20 Things Everyone Learns When They Move Out and Start Cooking for Themselves

Alright. You've moved out of mom and dad’s house. The place where you could always come home to a hot meal, a stocked fridge, and a pantry full of snacks. If you were lucky, you could even request some of your favourite dishes. And if you were smart, you would have gotten mom and dad’s recipes before leaving the nest. You’re on your own now, kid.

Here are 20 things that everyone goes through when you move out and start cooking for yourself.

20 You will realize the importance of budgeting.

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During your first grocery shopping trip, you realize (too late) that you need to budget ahead of time. You'll have to choose: junk food or real adult-like foods like fruits, veggies, cheese and wine... Definitely the wine.

19 You will try to get most of your groceries on sale.

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You will finally understand why parents even bothered looking at grocery store flyers. You used to wonder, "who would want to spend their weekend mornings staring at produce on paper?" You do now, my friend, that’s who.

18 You will start small.

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You will most likely start small. Become a pro at the easy meals first, before moving on to foods that require a little more work. Mac n’ cheese will become a staple in your home. 

17 Which essentially means you will be buying a sh*tload of "just add water" products.

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Boxes of ramen noodles on sale? Toss it in the cart! They are great when you have only 5-10 minutes to scarf down a meal. The nutritional value may not be great, but it sure tastes good.

But sometimes even that can be tricky.

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16 There will be kitchen accidents.

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You may have a few minor accidents when you have your first go in the kitchen.

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Just make sure to keep a fire extinguisher nearby.

15 When all else fails, frozen dinners will rescue you.

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Microwavable dinners will always have your back.

14 But make sure you don't forget to check on them.

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Come on Jennifer Lawrence! You had ONE job.

13 Cookbooks and recipes from Pinterest will become your bible.

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Pinterest will become your go-to when you need a little cooking inspiration. The Internet is your friend when you have no idea what to cook or if you just want to learn a new recipe.

12 You will share your talents with anyone and everyone.

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via: forgetmehoney.tumblr.com

When you find a recipe that you manage to rock at, you make sure to offer it to everyone who comes over. Because it’s the one thing you are really good at making and you want to share your skills with the world.

11 Sometimes those Pinterest recipes will not always go as planned...

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They make it seem so simple! 

10 Eventually, you'll realize cooking isn't as hard as it seems.

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If Hilary Banks can do it, so can you.

9 You may even start enjoying time spent in the kitchen.

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A little bit of music while whipping up a meal can be therapeutic.

8 You will get to call the shots.

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Now that you live on your own, you get to decide what's for dinner. Some days, it'll be as easy as microwave dinners. Other nights, you'll find yourself getting extra crafty in your kitchen.

7 Being able to cook will totally get you bonus points with the guys/ladies.

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I'll eat anything you cook, Bradley Cooper. Something about a guy that can cook gets me all ?. Who am I kidding? Knowing that I'll be getting food soon is what does the trick.

6 You will be able to impress your significant other on date night.

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I mean, really, I think we all wish we looked as good as Queen Bey does when she's cooking.

5 Once it has been tried and done, you may realize cooking is just not your forte.

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4 This single gif may even sum up all your cooking skills.

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3 Or you'll become so skilled that even Paula Deen would be proud.

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As long as you use copious amounts of butter.

Did someone say butter?

2 You will find yourself at mom's when your tummy starts to rumble.

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When you can't quite replicate mom and dad's special dishes, they'll be happy to welcome you home with a home-cooked meal. Be amazed that they didn't even use the boxed instant mashed potatoes.

1 But we all know how most nights really end up when we are left to fend for ourselves.

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Ya'll with me?

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