20 Things About The Boys That Makes No Sense

The Boys is definitely one of Amazon Prime’s biggest breakout blockbusters of 2019, if not the biggest. It’s a show with a great premise: what if superheroes were real, but were just like regular people and lived in the real world? They aren’t caped crusaders or masked, with hidden identities, but rather the opposite—they live and breathe the real world and soak up the attention.

The show makes a great statement about the evils that superheroes are capable of, even when they’re supposedly the good guys. It’s based on a dark comic book by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, which has 72 issues in print.

With a lot of source material to work with, there are a few things in the first season of The Boys that make us scratch our head. Things that don’t quite make sense, or make us think, “Wait a minute, that wouldn’t happen.”

Here are 20 things about The Boys that make no sense.

20 Billy Not Knowing Becca’s Whereabouts

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There were quite a few big moments in the season finale of the first season of The Boys, but the biggest was undoubtedly that Becca is not only alive, she’s also raising Homelander’s child as her own. She didn’t die in childbirth like Madelyn led Billy to believe. But if Billy is ex-CIA and has friends in the agency and all over the place, how couldn’t he track down Becca after all that time? She seems to be living a normal life, too, in a regular neighborhood—not tucked away in a remote location.

19 Why Didn’t The Deep Stop His Attacker?

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We understand that The Boys tried to paint The Deep as a pitiful, pathetic character, but even so, he’s still a Supe. When he’s in Sandusky, Ohio, he embarks on a few sexual escapades, and at one point an eager young lady sticks her hands in his gills, incapacitating him while she has her way with him. He’s definitely strong enough to stop her, so why doesn’t he? Maybe all that self-loathing and guilt has gotten the better of him and he’s turned on by the pain.

18 Why Does Homelander Hate Regular People So Much?

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It makes sense that Homelander would hate scientists and laboratories and maybe even doctors: he was raised in a lab, basically like a rat. But why does he hate regular people so much that he’ll let an entire flight go down, killing everyone? Throughout the season he has it in for normal folk, but we never learn where his hatred truly stems from. And even then, he impregnated one (Billy’s wife Becca), and let her keep the child, so he can’t hate them THAT much. Madelyn is the only one he doesn’t seem to hate outright, but we know how that turned out…

17 What Happened To Madelyn’s Baby?

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Maybe we’ll learn this in season 2, but we have a feeling we won’t. When Homelander lasers Madelyn’s face off through her eyes in the shocking season finale—cementing him as the ultimate supervillain in the show—Billy blows up the house with Homelander and Madelyn’s baby in the same room. Homelander had been holding the baby in his arms, but put the crying whelp down, and we’re assuming he was incinerated along with all evidence of Madelyn’s body?

16 Hughie’s Dad Being So Lax About Everything

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Simon Pegg played Hughie’s dad to a T, but that doesn’t mean he’s a likable character. He’s weak and lax about everything, and it doesn’t make sense why. Shouldn’t he be angrier that Hughie’s girlfriend Robin was destroyed? Shouldn’t he have been freaking out when A-Train threatened to kill him and hunt him down? He goes along with Hughie as if everything’s perfectly normal, even when he’s separated from his son, and it doesn’t make any sense.

15 Who And What Is Black Noir?

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Throughout the first season, we learn a whole lot about all of The Seven with the exception of one character: Black Noir. We learn what makes everyone else tick, how they act, etc., but Black Noir is a complete mystery (which is probably the point). We don’t know where he’s from, who he is, or if he’s even human. What’s the point of the character? Is he a double agent, perhaps? In the comic, he was a major character with a big arc reveal, but so far, we don’t know anything.

14 A-Train OD’ing

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One climactic moment that doesn’t make sense was when A-Train was attacking Starlight and Hughie, and then suddenly had what appeared to be a heart attack from his Compound V over-usage. It gave Hughie a convenient amount of time to escape, and Starlight stays behind to help him. That’s the last we hear of them this season. If A-Train was taking Compound V regularly, though, while training, wouldn’t he have put more strain on his heart while racing, rather than making a few short moves to get to Hughie? Also, there’s tolerance to consider, and whether he lived or not at all.

13 How Becca Survived (Unless The Initial Birthing Was Fake)

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Becca seems to be the only person in the world so far who has birthed a Supe. How did she do it without dying, especially when the baby grew in her womb so fast and seemingly popped out of her like an alien? We were told the baby clawed its way through her stomach, though we have since learned that that story was probably completely false. Will the child grow up as morally bankrupt as his father, Homelander?

12 Why Don’t Supes Demand Better Contracts?

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We’ve all seen what kind of crazy stuff the Supes can do, especially Homelander and Starlight. They’re incredibly powerful and can destroy entire armies. That being the case, why do they let Vought run them like indentured servants? Why don’t they demand better contracts, or threaten to blow up the entire organization and world? We know they could do it. The Supes should be at the top of the corporate ladder, not the regular humans (that Homelander hates so much).

11 Where Are The Rogue Supes?

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We know that Homelander unleashed some Supes in the Middle East so that Vought could get the contract to send their Seven over there to unleash destruction—an ill-advised plan—but where are the other rogue Supes? It seems they’re all in line with Vought’s monopoly, which makes no sense. There are some 300 Supes in the United States, all accounted for, and very few rogue or maverick Supes that are causing a ruckus elsewhere. Wouldn’t other countries have heard of Compound V and gotten their hands on some to create their own superweapons?

10 How Is Compound V Such A Secret?

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That brings us to our next question: how is Compound V such a secret? It seems that every doctor and scientist responsible for creating the Supes knows what it is, as does every employee at Vought. How is the rest of the world clueless about the substance, especially in this technologically advanced, modern day and age? Drug epidemics are everywhere these days, and it seems more people in America would know about the main drug depicted in The Boys.

9 Why Do Regular People Like Vought?

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These days, everyone is all about taxing the rich and making them pay their fair share (in the real world). People hate corporations like Amazon and Walmart for getting by on billions in annual profits and paying $0 in taxes. Why would people like Vought so much, just because they employ the Supes? Young people can’t stand big media conglomerates, and they probably wouldn’t stand for Vough, either, or be behind them on everything they do.

8 Who Are Some Of The Other 200 Supes Vought Represents?

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Vought doesn’t really have a niche when it comes to representing their Supes. They have Homelander, who is like Captain America, and The Deep, who is like Aquaman/Namor. Black Noir is sort of like Black Panther, we guess? But who are the other 200 Supes that they claim to represent—the ones who aren’t part of The Seven? They can’t afford to have fringe superheroes out there roaming around, so who are the people on their roster, and why don’t we know them? Hopefully we learn more of their names in season 2.

7 Why Aren’t There More Employees At Vought (See: Floor 82)

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Vought’s base of operation is a gigantic building that dwarfs everything around it. But inside, it seems pretty empty. Other than the control room where the computer geeks and marketing team hang out, we typically see a couple of employees and the Supes roaming around, and that’s it. And there’s a “Floor 82,” where the head honchos stay. Where are the other employees at this massive, at-least-82-story building? Where are the interns? With their billions in shareholdings, they can definitely afford a bigger staff.

6 Why Aren’t There More Protests When Supes Do Something Wrong?

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The Supes seemingly mess up all the time, and Vought is there to sweep it all under the rug. And people just sort of… take it as they see it. That would never happen in real life. There would be internal investigations, third-party investigations, etc. People would be in the streets rioting if someone like Robin was run through by A-Train. The “Me Too” movement would have definitely been a factor when The Deep was outed for his  harassment against Starlight. And that’s just touching the surface.

5 The Seven Isn’t Very Diverse

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We hate to use the word “token,” but A-Train is the only African-American person in The Seven, and the rest are all white men and women (with the exception of Black Noir—we have no idea what he is). In this day and age, we think the superhero team would be more diverse, unless Vought only injected white babies with Compound V. It is bad business to have such a group that is so singular in its whiteness, and civil rights groups would probably be up in arms over their roster.

4 How Is Vought So Rich And Powerful With Only Seven High-Profile Clients?

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Vought seemingly has a monopoly on the superhero world, and they make billions of dollars and have merchandise on every wall, bus stop, etc. But having seven high profile clients isn’t enough to build an empire like they have. It just isn’t. Each character has their own personal brand, but they’re all related to the Vought umbrella brand. They manage hundreds of Supes, reportedly, but we don’t know who any of them are except for The Seven. No one else is notable or bringing in money, and there’s no way the individual seven members bring in that kind of coin.

3 Why Does Starlight Stick Around?

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Time and time again, Starlight is messed with or embarrassed. She’s forced to wear things she doesn’t want, she’s the target of crimes, she has to attend things she doesn’t want to. She’s given the opportunity to leave but doesn’t. Does she really want to be a member of The Seven THAT badly, to where she would put up with all the shenanigans? We think not. She’s too good of a person for that. She’s powerful enough to do her own thing, unless the threat of getting killed by the other Supes is real, but that brings up a whole other can of worms.

2 Vought’s Nonexistent Subsidiary Brands

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Any kind of empire or brand as big as Vought—a conglomerate that has complete control over the “superhero” sector—would have sister organizations and subsidiary brands. But Vought doesn’t seem to own any other businesses other than its own. They would be merging and acquiring all sorts of smaller companies in real life, to keep shareholders happy and to grow their business, but they seemingly don’t. We’re led to believe that Vought exists under one big Vought brand, but that doesn’t make sense.

1 Would Hughie Really Move On From Robin So Quickly?

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Sure, we’re only given eight episodes to work with in season 1, but Hughie goes from being utterly devastated and distraught at Robin’s death, to kissing Starlight and being head over heels for her in, like, a single episode. He sees ghosts of Robin and thinks she would want him to move on and be happy, but that doesn’t mean he actually would. For Robin being the girl he was going to marry, he sure moved on from her quickly, and that just seems unrealistic.

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