20 Things About Diesel Brothers People Keep Ignoring

The Diesel Brothers are like the Mormon version of Orange County Choppers - but instead of building useless showpiece theme-bikes and constantly fighting and arguing, Heavy D and Diesel Dave build massive diesel trucks while high-fiving and pranking each other.

However, it hasn't all been smooth sailing since the show started airing on the Discovery Channel. Sure, the Diesel Brothers gained a lot of popularity with diesel fans from all over the world, but they've also found themselves in controversies ranging from pollution issues to rumors of stolen truck parts. None of that really matters to their real fans though, they tend to ignore and look past all the irrelevant fluff and drama that may or may not be true, and instead watch the show for its entertainment value.

20 It's Informative But Fun

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Rather than presenting scientific facts in a slow ponderous PBS type documentary style, Diesel Brothers sneaks in the science lessons on the history of diesel engines and what not to do when working on your truck in between the jokes and funny pranks. They include enough diesel engine history, graphics, and diagrams to make it a teachable moment without subjecting the viewers to minutiae overload.

19 Heavy D Fakes Seizures To Get Out Of Speeding Tickets

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When Heavy D Instagrammed a tribute to his father, he thanked him for teaching him how to fake seizures in order to get out of speeding tickets. We have so many questions... did he learn this from watching his dad doing it, or did his father coach him? How many times did they try this? And what kind of cop would just let them go rather than calling an ambulance?

18 Redbeard Is In Charge

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Seeing as Heavy D and Diesel Dave are kind of the main characters, it would be easy to believe they run everything that's business-related. However, the guy in charge of the money is, in fact, Josh Stuart, more commonly known as Redbeard. Before Josh met Heavy D and Dave, he was already an experienced businessman.

17 They Work A Lot Harder Than It Seems

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The brothers do tend to play around quite a lot on the show - mainly to make it watchable and entertaining. However, this doesn’t mean it's all fun and games. In reality, they are running a serious full-time business on top of filming the show. According to Discovery Channel, their hands are usually full working on projects whether cameras are rolling or not.

16 They've Been Accused Of Obtaining Parts And Labor Illegally

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Some "fans" posted absurd comments on the Diesel Brothers website, accusing them of using illegal immigrants to do work for them and getting parts for their custom-built trucks illegally. The brothers denied the allegations and promised that they weren’t getting their parts illegally or abusing work. They do however buy a lot of parts from junkyards, and who knows where that stuff originated from?!

15 They're Not Really Brothers

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From the name of the show, some may assume that the guys are brothers, but they're not. Perhaps they believe this due to their massive facial hair? They are best buddies and business partners though—or bros if you will—and that's practically as good as family if you ask us.

14 Heavy D And Diesel Dave Both Did Mormon Missionary Work

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Both Heavy D and Diesel Dave are practicing Mormons, like a lot of their fellow Utah residents. Before they became awesomely bearded diesel jockeys, the pair were called by their faith to spread the church’s teachings as missionaries and ended up working in South America and Portugal for two-year stints.

13 The Diesel Brothers Were Sued By A Group Of Physicians

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Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment filed a civil enforcement action after seeing the Diesel Brothers’ smoke-billowing modified diesel rigs on TV. The doctors sought to stop the truck sales and obtain a $100,000 judgment to go toward clean air programs. The judge ruled the reality TV stars subject to civil penalties under the federal Clean Air Act, thus setting the stage for settlement talks with a trial scheduled for November.

12 Contrary To Their Patriotism, Their Patriot Tires Are Made In Taiwan

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The Diesel brothers pride themselves on being great Patriots, which is no doubt, a good thing. However, fans felt a bit betrayed when the brothers developed a line of tires called “Patriot Tires” that were actually manufactured in Taiwan by Federal Tyres. It should be noted that according to Heavy D, Federal Tyres has an impeccable manufacturing record.

11 They Once Recreated A Fire Because The Cameras Weren't Rolling

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Many fans are fooled into believing everything that happens on reality TV is “reality.” According to Heavy D, in the second episode of the series, parts of a Duramax truck caught on fire while the cameras weren’t rolling. Obliging the producers, the crew rigged parts of the truck to catch fire again to create more drama - the recreation soon grew beyond control, making the situation very real.

10 It's Not Free To Take Part In The Free Truck Giveaways

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For many fans, the biggest draw to the Diesel Brothers’ business is their truck giveaways. However, it turns out that these “giveaways” aren’t really “giveaways” in the eyes of the Federal Trade Commission. The reason for this is that you can’t enter to win a DieselSellerz truck giveaway without first purchasing something from their Diesel Power lifestyle brand.

9 It's Not Just One Company

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Their business has three separate entities: Diesel Power, Sparks Motors, and DieselSellerz. Diesel Power is a lifestyle brand displaying the image of the Diesel Brothers and sells anything from t-shirts to a beard growth stimulator and a tactical pen. According to Discovery Channel, Sparks Motors, named after Heavy D's real last name, started the Diesel brothers while DieselSellerz is for their truck sales and giveaways.

8 The Show Is Like A Giant Advertisement For Their Business

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The same way ads help create awareness of a product, the Diesel Brothers reality show helps promote their business and grow their brand. Whether you want to purchase the Redbeard Bay Rum Beard Care Kit, Patriot tires, or just a t-shirt you've seen on the show, all you need to do is pull out your credit card and visit their website.

7 They Wouldn't Be Able To Achieve What They Have Without Social Media

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While some people see social media as a platform to chit-chat and catch up with old friends, the Diesel Brothers decided to use it for something that would be useful to their business. They started advertising Diesel trucks for sale, but, according to Discovery Channel, they evolved into adding pranks and skits in their news feed - which worked wonders for promoting their business.

6 With Great Entertainment Comes Great Earnings

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Most people seem to think that being on TV makes you rich and famous, but this is only partially true - especially for reality stars. Reality hosts get paid for hosting episodes and might get endorsement deals to supplement their income. However, the Diesel Brothers own the business featured on the show - a much wiser move than simply being paid to promote someone else's company.

5 They're Proud To Be American

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The Diesel Brothers seem to incorporate the American flag wherever they can. They're not only very proud of the American heritage but also of their families. They praise the military and armed-services background of their family members. The guys always mention how much they admire and support the people who fight for their country.

4 Heavy D Has Commented On Immigration

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There was some controversy after Heavy D posted a video in Spanish looking for a new painter. A lot of fans were upset and posted xenophobic comments. Heavy D decided to post a follow-up where he expressed his disgust with people who become “mean behind the keyboard,” and called out commenters by name if they expressed xenophobic and racist views.

3 They Were On Jay Leno's Show

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Before they were famous and had their own show, Jay Leno decided to present a Diesel Brothers video in a session of his own show called “Prank You Very Much.” This wasn't just a mere coincidence, though. Leno himself is also famous for how much he loves cars and enjoys driving. It was this appearance on Jay Leno's show that attracted the attention of the Discovery Channel.

2 They Get Some Weird Comments

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Thousands of their fans have badgered Heavy D, Diesel Dave, the producers, and the Discovery Channel on social media to get a free truck. Some commenters are trolls, others demand their right to have a free diesel truck and don’t know how to enter the giveaway. Occasionally, someone provides genuinely heartbreaking tales of pain and need, going into detail about how having a big truck would make their lives easier.

1 Their Website Wasn't Ready For The Instant Fame

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The surge of starring in a new Discovery reality show apparently overwhelmed the Diesel Brothers’ website during the first two weeks after its premiere. This led to their page on Discovery’s website receiving constant comments about it being broken. Given that the Diesel Brothers initially made their name and fame through their website and social media presence, this was a massive oversight on their part.

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