20 Things Bruce Willis Doesn't Want Us To Know About His Family

Bruce Willis will star in the upcoming action-thriller, Trauma Center. He'll be playing a cop who protects a young woman from a couple of brutal antagonists. Bruce has played the hero before, most notably, in Die Hard, where he went up against a sophisticated (and delightfully cold-blooded) Euro criminal named Hans Gruber.

Bruce is also in the news because his ex-wife, Demi Moore, shared a throwback photo this past Thanksgiving (2019). In the pic, Demi looked young, radiant, and happy, while posing with her three daughters, Rumer, Tallulah, and Scout. Her youngest daughter was still just a baby. While Bruce Willis wasn't in the throwback shot, he may have been behind the camera. Demi wrote about Bruce and their marriage in her tell-all bio, Inside Out.

Bruce isn't as open as Demi is about his family. There are things he'd rather keep to himself.

20 His Current Wife Looks Like Demi Moore

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Bruce has a type, but he probably doesn't want people to comment on the fact that his current wife, Emma Heming-Willis, has the same shiny, dark hair, strong brows, and prominent cheekbones as his ex, Demi Moore. Emma even has the same classic, center-parted hairstyle. While the two women aren't identical, they do have a similar look.

19 His Daughter, Rumer, Was Subjected To Bullying

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Rumer has a unique look. Some people give her a hard time because she isn't a carbon copy of her famous, classically beautiful mother. Bruce and Demi's oldest daughter has taken criticism from trolls to heart, according to Today.com. The mean comments hurt her, and they probably hurt her dad too.

18 Demi Moore Thinks Bruce Was A Selfish Husband


Demi believes that Bruce was a selfish husband. It was apparently his way or the highway most of the time, according to Thesun.co.uk, and this created tension. Of course, since Bruce is more private, we don't have his side of the story. She did admit that her unresolved problems, which stemmed from a rough upbringing, played a role in their split.

17 He's Crazy In Love With His Gorgeous Wife

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Bruce's wife is a mega-beauty. He says he fell in love with the former model on the very first date. Cupid's arrow hit him hard and he and Emma are still together, years later. Emma has always been a stunner. She won a modeling competition at age 16 and later modeled for plenty of big companies, including lingerie brand, La Senza.

16 His Wealth Has Made His Family Very Rich

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Bruce has been earning Hollywood money for decades and he is loaded. He's a very rich man, which means his family enjoys a fabulous and elite lifestyle.

It's not just his current wife, Emma, who gets to enjoy luxurious homes, cars, and holidays. Demi Moore reportedly received a whopping 90 million bucks in her divorce settlement, according to Cheatsheet.com. Bruce's net worth is 180 million bucks!

15 His Wife Is Decades Younger Than He Is

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Bruce Willis isn't the first celebrity male to marry a woman decades younger, but he may not want us to focus on the huge age gap between him and his wife.

Emma Heming-Willis is 41 and hubby, Bruce, is 64. They are making this classic "May-December" romance work, but Bruce will be a senior citizen soon, and Emma just hit her 40s.

14 Did Bruce Banish Demi To Idaho During Their Marriage?

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Demi says Bruce wanted her out of Hollywood during their marriage. He wanted her in Idaho, playing the housewife and mother. This arrangement seemed to work for a while, but not permanently.

Demi really spilled the tea in her new biography, Inside Out. Now, it's so easy for everyone to learn about the marital problems that led to their breakup.

13 Emma Says Bruce Isn't Good At Disciplining Their Kids

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Emma is crazy about Bruce and cuddles with him in public, just as though they were in the first flush of romance, but she says he's not too great at disciplining the kids. He has two daughters with Emma, who is his second wife. His daughters are quite young and they've got their famous daddy wrapped around their fingers.

12 She Says He's A Fun Dad, Though

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Like most dads, Bruce has a soft spot for his daughters and loves to keep them entertained. At home, with his daughters and his wife, he's not the tough guy that he often plays on the silver screen. He has a softer side but doesn't exactly advertise that. Emma loves how Bruce is so playful with their girls.

11 Ashton Kutcher Had Trouble Accepting Bruce (Things Got Better)

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When Ashton married Demi, Ashton and Bruce had an awkward relationship at first, because Ashton was weirded out by the fact that Bruce used to share his life (and bed) with Demi.

Ashton got over it, but he did have issues. Ashton needn't have worried, because Demi was crazy about him. She described herself as being obsessed with Ashton, according to Enstarz.com

10 His Current Wife Is English-American And Was Born In Malta

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When Bruce decided to tie the knot for the second time, he didn't go for another All-American beauty like Demi. He chose a British-American woman who was born in Malta. Emma's mother was Guyanese and her father was from England. When her parents split, she moved to London for a bit and then made her way to the United States.

9 Bruce Handled Demi's Tell-All Book Better Than Ashton Did

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Bruce has that glow of happiness about him these days, which seems to insulate him from the fallout associated with Demi's gossipy biography. Basically, he's in a great place in his life.

While he may not be thrilled that Demi shared so many private details, he's ultimately cooler with it than Ashton is. Ashton wasn't happy with Inside Out. The bio portrayed Ashton in a negative light.

8 His Famous Ex Had Major Addiction Issues

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Bruce may not have been the ideal mate while he was with Demi, but she had her issues, too, including addiction problems. Addiction is a beast and it can take a severe toll on addicts and their nearest and dearest. Bruce is friends with Demi. He doesn't spill all of her secrets. She does that herself.

7 Bruce May Be A Bit Of A Player (But May Have Changed His Ways)


Did you know that Ashton dated January Jones? When he was seeing her, he suspected that Bruce Willis had a secret romance with her. So, this was one more reason why Ashton had issues with Bruce. Bruce does have a bit of a rep as a ladies man. Well, he did have a rep. Nowadays, he seems very content with his wife, Emma, nowadays.

6 Bruce Has Said He'll Bail On Relationships With Problems

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Bruce grew up with parents who had problems. Since his mother and father had issues, he decided young that he wouldn't stay in a relationship that made him miserable. When things went south with Demi, he wasn't afraid to walk away. Marriage is supposed to last forever, but Bruce is more practical about things. If marriage isn't working, he'll bail.

5 All Of Bruce's Older Daughters Are In Recovery

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One sad aspect of Bruce's life, which he doesn't talk about a lot, is the fact that his three daughters by Demi Moore are all in recovery. These celeb offspring have had to deal with the downside of fame, even though they didn't seek out fame. They've been put under the media microscope. They're also children of divorce, with a mother who is a recovering addict.

4 He And Emma Renewed Their Vows (Demi Was There)

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Bruce and Emma had their first wedding in Turks & Caicos. Years later, they renewed their vows, and Demi Moore was there. It's nice that everyone is so civilized. Life moves on and, sometimes, marriages fail and evolve into friendships. Emma doesn't look uncomfortable when she's around Demi. Emma seems very secure in her marriage.

3 Bruce Told Demi He Wasn't Sure He Wanted To Be Married

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Demi Moore is sensitive. She must have experienced anguish when her husband, Bruce, told her that he wasn't sure if he wanted to be married. That stuff really hurts. It's so hard to hear and to process. On the other hand, he was being honest. These two just weren't meant to be, and Demi probably hurt Bruce, too, sometimes.

2 His First Name Is Walter (Does His Wife Call Him That?)

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Who knew that Bruce's first name was Walter? Bruce is actually his middle name, according to En.wikipedia.org. Walter isn't such a common name these days, unless you think about fictional TV character, Walter White, from Breaking Bad. Would the name, Walter Willis, have gotten Bruce as far as his middle name did? Maybe not.

1 Demi Thought Bruce Was A Controlling Guy

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Demi's bio wasn't just criticisms of her exes, Bruce and Ashton, but she did feel compelled to share negative facts about both former partners. These guys have to live with the consequences. Ashton feels branded as a philanderer, while Bruce is painted as the controlling dude who wouldn't give Demi space to her herself.

Sources: Today.com, Thesun.co.uk, Cheatsheet, Enstarz.com

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