20 Things Everyone Ignores About Bruce Wayne's Family

Comic book fans know that Bruce Wayne is the Batman. We've read about his origins in Crime Alley and of his many adventures as the Caped Crusader of Gotham. However, since we know him to be Batman, we often turn a blind eye toward how his persona of billionaire Bruce Wayne is perceived by other people. I mean, who cares about a playboy extraordinaire when his alter ego is a crime-fighting vigilante?

But people should pay a lot more attention to Bruce Wayne's family, immediate and extended. There are a lot of skeletons in the Wayne closet that people tend to ignore. (And in the face of Batman's crusades, who can really blame them?) Read on if you want to know about all the things that people tend to skim over when looking at Bruce Wayne and his family.

20 How The Wayne Family Fortune Is Maintained

The Wayne family fortune is legendary. Alongside Lex Luthor, Bruce Wayne is notorious for being rich. That said, how is his money maintained? What work goes on into producing and building upon Bruce's fortune? Batman sure isn't furthering his income in any way. It's quite the opposite, in fact.

19 Bruce Wayne's Brother Disappeared

The DC universe is full of alternate timelines and forgotten storylines. In one of these tales, comic book readers found out that Bruce Wayne had a brother, Thomas Wayne Jr. About three years older than Bruce, Thomas suffered severe head trauma, was shuttled off to an asylum, and the world basically forgot about him.

18 The Death And Resurrection Of Bruce Wayne

Does no one seem to notice or care that every time Batman bites the dust (aka goes on an extended leave of absence), Bruce Wayne disappears also? Batman's secret identity should be the worst kept secret of all time. There has got to be at least one smart person (aside from Tim Drake) who has sussed out who Bruce Wayne really is.

17 Bruce's Adoptions Coincided With The Appearance Of Robin

Seriously, how has the entire city of Gotham not figured out that Bruce is Batman? Whenever Bruce adopts a new child, Batman simultaneously appears with a new Robin by his side. Has no one noticed this? What about the fact that Dick Grayson, Jason Todd, Tim Drake, and Damian Wayne all look like the kind of boy who could be a Robin?

16 Bruce Wayne Inherited Two Fortunes

Bruce is not just rich from the Wayne side of his family. The average comic book fan might not know that he also inherited some money from his mother's side of the family. Martha Wayne was originally part of the Kane family, another rich bunch living it up on the outskirts of Gotham.

15 Martha Wayne Was Friends With A Criminal

Everyone remembers Thomas and Martha Wayne, Bruce's parents, as saints of Gotham City. However, when Martha was younger, she was friends with a known criminal, Celia Kazantkakis. Fortunately, Martha ended the friendship once she found out about Celia's troubled past.

14 Thomas Wayne Is A Nightmare Waiting To Happen

Just like Bruce held a darkness inside him before it was unleashed when his parents were shot in an alley, Thomas Wayne possesses a similar demon. The Flashpoint storyline revealed that if Bruce had been the one to perish in Crime Alley, Thomas would have turned himself into a grizzled and much meaner form of the Batman.

13 Black Hair And Blue Eyes Is An Extremely Rare Trait

No one seems to notice or care that so many persons with black hair and blue eyes congregate within the Wayne family. Bruce has them, his dad had them, and all of Bruce's adopted boy children have them as well. Black hair is not all that rare, but black hair in combination with blue eyes should be rarer than it appears to be in the Wayne Manor.

12 Thomas Wayne Brought Kryptonian Tech To Earth

In the comic books, it is revealed that Jor-El, father of Superman, made contact with Thomas Wayne in order to figure out if Earth was a suitable place to send his son. While meeting with Jor-El, Thomas got his hands on some Kryptonian tech, which later featured in Wayne Enterprises' inventions. These in turn made their way into Batman's gadget collection.

11 They Only Keep One Butler

Does no one take an interest in Alfred Pennyworth's work load? The Wayne Manor is by no means a small place, and Bruce Wayne is by no means a chill employer. With a fortune that vast and a house that big, you would think people would comment on the fact that Bruce only keeps one butler in his service.

10 The Batmobile Keeps Entering And Leaving The Premises

Comics, TV shows, movies, and video games have shown us that the Batmobile is not always a stealthy vehicle. How has no one noticed that it keeps coming and going from Wayne Manor? The thing basically roars when the key is turned in the ignition. It's one of the most ostentatious personal tanks a super hero could ever own.

9 Thomas Wayne Worked For Free

Perhaps people don't give Thomas Wayne enough credit. He was actually quite the magnanimous millionaire. Thomas Wayne worked as a doctor, and he performed his services for free. He believed that since he already had a lot of money, he should do what he could to help people without charging them.

8 Thomas Wayne Struck Bruce

Well, maybe Thomas Wayne is less of a good person in some versions of the comics than we've been led to believe. In one instance, it is shown that he struck Bruce when he was a child. Maybe this one act of domestic violence is what caused Bruce to have a larger dark side than your average person.

7 Martha Wayne Has A Joker Inside Her

In the Flashpoint storyline we mentioned earlier, it is shown that if Bruce had died that night in Crime Alley, Thomas Wayne would have turned into a vicious vigilante instead of his son. Martha would have turned into something far worse. The Flashpoint storyline shows her transform into the Joker once she lost her child.

6 Wayne Enterprises' Purpose

What exactly does Wayne Enterprises do? Real companies like Microsoft or Disney usually have a category of business that they fall under. Wayne Enterprises appears to dally in more business opportunities than a child let loose in a candy store. Whatever Wayne Enterprises does, it sure seems to be lucrative.

5 Thomas Wayne Wore An Eerily Similar Bat Suit

In early Batman comics, the origin of Bruce's idea for a costume took a turn for the silly. In it, Thomas Wayne had a persona he called the Bat-Man, and he dressed up like a garish bat creature. This is explained as a point of inspiration for the young Bruce. It makes you wonder if the people of Gotham remember the previous Bat-Person who used to prowl their rooftops.

4 There Is A Large Bat Cave Under Wayne Manor

In nearly every iteration of Batman that we know of, Wayne Manor rests upon a gigantic cave full of bats. If you were trying to find out where the Batman lived, wouldn't you try following the local population of bats back to their natural resting place? Then, you would stumble upon the Bat Cave.

3 Thomas Wayne Saved Carmine Falcone

In an ironic turn of events, Bruce Wayne's father saved the life of one of the criminals Bruce goes up against when he is the Batman. Thomas Wayne saved the life of Carmine Falcone, son of Vincent Falcone. In doing so, he allowed one of Gotham's crime lords to surface and thrive in the future.

2 They Give Gotham Charity But Refuse To Live In The City

Does no one in Gotham take offense that the Waynes profess so much love for the city, and yet they refuse to live close to it? Don't get us wrong. We wouldn't want to live near the crime-riddled, super-villain-strewn streets of Gotham either, but receiving charity from a family that lives safely on the outskirts of town must sting a little.

1 The Bat Signal Shines Into Wayne Manor

This obnoxious thing that people seemed to ignore comes directly from Tim Burton's Batman Returns. When the Bat Signal is turned on, a system of mirrors reflects the light directly into Wayne Manor so that Bruce can know something is wrong. Are you telling us that no one in Gotham saw this elaborate light show?

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