20 Things About The Jonas Brothers That Nick, Joe, And Kevin Kept Secret

The Jonas Brothers aren't as clean as Disney first made them out to be. Nick Jonas, Joe Jonas, and even Kevin Jonas have an assortment of secrets that make them far more interesting than we thought. In June 2019, their documentary, Chasing Happiness, debuted on Amazon Prime. In the documentary, we learned a ton of interesting tidbits about their complex dynamic as well as their relationship to fame. And, of course, other outlets have revealed facts about their love-life that are certain things they wouldn't want us knowing.

While Sophie Turner, Priyanka Chopra, and Danielle Jonas may not be surprised by the content of this list, even the most dedicated Jonas Brothers fan (as well as their critics) are sure to be blown away. Without further ado, here are 20 things about The Jonas Brothers that Nick, Joe, and Kevin kept secret.

20 Nick Caused The Whole Break-Up And Joe And Kevin Were Furious About It


Nick is responsible for the Jonas Brothers breaking up in 2013. Well, at least, that's what Kevin said in their documentary. Apparently, both he and Joe felt betrayed by Nick's desire to go off on his own. This move caused the three of them to fight bitterly with one another and actually stop talking altogether. Luckily, things eventually worked out they were able to come back together while maintaining a solo career.

19 Therapy Was A Must For Them


In their documentary, Nick spoke about how he regretted becoming famous at such a young age. The fame and fortune brought copious family issues to the surface, causing all three Jonas Brothers to seek professional help. After the breakup of the band, things worsened. All three of them weren't speaking to one another. Luckily, their therapists helped them move through their anger and come back to their shared love.

18 Disney Made Them "Pure"... That Wasn't Their Choice... Obviously

Just Jared

We all remember those stupid purity rings. Although many of us blamed the Jonas Brothers for actively choosing this unrealistic standard, it was really Disney who forced them. Joe told Vulture that they didn't want to disappoint their fans so they kept up with the squeaky-clean image that Disney had decided for them. Eventually, they stopped listening and did their own thing.

17 Ashley Greene Made Joe's Purity Ring Totally Obsolete

Life and Style

When you date a girl like Ashley Greene, purity rings are pretty much off-the-table. Joe admitted in a 2016 Reddit AMA that he broke his purity ring vow at the age of 20 when he was dating the Twilight star. Yes, you thirsty folks, this means that the gorgeous brunette was Joe's gateway into adulthood.

16 Nick's Relationship With Selena Was Anything But Steamy Despite Appearances

Daily Mail

Even though Nick and Selena Gomez seemed to have chemistry even back in the day, they were anything but steamy. During an interview with BBC Radio 1, Nick recalled his date with Gomez in Central Park. Apparently, they decided to stand 25 feet apart as not to be tempted by one another or be caught by the paparazzi. Yeah, this isn't exactly 50 Shades Of Grey stuff, is it?

15 Joe REALLY Didn't Like Dating Demi Lovato


Although they were destined for one another after playing romantic partners in Disney Channel's Camp Rock, Joe's time with Demi Lovato was shortlived. The media made it seem like he and Demi dated for a while, but in actuality, they were only together for a month. And, according to Joe's interview with Vulture, it was an awful month. He says he wasn't happy and didn't like the lifestyle she led. But he continued dating her because he wanted to protect his brand.

14 Joe's Taken Full Advantage Of Having Fan Girls Chasing Him Around

Daily Mail

We can't really blame Joe for taking full advantage of his fame before he met and married Sophie Turner. After he ditched that silly purity ring, Joe had no problem dating some willing fans. He admitted as much during his sensational interview with Vulture. But even before Ashley Greene made him a man, he went on dates with fan-girls who were lucky enough to get his attention. But he kept this a secret for the longest time.

13 The Band Break-Up Was Rough Despite What They Said

Just Jared Jr

In 2013, the public was initially presented with a story of an amicable break-up but, in reality, the Jonas Brothers really suffered when the group disbanded. Joe told Vulture that after Nick presented the idea of going solo, anger swiftly built amongst all three of them. He claimed that they started to "peel back the layers" and discovered that there were a lot of dysfunctional things going on between them.

12 They Didn't Hang Out With Each Other For Almost Six Years


After their break-up in 2013, the Jonas Brothers didn't officially sit down with one another until late into 2018 when they reconnected in Sydney, Australia. According to Bustle, the three of them played a truth-telling game that got them laughing and putting things out in the open. This was after a lot of therapy and personal growth.

11 There's A Fourth Jonas Brother... Seriously, WTF!?


People often forget that there's a fourth Jonas Brother who wasn't cool enough to join the band. Just kidding, the "Bonus Jonas" was merely too young. Frankie Jonas was born in 2000 and went on to become an actor. He's best known for appearing as a recurring character on his older brothers' short-lived Disney Channel Show, Jonas... surprise, surprise.

10 Joe Partied With Disney Stars Miley And Demi


Although it's no different today, ten years ago, Disney REALLY wanted their stars to maintain a clean image. While many of them tried, it became too difficult for the Jonas Brothers. During an interview with Vulture, Joe admitted to partying hard with Miley Cyrus and Demi Lovato on multiple occasions. This started when he was 16 or 17 but didn't really become anything significant until he was 21.

9 Nick's Diabetes Made Him REALLY Moody

Just Jared

Believe it or not, but Nick was actually the hardest Jonas Brother to work with. But, according to Bustle, this didn't have to do with a sense of entitlement. Instead, it had to do with his struggle with Diabetes, which he kept as a secret from their record label. This secrecy contributed to rumors that he was a diva because he'd often be quite moody.

8 Their Success Ruined A Portion Of Their Father's Life


After the Jonas Brothers started to become famous, their father, Kevin Sr., was forced to resign from his job as a pastor. This is because his children's music was seen as "too secular" for the church to be associated with. This led to a period of financial hardship made worse when Columbia dropped the Jonas Brothers from their label. However, the family has recovered quite spectacularly.

7 Miley Changed Nick's Perspective On Women Forever

Elite Daily

Disney Channel fans can all remember when Nick and Miley Cyrus had their thing. Although it was brief, there was beautiful energy about it. According to Vulture, Miley changed Nick's perspective on women for the rest of his life. After the band appeared on Hannah Montana, Nick sat with his older brothers and claimed that he finally understood the love that they were singing about.

6 There's HUGE Regret Over Their Disney Channel Show


Let's face it, most Disney Channel shows were actually terrible, but Jonas was the worst of the worst. According to Bustle, Nick, in particular, really regrets signing onto the second season of that show. He believes it impeded their evolution as artists. Kevin and Joe also agree that it added to their reputation of being naive and prudish. A reputation, thankfully, they've since abolished.

5 Kevin Was Hurt That Joe And Nick Performed Without Him


Kevin has always been everyone's least favorite Jonas Brothers. But when the other two are hunky AF, it's hard to compete. So, it's natural that Kevin would often feel left out. According to Bustle, Kevin was particularly unhappy when Nick and Joe performed some of the band's songs at the B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash in 2013 without him. Joe admitted that, at the time, he and Nick felt that Kevin was holding them back.

4 Nick And Joe Hated Kevin's Reality Show

Elite Daily

In 2012 and 2013, Kevin Jonas and his wife, Danielle Deleasa, appeared in an awful reality show called Married To Jonas. The show aired on E! and gave us a look inside their life. In their documentary, Chasing Happiness, Nick and Joe both admitted that they hated the reality show. They especially didn't like feeling as though they needed to appear on the show to make their brother happy.

3 Joe Wanted To Be A Punk Rocker

Just Jared

Although he was singing clean-cut Disney-approved songs, back in the day, Joe Jonas really wanted to be a punk-rocker. He admitted to Vulture that he often went to punk-rock shows in New Jersey and created demos in that style. Of course, he never went on to play punk-rock professionally. Even when Joe gained control over his music, he chose to stay in the pop music genre.

2 As A Child, Kevin Was Bullied Really Badly


Kevin was bullied really badly growing up. According to Elite Daily, he was a target for a lot of cruel kids in his elementary school. These kids would call him an assortment of hurtful and bigoted names, ultimately breaking him down each and every day. This contributed to him feeling like he couldn't fit in anywhere. This made being left out of certain Jonas Brothers gigs even harder for him.

1 They Didn't Like Their Band's Secret Original Name


Here's a secret for you, the Jonas Brothers were originally called J3... But this name didn't stick... Thankfully. Joe told Vulture that they didn't want to be stuck with the name for the rest of their lives. While it may have been cute when they were kids, The Jonas Brothers was a name that allowed them to evolve as artists and not be stuck in a certain mold. There's no doubt that the name change was an improvement.

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