20 Things Only Adults Notice In SpongeBob SquarePants

Between undersea life and a talking sponge with his crew of friends, what more could one want from a cartoon? SpongeBob SquarePants has clearly earned "cultural touchstone" status; the series has been running on the beloved children's network Nickelodeon for twenty years!

For anyone who has been living life under a rock, like SpongeBob's best friend Patrick Star, for the last two decades, the series tells a story of a sponge who lives in an actual pineapple below sea level as he navigates life as a fry cook at the local hotspot eatery the Krusty Krab, along with the diverse array of residents from the town of Bikini Bottom, there is no shortage of hilarious hijinks in a half-hour episode.

SpongeBob has become a staple for multiple generations of kids and adults. For those parents who have endured multiple SpongeBob marathons, there's always some hidden treasures intended just for them!

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20 Under Sea Living Seems Expensive

via SpongeBob Fandom

As kids, we SpongeBob fanatics may have laughed hysterically over the different types of housing in Bikini Bottom, but as we get closer to the time in our lives where we're owning homes of our own, we might find ourselves pondering a key question: how expensive is the cost of living in Bikini Bottom?

SpongeBob's pineapple is spacious; how much did he spend on it?

19 Gary Would Have A Hard Time Surviving Under Water

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Upon first glance at Gary, SpongeBob's beloved pet, we'll notice he's a snail with the communication style of a different animal; Gary "meows" like a feline!

His mannerisms further support he lives life as a cat, but if Gary was truly a cat, how could he live life as an undersea creature? Approaching Gary through a logical lens would most likely be an adult's mystery!

18 Mr. Krabs' Obsession With Money Was Definitely Intended

via The Daily Dot

Who among us hasn't had a boss with an obsession over money? From finding ways to keep the office financially stable to searching for ways to cut costs, a boss with money on his mind like Mr. Eugene Krabs is a pretty universally shared experience in the working world.

Mr. Krab's obsession with money has to be a coy nod to money-hungry bosses everywhere!

17 Squidward Clearly Experienced Some Inner-Turmoil

via MTV

Younger SpongeBob fans may have seen Squidward Tentacles simply as a lovable grump, but those of us with a bit more life experience under our belts may view Squidward in a completely different way; our beloved Squid is just a guy who is tired of life's consistent disappointments and just wishes he could catch a break!

One way to describe Squidward? Cynical, but that's a-okay!

16 Patrick Has Been Through Some Things

via Zedge

Patrick Star's ability to find himself involved in endlessly hilarious antics may have provided fans with an endless string of laughs, but as adults, we can't help but wonder about Patrick's emotional state. Is our starfish buddy doing okay?

Remember when Patrick's parents came to visit? Turns out, Janet and Marty weren't actually Patrick's parents despite a striking resemblance! Wouldn't he need some processing time?

15 SpongeBob Was Codependent

via USA Today

One of SpongeBob Squarepants' finest qualities is his loyalty and his never-faltering sweetness to everyone, no matter the situation! Kindness and patience are both fine personality attributes but at times, SpongeBob can get easily hurt by others when they have other priorities.

As we get older and meet more people, we tend to learn a bit about human relationships. In hindsight, SpongeBob was totally codependent!

14 Mrs. Puff Would've Been Barred From Teaching

via New Grounds

Mrs. Puff was absolutely an underrated hero in Bikini Bottom. The woman has stuck beside SpongeBob (of course, often extremely unwillingly and to the detriment of her physical and mental health), but she still never turned her back on her determined pupil!

Realistically, however, Mrs. Puff would've been banned from teaching after the extremely high volume of hazardous experiences while on the job with SpongeBob!

13 Sandy Was The Only Consistent Female Presence

via Wiki How

One key factor within SpongeBob SquarePants we may have missed as kiddos? SpongeBob's crew of friends and the citizens of Bikini Bottom are overwhelmingly male. Sure, there are important ladies in SpongeBob's life, but there is one woman loyal enough to stick by SpongeBob no matter what: Sandy Cheeks!

Sandy was extremely important because she showed SpongeBob and friends how to stand up for themselves!

12 Plankton Needed Consistent Companionship

via WordPress

Who could forget Plankton's incredibly unique relationship with his wife, Karen? If you need a refresher, Karen is a computer and her husband is sea plankton. Despite the unique pairing, Plankton may have benefitted from more than one loyal relationship.

It wouldn't take a newcomer to SpongeBob long to figure out why Plankton doesn't have very relationships, but maybe he would've been a bit nicer?

11 Bikini Bottom Needed A Land Food Supply

via YouTube

You don't have to be hungry to appreciate the beauty of a Krabby Patty, the Krusty Krab's signature hamburger!

It's a staple of Bikini Bottom and plays an important role within the community, but it's time to look beyond its secret formula and ask an important question. How is it possible for the Krabby Patty's ingredients to get underwater, and survive their shelf life?

10 The Identity Of Pearl's Mother Is A Mystery

via Jon Negroni

Mr. Krabs' daughter Pearl was many things; she was perky, always proud of her friend SpongeBob, and she loved her father madly. It's important to note her father was the one and only Mr. Krabs, and he was a crab to Pearl's whale!

As SpongeBob fans grow older, it may be common for us to look into and ponder Pearl's identity. Who was her mother?

9 The 'Goofy Goober' Song Wasn't About Ice Cream

via YouTube

An iconic moment in SpongeBob's big-screen feature film debut featured SpongeBob and Patrick hanging out at the ice cream parlor and becoming increasingly goofy after each consecutive banana split.

We may have attributed their goofiness to a sugar rush when we were younger, but now we may understand the underlying more adult reference to SpongeBob and Patrick's night of endless, "goofy goober" fun!

8 A Whole Stadium Couldn't Fit Underwater

via YouTube

Remember the iconic episode of SpongeBob SquarePants where Squidward wanted to prove to a childhood nemesis he was worthy as an adult by claiming to be a director of a famous marching band?

The episode Band Geeks provided us with the classic "Sweet Victory" song and some signature jokes in the show's history, but what about the logistics of the situation? How could they happen?

7 Squidward Settled By Working At The Krusty Krab

via Twitter

We know Squidward is a glass-half-empty kind of guy, but what about the reasons which contribute to his worldview?

In sequences throughout the show, we see Squidward pursue different types of careers. In these fantasies, he's much happier than he could ever be in real life. Could his eternally bleak mood have something to do with his career choice, leading us to ponder "what if?"

6 SpongeBob's Injury Count

via Encyclopedia SpongeBob

Through two decades worth of SpongeBob's shenanigans, it's nearly impossible to figure out the exact number of dangerous injuries SpongeBob has experienced and how he came to obtain them.

As we start thinking of the logic behind SpongeBob's injury record, we can't help but wonder how he has been able to recover and survive from them time and time again oftentimes without a scratch!

5 SpongeBob Would've Been Banned From Taking The Driving Test

via Nickelodeon

One of the beloved gags in SpongeBob history is our favorite sponge's determination to never give up on (rightfully) obtaining his driver's license! Sure, he's put his instructor Mrs. Puff in harm's way multiple times, but we've got to hand it to SpongeBob for never giving up!

Logic gets in the way, though. How could he get away with taking the test so many times?

4 There Were Plenty Of Racy References

via Vulture

You've got to hand it to the creators of SpongeBob! Not only have they crafted a television show that's managed to delight kiddos for twenty years, but they also gave an equal reason for the adults to tune in and enjoy the show without totally cringing!

One contributing reason? The legions of adult-oriented jokes hidden within the pages of an episode's script. Kiddos, look away!

3 The Different Types Of Real Estate

via Encyclopedia SpongeBob

Not only did Bikini Bottom bless fans with SpongeBob's pineapple house, but we were also provided with Patrick's memorable abode he called home in form of a rock! How ideal for a single starfish!

Was there a specific reason for the different types of residencies in Bikini Bottom? Who knows for sure, but the array of various houses have inspired our adult selves to wonder!

2 'SpongeBob' Was Pretty Progressive For Children's Programming

via Entertainment Weekly

SpongeBob SquarePants wasn't only memorable for its longtime ability to keep the whole family entertained, the show provided many valuable lessons for kids, pertaining to understanding differences between us and our neighbors!

The show's ability to showcase diverse characters getting along together and peacefully coexisting was rather progressive for a children's TV show if you ask us, some of which we notice as we age!

1 Their Palate Preferences Didn't Add Up

via Pinterest

SpongeBob fans have taken the time over the years to recognize and honor the Krabby Patty as an iconic piece of food within television history, but have we taken the time to ponder why the Krabby Patty came to be the go-to fast food choice of the Bikini Bottom crew?

Alternatively, how exactly did SpongeBob and company grow to love their favorite foods? Who knows!

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