19 Things About Area 51 No One Knows About...Until Now

What is Area 51? Well, it’s a top-secret government facility where the United States commissions scientists to poke at aliens. Okay, not exactly, but that description may potentially be not too far off either.

Area 51 is a facility located in Nevada which has been at the center of endless conspiracy theories over the past 70 years. The truth about this site is no one really knows exactly what it is or what it’s used for. While in this article, we won’t be able to reveal this classified information, we will reveal some shocking facts that readers have not heard before!

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19 No One Knows Where The Name Comes From


Britannica states that the United States government has never revealed the origin of the name Area 51. Nor has the government provided citizens with an insight into the type of research conducted in this area.

We surely can’t be the only ones who think this is very suspicious!

18 1.5 Million People Plan To Raid The Area


Curiosity about Area 51 has reached an all-time high lately. Curious citizens on Facebook have created an event called “Storm Area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us" on September 20th, 2019.

Shockingly, this event attracted over 1.5 million people who claim to intend to attend! I guess we’ll see who will actually turn up…

17 You Can See The Facility On Google Maps


Most people think that all images of Area 51 are censored on Google, as this was the case prior to 2018. Recently, Google made the facility uncensored on Google Maps, meaning that any curious person can go and explore the sight!

Even funnier? Rather than dragging a little person across satellite view, Google gives users a spaceship!

16 The US Government Denied The Existence of Area 51


In 2013, Britannica states that the CIA made available documentation that kept records of highly secret programs at the facility. This was the first time in history that the United States Government admitted that Area 51 existed.

This event occurred because an intelligence historian requested them as a result of the Freedom of Information Act.

15 Bob Lazar Confirmed Our Biggest Fears

McMenamin's UFO Festival

Netflix released a documentary about Bob Lazar in which he confirmed every imaginable conspiracy theory about the site. He claimed that he saw aliens and witnessed experiments and autopsies being conducted on these extraterrestrials.

These claims started an insane amount of theories about the site!

14 It Was Previously Called Paradise Ranch


The name Area 51 definitely has a spooky feel to it and insinuates that there are 50 additional spooky sites just like it.

Turns out, in an attempt to counteract this, the government decided to name the area an intentionally friendly name to attract scientists and appease curious citizens, hence the name, Paradise Ranch.

13 BBC Reporters Invaded The Site


There are so many people dying to know if the conspiracy theories are true and certain reporters took their desire to know to a whole new level.

Guff stated that in 2012, some BBC reporters attempted to invade the facility and were stopped at gunpoint! Lesson learned!

12 It's Unhealthy To Work There… Literally


There are so many conspiracy theories about aliens that most people don’t inquire about anything else about the site. This allows the government to keep a lot covered up about Area 51.

Guff states that they did not properly dispose of hazardous materials, resulting in an increase in cancer rates and illnesses in the area.

11 There is No Real Proof of Aliens

Washington Post

We’ve all heard or seen some kind of photographic or video proof of aliens at Area 51.

Be it Boyd Bushman and his faux images of aliens or Bob Lazar’s detailed accounts, however, every story that’s ever left Area 51 this far has been debunked. It’s definitely not too late, however.

10 It’s Totally Protected By Government


It seems that aside top-notch security, the United States government has done everything in their power to physically and legally protect this site.

In fact, Bright Freak explains that Bill Clinton gave Area 51 a certain legal shield which prohibits the public from being able to sue the site or request information.

9 There Are No Fences Around The Site


It’s quite bizarre that one of the most top-secret and highly supervised government sites has not one single fence surrounding the territory, however, it’s true!

Bright Freak states that this is some strange PR stunt, to convince the public that the lack of fences equates a lack of aliens. I’m not all that convinced…

8 All Trespassers Are Arrested

AZ Central

National Geographic explains that all guards are actually authorized to shoot anyone who trespasses onto the Area 51 territory!

While most of the time, trespassers are arrested, much worse can happen to anyone who enters their ground. It definitely doesn’t sound like they have nothing to hide, am I right?

7 Rumors State That Those Who Know Too Much Disappear


Arcadia Publishing states that there are countless amounts of rumors that claim that individuals who have gotten too close to discovering what really goes on in this mysterious facility disappear, never to be seen again.

Some may claim this is a coincidence, but I think not!

6 Rumors About The Area Began In The 50s

Inter Exchange

In 1954, Eisenhower commissioned engineers at Area 51 to building a new spy plane, U-2. They decided to test this new aircraft in the Area 51 territory.

This was a terrible choice as it began a cycle of never-ending conspiracy theories about what this plane was.

5 Employees Fly Into Work On Classified Planes


Most people commute to work by bicycle, car or bus, however, Area 51 employees get to work on an unmarked aircraft. Kind of suspicious, ain’t it?

These aircraft are commonly called Janet planes and can be spotted at airports in Nevada, as they are marked with a bold red stripe.

4 It Keeps Getting Bigger


When it was originally defined, Area 51 had one runway and a couple of trailers where employees lived. Today, it has become a quite bigger beast.

It features multiple runways and a way larger infrastructure where endless amounts of employees live and testing grounds for what we could only assume is for bizarre experiments.

3 Conspiracy Theorists Think The Moon Landing Was Filmed Here

The New York Times

It seems that it would almost be too good to be true that the second biggest mystery in American history would’ve happened here as well, however many conspiracy theorists are adamant that this hidden, highly secretive facility is where the moon landing was staged!

2 Contractors Were Paid Only In Cash

Yahoo News

Usually, when people or businesses want to cover up things that they did or bought, they pay in cash.

This is why it’s super suspicious that, as Little Things states, the government and the CIA paid contractors only in cash and gave them no information about the name or use of the site.

1 We’ll Never Know The Truth

National Geographic

To this day, the United States government or secret services has never really addressed what happens in this top-secret research base.

While they have revealed that they are experimenting with new aircraft and weapons, with all the mystery and security surrounding this site, it's inevitable that there’s more they’re not telling us.

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