20 Things We Choose To Ignore About Beyonce And Jay-Z’s Marriage

We can't begin to imagine how difficult it is to maintain a healthy relationship in Hollywood, especially if you're Beyonce and Jay-Z. While some celebrity couples keep their business under wraps, others are completely public; nonetheless, celebrity relationships are never entirely private. Can you imagine a world without celebrity gossip?

Beyonce and Jay-Z to many are #couplegoals and are the exquisite definition of King and Queen, but to others they are not the ideal couple. Who are we to judge though, right? We only see things from the outside looking in - kind of. However, since Bey and Jay are no strangers to the tabloids, we have mixed thoughts about one of the Hollywood "it" couples. The two performers are known for keeping their highs and lows away from the media, but we know more than they'd want us to - yes, it's their fault. They have been unstoppable thus far and have remained so mysterious.

Are they just faking smiles? Are they faking that they're all right? Queen B has a thing for posting caption-less social media photos and Jay-Z avoids romance questions in interviews.

Well, whether this is good or bad news, we cannot decide, but over the years there's a lot we have ignored concerning the "power couple." Read on to learn some strange tidbits about the married music legends.

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20 They Kept Their Meeting On The DL

via The Cheat Sheet

You may love the duo and go bonkers when you see them hand-in-hand together, but do you know how their romance ignited? No? Neither do we.

The two have always been laid-back and quite low-key, so they kept their relationship hush-hush for quite some time. Actually, so much time that they don't even recall when their secret relationship began, according to Nicki Swift.

How odd is that? If they're so into each other, you would think at least one of them would remember when they labelled it and made it official. Evidently, putting together a timeline of the beginning of their history would be nearly impossible.

19 They Always Said They Were Just Friends

via Billboard

"We're just friends!" We've heard that lame excuse so often, but we didn't think Jay and his bae ever made that their label once upon a time. We don't ever buy that excuse, but we guess for them we'll let it slide - it clearly worked out for them. We knew for years that the two were an item, but they always kept that "shrug-off" approach.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, Jay-Z admitted that the two were in the "wine and dine" phase for quite a while. We beg to differ because they busted out "Crazy in Love" together, but hey, Jay-Z was keeping it real. The wining and dining lasted three years; they were first spotted together in 2001 and made it Hollywood official in 2004.

18 They're Very Low-Key About Their Relationship

via Page Six

Fast-forward all these years later, and the two still do not open up about their relationship. Is that the secret to success?

According to Essence, Beyonce said in 2005 that she never talks about relationships and keeps that for her music. She also stated, "You fall in love and you want to tell everybody. But that's a place I just don't go."

We know what they have must be real because the couple has emphasized it many times. All these years later though, and we barely even know what is up with the couple's twins. If they're so famous and loved, how have they managed to not let a word slip?

17 Their Wedding Itself Was A Secret

via W Magazine

In case you weren't aware, way back in 2008 on April 4th, Jay Z and Beyonce tied the knot in a super-secret wedding ceremony. With their 11th wedding anniversary that came just last month, we wonder how they made it that far and reached that milestone. Although they've kept many secrets to themselves, their lows were well-documented.

While they may be "Crazy in Love," the couple had not even announced they were engaged! Like how the heck did the Knowles-Carter dynasty keep that on the DL? The marriage was so absurdly secret that the word only spread when they were spotted picking up their marriage license. And Queen B announced the wedding to the world six months later.

16 The Number 4 Is Their Thing

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Does the number four mean anything to you? Probably not. For Jay and Bey though, the number four has a whole lot of meaning.

For starters, both Beyonce and Jay-Z are born on the fourth of their respective months; Beyonce is born in September and Jay-Z is born in December. Call it serendipity, but these two truly abide by the number four. They even had their secret lavish wedding on the fourth - on April 4th.

And if you're a fanatical fan of the duo, you may know that they each got tattoos of the Roman numeral four. Also, their daughter Ivy is attached to the number four, as her name is pronounced like the Roman numeral four, IV.

15 They Tried To Patent Their Daughter's Name

via Time Magazine

Anything to make money, right? Beyonce and Jay-Z have the world in the palm of their hand, but that doesn't stop them.

Their dedication to doing whatever it takes to make some dough is undeniable, and even having Blue Ivy did not stop them. According to Nicki Swift, after the precious Blue Ivy was born in January 2012, Jay-Z wanted to immediately trademark his daughter's name. We guess Bey agreed since Jay-Z made the application, which was later denied.

Seriously, there should be restrictions on some things in life. Did they have to go that far? We're glad the courts drew a line.

14 They Just Left The Elevator Incident In Thin Air

via Instagram

The two lovebirds have a habit of leaving us hanging!

In 2014, after the hip-hop duo became a little bit more open to the public about their romance, an incident occurred that made things take a turn for the worse.

During the ever-so-public Met Gala in New York, that we anticipate each year, Bey's sister Solange and Jay-Z got into a quarrel.

As usual, the couple just shrugged off the incident, but what happened was too much to ignore. A video that captured Solange arguing with Jay-Z in the elevator was leaked, and there was no denying it at that point for both parties. But what did Bey and Jay-Z do? They completely dismissed the crucial issue. Bey hinted at it in her lyrics though, of course.

13 We Wish We Were Their Friends (Because They're Extra Generous)

via Instagram

If ever you want to make new friends, try bumping into the Carters! Just like television host Ellen DeGeneres, the two Hollywood heavyweights are quite generous with their loved ones.

If you've always wanted to receive a gift from heaven, they're your go-to pals. Bey bought her boo a $40 million private jet, Jay bought Bey a private island for her 29th birthday, and wifey bought her hubby a $2 million Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport. Money is meant to be thrown away, right?

12 Their Lyrics Are Full Of Their Personal Stuff

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We can probably dedicate an entire listicle to the problems that these two have hinted at in their lyrics. We could probably even do close readings of the lyrics and discover everything about their romance.

Well, in 2016, Bey stirred the pot with her visual album "Lemonade" - she dropped a bomb with that one! The album made fans of the "power couple" go bonkers because it triggered a lot of bad press. Why? Because the lyrics made fans question the status of their marriage; don't forget, there was another woman named Becky who was mentioned by Queen B.

Jay-Z came back with his apology tour, and evidently, we learnt that the two were going through tough times. Whatever we don't hear in the press comes up in their lyrics.

11 They Didn't Tell Family They Were Expecting Their Second Child

via Instagram

Besides addressing her relationship with her hubby in her "Lemonade" album, Bey also made her relationship with her father, Mathew Knowles, very clear.

Everyone has ups and downs in life, and we understand if the two Hollywood stars want to keep some things private from the public, but why from your blood family, too? No, we can't digest it (that's just us stating our opinion).

Mr. Knowles is clearly not in the loop of things, as Bey did not contact her father to share with him the incredible and joyful news that she was pregnant for the second time. It is a pity that her father had to find out about it when she announced it to the world on social media. It's quite odd, but there had to be a reason.

10 The Twins' Names Weren't Fully Planned

via Instagram

While the name of their first child was certainly meaningful to the pair, so were the names of their twins. The beautiful and lovable twins were given the names Rumi and Sir, and you may not know it but they're symbolic, too.

We don't know what the two peculiar names mean, but we know very well how celebrities have a knack for giving odd and strange names to their children. So, what are the stories behind Rumi and Sir?

According to Rap Radar, via Nicki Swift, Jay-Z said that Rumi was a tribute to the duo's favourite poet, and that name was chosen from the start. As for Sir, baby Sir was only blessed with the name when he was born because the precious angel apparently came out like a true Sir.

9 The Duo Broke Up Many Times Before The Wedding

via Instagram

Beyonce and Jay-Z have the kind of relationship that most people dream about. Their lovey-dovey romance started when they were super young, and that makes our hearts melt. However, no relationship is perfect, even though they have been devoted to one another for years.

Before coming out publicly with their relationship, they dated for four years secretly, as we previously mentioned. However, during that time, the pair were not stable; in fact, the pair broke up briefly more than once. We hear Ross from Friends screaming "we were on a break!" from here.

In Jay-Z's 2006 jam "Lost Ones," the musician made it evident that the two had split by mentioning the breakup.

8 Their Wedding Was Far From Traditional

via Popsugar

It's no secret that the duo's nuptials flew under the radar! It is hard to even judge what fully went down on the night Queen Bey walked down the aisle because of the lack of photos.

Let us start you off with a few things you may not know. You may find this odd, considering they're both huge celebrities, but the pair had a star-studded wedding with ONLY 40 guests.

Secondly, guests were forbidden to bring in their phones because they did not want anyone recording their very emotional and spiritual ceremony. Also, totally non-traditional of them, Jay had no best man and Bey had no maid of honour. And to top it off, Bey's dress was not made by a posh designer, but her mama.

7 Their Bodyguard Was Not To Be Trusted

via Instagram

If you're a fan of the power couple, you may recall their former bodyguard. Named Norman Oosterbroek, this man was in charge of the hip hop's family, as well as many other A-listers. The man they once called their bodyguard is no longer with us, but let us explain why.

Oosterbroek started doing pretty freaky things and even used their passports in sketchy acts. The pair were constantly outraged by him, so they came to a mutual decision and let him go. After he lost his job looking out for Jay, Bey and their adorable little baby girl, Oosterbroek spiralled out of control. His life totally fell apart, and in time things got worse and his life ended, unfortunately.

6 The Nanny Is More Present Than Beyonce

via Motherly

The couple is in the limelight, so taking care of children and always being present is not the easiest task. With three bundles of joy, the twins and Blue Ivy are not with their mother very often. As soon as Jay-Z and Beyonce welcomed their twins, they decided to hire six nannies - wait, what? Six nannies? One for three children or one for each child is apparently not enough!

Whatever the case may be, since we know the singers can obviously accommodate the employees, Blue Ivy has grown closer to her nannies than her mama. And since the famous couple travels a lot and go on tour together, they're not around as much as they'd like. After all, Queen Bey is quite occupied with her Beyhive.

5 They're Just Staying Together

via Oprah Magazine

The age-old question: why would Beyonce stay with a man who stepped out on her? No woman deserves that! The "99 Problems" rapper opened up about many issues and was honest about them all, so that is probably why she gave him a second chance. We're not close to them or their family, so we will probably never know why.

What we do know is that the two are staying together. Jay-Z, who was quiet from the start about their relationship, slowly opened up after the news leaked. He told CNN, according to The Sun, that he and Beyonce had chosen to "fight for our love."

So, do they really love each other or are they staying together for old times' sake?

4 Beyonce And Jay Started Their Relationship On The Phone

via Instagram

We know Beyonce as Sasha Fierce, but has she always been that way? Bey was actually quite the shy chick way back when.

This one is pretty uh-dorable, but before the two started dating, they kept each other company by constantly chatting on the phone. In a world where there was no Snapchat or social media, people actually used phones to talk to one another.

They began officially dating when Bey was a youngin, at 19 years old, but before, according to People, Jay-Z claimed, "We were on the phone for a year and a half, and that foundation is so important for a relationship."

Ladies, imagine that? He did not even take her on a date until after so long!

3 Jay-Z Took His Wifey's Last Name

via Instagram

The couple must be truly crazy in love since Jay wanted to take on his wife's last name! Although many thought the two were on their way to Splitsville, taking your spouse's last name is a pretty serious token of love; Beyonce evidently answers to the name Beyonce Knowles-Carter. Did Jay take on the name to keep the Knowles name going since Bey has no brothers?

Whether he did it for that or love, The Daily Star claimed that Jay Z changed his legal name to Shawn Knowles-Carter. We're totally digging the name, although we're still waiting for Jay to refer to himself that way.

2 Are The Rumours For Money Or...?

via The Hollywood Unlocked

They would break a million hearts if they split, but why did we assume they would? Why do we believe everything we see/hear in the tabloids? Whether we do or not, we cannot be naive to the "celebrity world," and we must admit that a lot they do is purely for publicity.

The Solange and Jay-Z brawl caught a lot of public attention, which led to major publicity for the husband and wife. Shortly after that, the duo announced their tour together and it was a major hit; the "Lemonade" album came out around the same time. People are always super intrigued by bad press, so it's no surprise that such stories in the tabloids would have such a positive impact on their careers.

1 The Sad Miscarriage News

via Instagram

Most people do not know this, but before the lovable Blue Ivy came along, Beyonce went through a miscarriage. And did we know of the sad news when it initially happened? No.

Beyonce only opened up about the most tumultuous time of her life in her HBO documentary Life Is But A Dream, which only came out years after the hurtful experience. But before that though, Jay came forward with the news in his song "Glory," in which he drew attention to Bey's miscarriage.

Turning to music is a way for them to cope with many of their problems.

Sources: The Sun, Boston, People, NY Daily News, Nicki Swift

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