20 Things Barry Weiss And The Storage Wars Crew Don't Want Fans To Know

TLC has come out with countless television shows that have led us to be glued to our screens! Despite the addictive nature some of these shows bring, it is worth every minute of it. One TLC hit that had millions of fans tuning in each week is none other than 'Storage Wars'.

Apparently, the notion of one person's trash is another person's treasure sure does come into play here! The cast of 'Storage Wars' had an eye for some amazing finds in storage units left behind or sold by their previous owners.

A lot of the time the cast was able to get their hands on thousands of dollars worth of items found in the units, however, it appears there is more hidden than we think. Although the show has become a fan favorite, there are a few facts that the producers of the show aren't open about. Here are 20 things the cast and crew of 'Storage Wars' don't want you to know about.

20 The Show Is Rigged

Dave Hester was a cast member on the show for years and instantly became a fan favorite due to his eagerness and good eye! Although he was great during his years on the show, Hester went on to sue the TLC show and as it turns out, he revealed that a lot of what is seen on screen, is actually rigged!

19 Units Prepped

In addition to the show allegedly being rigged, Hester also revealed that what you see on your TV screen is not true. According to the lawsuit, many of the units used on the show are prepped before filming to be more TV friendly or bring in a bigger reaction or response.

18 Execs Play Favorites

As great as it is to see all the buyers get their hands on some awesome finds, it turns out that not everyone is given a fair chance at landing the motherload. According to the undergoing lawsuit, many of the executives play favorites by giving certain units to certain cast members or providing more air-time to some and not others.

17 Mark Balelo Scandal

During the show's run on air, there have been many faces that have come and gone. For the original viewers of the show, you might remember cast member Mark Balelo. Although he was very much liked amongst viewers, his life came to a shocking end due to an apparent suicide back in 2013, shocking fans and castmates of the show.

16 Barry Weiss Before Storage Wars

Barry Weiss is a notable figure that started his massive career in television on 'Storage Wars'. He was nicknamed 'The Collector' during his four seasons and went down as one of the most knowledgeable buyers yet. Although he knew what he was doing, he started off his career by selling fruits and vegetables! Yes, you read that right! Weiss had a produce wholesale company prior to his appearance on the TLC show.

15 Darrel Sheets Threatened To Quit

The show has had countless moments of drama and high tension, however, a lot of the time, the tension happens off camera and behind the scenes. Sometimes things can get so heated that cast members threaten to quit! In this case, when Darrel Sheets found out about a pay cut and less air-time, he threatened the show and network to walk if things didn't look up.

14 How Jarrod Became Successful

Jarrod is amongst one of the many liked cast members, however, things weren't always so great for the cast member. He and castmate Brandi own a great business together, and he owes it all to his aunt! His aunt owns a public storage facility, which got Jarrod into the industry and led him to his massive success with his business partner, Brandi.

13 Producers Treated Brandon Poorly

As mentioned earlier, producers had their ways of picking and choosing who got what units and air-time, but it appears they didn't treat everyone very nicely at times. Brandon, who happens to be Darrel's son, was reportedly mistreated during his years on the show before they officially fired him.

12 Dave vs. Dan Fight

When we say the show was full of drama, we mean it! Things got so heated over a storage unit during one episode that it led cast members Dan and Dave to fight. The altercation got so out of hand that production had to interfere and close down for the remainder of the day.

11 Barry Weiss Back Pain Remedy

Barry Weiss is no spring chicken, and when you are dealing with heavy items in storage facilities, you can find yourself in pain at times. In Weiss' case, he suffers from back pain that is remedied through some very natural plant-based products that sure have him feeling less pain and more happiness.

10 Laura & Dan Fell In Love Due To The Show

The cast of the show search storage units endlessly to find something worth money, however, it appears that two cast members found something a little bit more special. Laura and Dan, both buyers on the show, became quite close during their time on the show together, so close that they are married! It looks like love was hiding in the corners of those units.

9 Dan's Health Scare

Although Dan was able to find love along with many other valuable items, he also found himself in hot water when he had some unexpected health problems while filming the show. This matter wasn't made into a storyline on the show, but fans would be surprised that Dan collapsed at home back in 2014 due to a double aneurysm. Thankfully the TLC star is doing great today.

8 Producers Buy From Antique Shops

It looks as if the show's producers pull a lot of stunts to make this show as successful as it is. Although viewers are left to believe that what buyers find in units was there from the get-go, it appears that many of the finds were pre-purchased from antique shops and placed into the units for buying afterward.

7 Cast Members Were Cyber Hacked

If health scares weren't enough, the Dotsons were dealt with a bad hand when they nearly lost all of their savings. While still actively appearing on the show, Laura and Dan Dotson had their private accounts hijacked by cyber hackers and had their bank accounts broken into. Luckily for the couple, things were handled quickly and efficiently.

6 Trey Songz Sued The Show

Here is something we're sure you didn't know about 'Storage Wars'. During the show's prime, cast member Dave Hester had a catchphrase that caught the attention of rapper, Trey Songz. "YUUUP" appears to have caused this crazy lawsuit between the rapper and the show, and who is allowed to say the phrase, considering Songz uses it in his lyrics a lot.

5 Real Pirates Treasure Was Discovered

A lot of the time the show features some pretty neat finds, however, what viewers might not know is that real pirate treasure was once discovered on the show. Dan Dotson bought the unit for $1,000 and ended up finding over $500,000 worth of authentic treasure dating back hundreds of years.

4 Storage Unit Full Of Cash

If pirate treasures weren't enough, it's happened before where a storage unit had wads of cash just waiting to be found. One of the show's buyers came across a case of hundreds of defaced bills that were worth nearly $25,000. Many are skeptical about if the bills were still legal considering the faces had been destroyed, however, it was still very much legal and the buyer walked away with a nice pile of cash!

3 Fake Items Placed In Units

If pirate treasures and $25,000 in cash are something you expect to find in every episode, then you're out of luck. According to the ongoing lawsuit between Hester and the show's executives, it was revealed that fake or non-authentic products are sometimes placed in units to up their value or increase shock value for viewers.

2 Not All Bidders Are Equal

If you aren't sure how the show works, we'll tell you. Units are found through the show's producers and are then auctioned off to the buyers. Well, as it turns out, 'Storage Wars' really is a battle. Producers will sometimes pay for the units themselves for "weaker" cast-mates, or save certain units for certain people, not making it a very fair battleground.

1 Real Reason Why Barry Weiss Left

Many people speculated that lead star of the show, Barry Weiss, was fired, however, as it turns out, he just had enough. In a statement released by Weiss himself, he claimed how he no longer wished to participate in the show and wanted to leave while things were still hot.

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