20 Things Billy Ray Did Not Want Miley Cyrus To Post

At the tender age of 11, Miley Cyrus joined many other thriving stars over on the Disney Channel. As the face and star of Hannah Montanna, Miley played a young performer who was a normal teenager by day and a superstar by night. However, now that Miley is 26 years old, she's come a long way since the Disney Channel.

In the past year, Miley has released new songs, went through a divorce from Liam Hemsworth, started dating someone new (hi, Cody Simpson), and has become even more raw with her fans.

But as mature as Miley is getting in age, there are some things parents just don't want to see. Granted, Billy Ray Cyrus isn't the purest of musicians but it's not always easy seeing a child show off their goods to millions of followers. Then again, as her best friend says, "she's just being Miley."

20 She Shares Every Moment With Fans

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Miley has been photographed (by herself) in the hospital more times than most celebrities. In this instance, she had an allergic reaction a few years back and had to be watched in the hospital until things cleared up. And although we’re happy she’s safe and healthy, some things are better left private.

19 A Hardcore Vegan Eating Cheese


Miley has been a hardcore vegan for years. In fact, she felt so strongly about it that even Liam Hemsworth went vegan after learning more from her. She’s shamed the meat industry and the mistreatment of animals and yet here she is eating a cheese pizza that definitely doesn’t look vegan.

18 Her Fight With Avril Lavigne Left Fans Confused


Avril Lavigne doesn’t do as many shows as she did in the early 2000s but she’s still a well-known treasure. This photo above could have been two singers hanging out and writing songs, but it turned into a wrestling match with these two play-fighting and documenting it all. But why? What was the point?

17 She's One Celeb That Leaves Nothing To The Imagination


If it’s a risky photoshoot or a suggestive pose, you better believe Miley will be attached to it. She’s all about pushing boundaries and spreading her celebrity as long as it fits her narrative — as she should! But after a while, it all seems like she's trying too hard to prove something. But what?

16 Her Short Romance With Kaitlynn Carter


After her breakup from Aussie hunk Liam Hemsworth, Miley was seen vacationing with reality TV star Kaitlynn Carter. The two were then seen canoodling back in LA after their vacation getaway and seemed to always be together. After a few weeks though, these two quietly called it quits.

15 A Special Day With An Inapt Photo


In December of 2018, Miley and Liam Hemsworth took the plunge and got hitched after being together for 10 years. The wedding seemed very small and personal with only family in attendance. Miley looked radiant and in love... until she posted this. If there was a time we thought Miley would act more mature, it would be on her wedding day.

14 Her Entire Rebound Relationship With Cody Simpson


After Miley and Liam broke up (for the final time), Miley seemed to bounce into dating life without much of a thought. She started dating Brody Jenner’s ex-wife Kaitlynn Carter and once that relationship ended, she hopped on to Cody Simpson! And although these two look young and in love, is it too much too soon?

13 Her TMI Selfies

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If you’re ever thinking about taking a toilet selfie, just don’t do it. It’s never a good idea. It’s also conflicting for celebrities because they’re photographed every day, so do they really need even more pictures of them online — but this time on the toilet? Some moments are better off private.

12 Miley's First Halloween With Cody


For Halloween 2019, Miley and Cody decided to dress as younger versions if Billy Idol and Perri Lister. The former couple was rock icons back in the day, and while their costumes were realistic, they’re spamming fans with one too many TMI moments. It's great they're young and in love but it's overkill.

11 Her Life Has Been Shared In Front Of The Camera Since She Was A Kid


As someone who has been in the limelight her whole life, doesn’t she ever want a few moments to herself? A time where she’s not being photographed or taking selfies? Many people who are having a tough skin day ignore the cameras, but not Miley! She shows us that even celebrities have their down days.

10 She Let The World Into Her Brief Romance With Kaitlynn


Many felt Miley’s brief romance with Kaitlynn Carter was too quick and too soon. With the announcement of her separation, the magazines couldn’t stop writing headlines because she was already out and about days later with someone new. This relationship made even more journalists and paps want to find out what went wrong between her and Liam.

9 In A Word: Suggestive


As a person and a performer, Miley is always pushing the envelope. From her dance moves to her clothing, she does what feels natural to her as a performer. But let’s just say Disney wouldn’t be okay with this side of Miley if she were still on Hannah Montana. As a conservative children's channel, most kids' parents wouldn't love the connection.

8 That Time She Looked Just Like Her Dad...


We don’t see too many gorgeous women trying to look like their fathers but here we are. With a new beard, Miley looks like a combination of Jared Letto and her dad! Without the beard, Miley is the spitting image of her mother with those big beautiful eyes.

This impromptu photoshoot does have us wondering why she wanted to pull this off, though...

7 Her Post-Divorce Life


This may sound like we’re reaching but whenever Miley is going through a tough time in her personal life, she goes balls to the walls on social media and in her music. After her first breakup with Liam, she cut her hair. This time around she was dancing around in little-to-no-clothing while on vacay.

6 Miley Going Braless Is NBD To Fans

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Miley was a big advocate back in the day for women not needing to wear bras or even shave their armpits. She encouraged women to love themselves naturally and to not fall into traps just because they felt pressured by society. Practicing what she preached, she too goes braless quite often, which may be awkward for dad.

5 The Haircut That Changed Her Image Forever


The world knew something was going on when Miley cut off her gorgeous long hair. Her music videos became more adult and she did things on stage with Robin Thicke that many Miley fans were stunned at. She's bounced back since then but this was still an iconic moment.

4 When Spitting Her Tongue Out Was Her Trademark


Following Miley’s iconic haircut, she also started sticking her tongue out for every occasion. There didn’t seem to be a day when Miley wasn’t poking fun at herself or licking something. She’s toned down the licking these days but it was definitely an interesting era for Miley.

3 When She Slowly Ate Fruit For The Camera...


Most recently, Miley released a song called “She Is Coming.” It’s been a while since we got a new music video from Miley and fans were happy for more music. In classic Miley form though, the music video was very suggestive and filled with her eating and licking interesting shaped fruits (if you catch my drift).

2 She Doesn't Keep Anything Back


Unlike other celebs, when we see Miley upset or crying, we typically know the reason because she tells us. She's an open book. And while it’s great she feels so open and close to her fans, it’s also a little concerning that she doesn’t have any “off” time from the media on her down days.

1 Miley Being A Rockstar


Miley sings pop-based music big her actions reflect a rockstar from the '80s. Here, we can see her drinking water and spitting it out on fans. As “rock on” as a moment that is for these fans, it’s also pretty degrading to be spit on by a person — even if she is a celebrity!

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