that she isn't just a friend, just because he said so. If you feel off about your relationship lately and feel things have been fishy, and you catch him talking to another chick, something is up. Actually, a breakup is coming up.

Because he doesn't have the "cahones" to break up with you immediately, he is swinging back and forth between you and another chick he just met. Unless this girl he's talking to is an old friend, she isn't "just a friend." This guy is worried and nervous that you'll find out what's going on, so he tries to assure you all is A-okay with a text like this one, but he's completely lost interest in you.

8 'I Am Going To Have Drinks With A Friend'

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He just sent you the "I'm going to have drinks with a friend" text. You should immediately question him about who the "friend" is, since he clearly wants the "friend" to remain nameless.

He sends this to you before a breakup because he doesn't care about letting you know about his plans anymore, and probably because he wants to agitate you so the breakup is easier when he does it. If he keeps a mysterious facade before the breakup, you'll be frustrated and it'll be easier for him to break the news to you - heartless, right? This is a classic text that lights a fire and raises suspicion, and that's exactly what he wants.

7 'I'm Sorry For Everything'

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He may have been a great guy throughout the relationship, but he knows right now that his attitude and behaviour stinks. Why? Because before a breakup, a man tends to treat his lady like gum on the bottom of a shoe; no man is Mr. Nice Guy before breaking up. He is aware that he's been intolerable lately, so before dropping you he's going to apologize to you and text you something like, "I'm sorry for everything."

Ladies, do not think he's sending this text because he's been with another woman; do not go ahead and imagine the worst-case scenario. He just wants to apologize for the pain that you're feeling now, and the heartbreak that is about to come.

6 'I Have To Cancel Tonight' At The Last Minute

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Why is he cancelling on you at the last minute? You're his GF, doesn't he have more respect for you? He did, once upon a time, but now he's getting ready to leave you, so things have changed.

Ladies, be honest with yourselves. If your man still loved you, he would not make a habit of cancelling your dinner dates at the last minute. He sends this text to you when a breakup is near because he cannot face you; he knows he is going to dump you, and it is hard for him to see you. Oh, poor baby, we have no pity!

By sending this text, he is kind of trying to put the breakup on ice. He maybe even thought of breaking up with you that night but chickened out.

5 'It's Been Fun Hanging Out Lately'

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You wake up one morning to the following: "To be honest, it's been fun hanging out lately." Stop him right there, he doesn't even need to say more. The "to be honest" itself is a way to deliver unwelcome news; a way to make the breakup somewhat smoother.

This is him trying to be gentle before the breakup, basically.

Plus, if he tells you "It's been fun hanging out lately," he's talking to you as if you're a friend, because he no longer sees anything serious with you. This is the kind of text we usually send to a friend or a person we've gone on a few dates with. At least he isn't planning on ghosting you.

4 'You're A Great Person'

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We've all heard this one before: "You're a great person!" Oh yes, I am such a great person that you'd rather dump me than have me in your life! What a smarty-pants that man is. This excuse and text is almost as lame as the "but it's not you, it's me" claim.

We don't buy either of them, but we know that men use this phrase quite often right before a breakup. And although they may think it's kind to tell a woman such a thing ahead of time, it isn't. This will leave a woman questioning all sorts of things, asking herself, "If I’m so great, why isn’t he into me?" This text gives false hope, so please remember that if he texts you this, he's totally over you.

3 'I've Really Enjoyed Getting To Know You'

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"I've really enjoyed getting to know you" is what he sends you, but what he really means is, "I enjoyed your company, but no longer want it." He also wants you to know that he no longer feels a connection between you two, which is why he's going to leave you.

He is trying to kindly word the breakup by sending a text like this before he does it face-to-face. This kind of text is clear and in the long run will make you both feel better, because it's never easy to end a relationship. He is trying to end things on a good note, so he sends you this text beforehand to let you know that he is not blaming you for the breakup or picking on you.

2 'I Feel We Aren't Compatible'

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If he straight-up tells you that he feels you two are not compatible, do not kid yourself, he is not going to stick around.

He sends this text before a breakup to warn you that you will not change his mind. While it will not make the breakup easier, at least he is not beating around the bush. Keep an eye out for this kind of text; we know it is painful to read, and rejection is tough, but you cannot force someone to be with you.

If he feels that way about you, he is making it clear. But please, whatever you do, do not make him stick around after he sends this text because he isn't worth it.

1 Or, He Doesn't Text At All

There is no reason to not message bae - unless he is about to leave. Most men tend to give their partners a fair warning before a breakup - MOST - but others tend to avoid difficult situations by not texting at all.

If he didn't break or lose his phone, you know something is up, and you know deep down in your heart that this guy is about to leave you. It is unfortunate that he's going about the breakup in such a way, but just know that you're worth more than a man who ghosts you before a breakup.

This kind of behaviour is unacceptable, and you'll feel abandoned, but if you don't hear from him for two days, let him do you a favour by leaving you.

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