20 Things Most Fans Missed In 'Bob's Burgers'

By all accounts, the Belcher Family in Bob's Burgers isn't especially secretive. They're a close-knit bunch who individually wear their hearts on their sleeves, and if they have something to say, they say it. Whether Gene is proudly championing his Super Bowl or Tina is spilling her guts over her romantic infatuation with the living dead, the Belchers leave little to the imagination.

Still, there are a few tidbits of Belcher knowledge that may have went over your head. Over the past eight seasons, Bob, Linda, Tina, Gene, and Louise have suffered and celebrated through many a wild ride, but if you dig deeper, you'll pick up on so many more kernels of information scattered throughout the series. However, considering the fact that few people want to actually roll their sleeves up and do any actual digging, this list has gone ahead and unearthed some trivia morsels for you, free of charge.

Keep reading to bite into 20 things you missed in Bob's Burgers.

20 Bob Has A Tattoo

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As old-fashioned as Bob Belcher may come across at times, don't let his entrepreneurial facade fool you. Bob is young at heart, adventurous in spirit, and more creative than he lets on. (Just look at his daily burger names.) In fact, if you hadn't already noticed, Bob is rocking a tramp stamp-esque tattoo on his lower back.

Now, he didn't necessarily go out of his way for the tat (he did it for his daughter, Tina, because Bob Belcher is Father of the Year every year), but that doesn't change the fact that he was willing to get one. While originally conceived as his face on a horse's butt, it ended up as his nose and mustache.

Oh, the things Bob has done for his family...

19 Bob And Linda Got Married At City Hall

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Bob and Linda's relationship may not always seem especially romantic at times (it's not easy keeping things steamy when you're practically living paycheck-to-paycheck), but they're still quite the wedded pair. That said, if you've ever been curious to see where and how exactly they tied the knot, look no further than a photo hung up in their room. It clearly shows the couple posing after tying the knot at City Hall.

Sure, it's nothing spectacular, but when you're in love, the spectacle hardly even matters. Bob and Linda have proven time and time again that romance is more than an expensive celebration.

What's also interesting is that their wedding day, September third (remember, "9 is divisible by 3"), is the same as show creator Loren Bouchard's wedding day.

18 Louise Is The Only Female Belcher Voiced By A Girl

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When it comes to female representation in Bob's Burgers, the portions are healthy. Three of the five Belchers are female, nearly half of the central student characters at Wagstaff are female, most of the characters on the very street on which they live are—wait for it—female. That said, though, you may be surprised to discover that some of these characters aren't actually voiced by actors of the same gender. Except for Louise.

Mama Linda Belcher is voiced by comedian John Roberts and butt-loving Tina Belcher is voiced by comedian Dan Mintz. Louise Belcher is the only girl in the Belcher fam who is voiced by an actual woman: Kristen Schaal. (If you want to put a face to the voice, she's Carol in The Last Man on Earth and Mel in Flight of the Conchords.)

17 Linda Belcher Sort Of Existed Before 'Bob's Burgers'

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On the topic of Bob's Burgers compelling crew of women, the voice of matriarch Linda Belcher has a kind of unofficial history with his character predating the actual show. Before Bob's Burgers had ever come to light, John Roberts was releasing comedic videos on YouTube in which he portrayed a stereotypical Long Island mother (loosely based off his own mother). In these videos, he was dressed in drag, worrying or being excited about mostly inconsequential issues (i.e. buying a Christmas tree, gossiping on the phone, etc.).

If you go back and watch these videos, you'll notice right away that Linda was clearly inspired nearly 100 percent by this fictional mother. Everything from the voice to the inflections to the physical mannerisms are almost play like knock-offs of the now popular character; if only they didn't already exist before she did.

16 The Belchers Live In New Jersey

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Now, considering that Linda's vocal inspiration was drawn from Long Island, it would make sense that Bob's Burgers fans would assume that might be where the Belchers live. Her dialect matches, the coastal setting fits... But as it turns out, the Belchers actually live in New Jersey (though diehards are welcome to continue this dispute for as long as they'd like).

In the episode "It Snakes a Village," the Belchers take a road trip down to Florida to visit Linda's parents. On the way there, the map clearly shows them leaving New Jersey. So, unless the Belchers are living in some alternate Earth (which is possible, but unlikely), all signs point to them living in the Garden State — which also makes sense, considering Bob's affinity towards gardening (Okay, that's a stretch, but let's just roll with it anyway, yeah?).

15 Specifically In Seymour's Bay

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So, the show unofficially proved that the Belchers live in New Jersey, but where in New Jersey do they live? While the show never addresses this question (nor does the official Bob's Burgers Monopoly game board), creator Loren Bouchard actually confirmed the location at a Bob's Burgers panel at Comic-Con 2015.

He explained that the town in which they live is called Seymour's Bay. But why? As it turns out, the name wasn't just pulled out of a hat, but was named in honor of the show's editor Mark Seymour. Considering the fact that the editor is someone who finalizes the final cut of each episode, it'd make sense to send the dedication his way. May as well give the behind-the-scenes guy some glory for a change.

14  Bi Bob

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Bob Belcher is not quite as straight-laced as he might seem at times. On the surface, he's a slightly sloppy, carefree, burger cook, but deep down, there is an expressive soul working the gears. Bob is an artist, a visionary, a lover, and—if you hadn't already noticed—not entirely straight. 

While it's never made officially clear that Bob goes both ways, so to speak, he's definitely hinted at the fact, specifically in the episode "Turkey in a Can," when Bob has to return to the supermarket several times to purchase a new turkey, leading the deli employee to assume Bob must have romantic motives due to his repetitive visits. Amid all the confusion, Bob outright says that he's only "mostly straight," showing that he would at least consider a brief "rendezvous" with his complete stranger.

13 The Belchers Met The Simpons

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Seeing as Bob's Burgers, Family Guy, and The Simpsons are all Fox properties, it's not completely strange that they would cross paths at some points. In various episodes of The Simpsons, the Belcher family has actually shown up from time to time. In fact, Bob even shows up in a Family Guy episode, which just so happens to have been a Family Guy/The Simpsons crossover.

(Didn't Ghostbusters already teach everyone how dangerous it is to cross the streams?)

In these appearances, Bob doesn't exactly turn the tides of the episodes by any means, but for any Bob's Burgers fanatic, your love can not be complete until you've witnessed every television appearance there is, in some way, associated with the Belchers. That's how true fans roll.

12 The Archer/Bob's Burgers Crossover

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If you hadn't already noticed, there is a direct connection between Archer and Bob's Burgers (hint: H. Jon Benjamin voices both Bob and Archer in their respective shows). As it turns out, though, the connection between these two shows runs even deeper.

In the season four premiere of Archer titled "Fugue and Riffs," Archer is suffering from amnesia. In a spoof of the graphic novel-turned-movie A History of Violence, Archer is literally living life as Bob Belcher, recreating Bob's Burgers, but in the style of Archer. While the amnesia keeps his memories at bay, he's able to channel his self-defense training, killing some infiltrators, and revealing his true identity.

The episode definitely isn't canonically sound, but it still makes for a great viewing experience in experimental storytelling.

11 The Belchers Used To Be Cannibals

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Even though the Belchers are the ideal (if not slightly dysfunctional) American family, they're not without faults. But who isn't, right? If nothing else, their unique quirks make them all the more relatable. That said, though, in their original conception from show creator Loren Bouchard, the Belchers were hardly living off healthy family values. They were cannibals who cooked burgers made from human flesh.

In the original concept for the show, the overall tone was intended to be much darker. Seeing as the family was (and still is) desperate to make rent, they took to twisted means in order to fill seats and save money — they "borrowed" human meat from the crematorium just next door. Think Sweeney Todd, but with less singing and more body hair.

10 And They're Adult Film Stars In An Alternate Universe

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Even though Bob's Burgers isn't always filled with the most PG-friendly material, it's still very much acceptable viewing material for families. Sure, it likes to push the limits every now and then, but even compared to something like Family Guy, it's as clean as a Grade-A restaurant kitchen (just not the kitchen in Bob's Burgers, ironically). That said, though, if you dig deep into the Bob's Burgers fan base, you'll discover something that is pretty much inevitable for mainstream franchises: the show has been turned into an adult film.

It's live-action, but based directly off the show (down to the characters and set design), and instead of portraying the daily duties of a burger-cooking family, it shows off their inappropriate side.

Also, Bob's in much better shape.

9 Film References Are Laid On Thick

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Even though Bob's Burgers exists on television, it's a show that loves to take direction inspiration from the big screen. In nearly every episode, there are various references to movies — and in some cases, the references couldn't be subtle if they tried. In some cases, entire episodes are spoofs of certain movie plots. For example, in the episode "The Belchies," they're spoofing The Goonies (right down to the song played at the end); in "The Runway Club," they're spoofing The Breakfast Club; and in "The Oeder Games," they're spoofing The Hunger Games.

Even when the inspiration isn't utilized throughout the entire episode, there are still references galore. Just in the latest Halloween special alone, Bob's storyline is based beat-for-beat on Stephen King's Misery, while the rest of the episode toys with stereotypical werewolf movie tropes.

8 Jon Hamm And Don Draper Get Shout Outs In The Toilet Episode

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Speaking of movie references, the episode "O.T. The Outside Toilet" takes direct inspiration from E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. Gene finds a toilet that is being hunted down by a mysterious adult, he befriends the toilet, and once the mysterious adult discovers them, is forced to escape. And while E.T. only got a handful of lines in his movie, the toilet in this episode talks up a storm, incidentally voiced by Jon Hamm.

What's more is that Jon Hamm gets a nod to another role he played on Mad Men — the selfish, womanizing Don Draper. In the episode, Bob wears a nice suit, and to compliment him, Louise compares him to Draper. Bob thankfully doesn't live up to any of Draper's other traits, but it's still a solid shout-out all the same.

7 The Neighboring Store Always Changes (And So Does The Exterminator Truck)

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If you pay close enough attention, the pest control van is usually getting rid of the same vermin (rats, roaches, etc.), but the company is always different. In one episode, the company name is called "How the Pest Was One" (referencing How the West Was Won), and in another episode, the company name is called "Rodent to Perdition" (referencing Road to Perdition).

6 And So Does The Burger Of The Day

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Now, if you're the kind of casual viewer who noticed the changing storefront names, as well as the changing pest control names, then you're probably well aware of the fact that 'Bob's Burger of the Day' changes in each episode as well (in fact, there's a full episode dedicated to Bob having so much trouble coming up with a clever name that he ditches the tradition completely). In fact, in most episodes, there are more than one original Burger of the Day names, seeing as some episodes last longer than a single day.

What you may not have noticed is the fact that the Burger of the Day burgers are usually referencing the plot in some way. For example, the burger in "Weekend at Mort's," which revolves around a crematorium, is called the "I've Created a Muenster Burger," while the magician episode "Presto Tina-O" includes a burger called the "Is This Your Chard Burger."

5 The Writer/Director Of 'Wet Hot American Summer' Voices The Show's Most Annoying Character

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When it comes to annoying characters in Bob's Burgers, it's pretty subjective. That said, though, there is one character that everyone is pretty much universally turned off by, and that character is none other than Courtney Wheeler.

The kind of girl that could only win the heart of someone like Gene Belcher, Courtney is loaded with personality quirks that could inspire most people to lose their minds. She sucks on her necklace (why though?), is spoiled beyond belief by her parents, and can't even breathe without pissing people off (seriously, though, it's annoying AF). So, what actor could tackle such an irritating character, and still manage to make her compelling? Why, none other than David Wain, the actor/director/writer who brought to life everyone's favorite camp counselors in Wet Hot American Summer (as well as the subsequent sequel series').

4 The Gilligan's Island Reference You Never Noticed

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In some cases, writers will come out with character names out of the blue. Maybe a name pops into their head while they're punching out a script or they notice a name on a gravestone or book cover, and think that it'd be perfect for one of their stories. In some cases, however (specifically with Bob's Burgers), the names can come from 1960s-era television sitcoms.

3  Tina Used To Be Daniel

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Before Tina Belcher was ever conceived (not by her parents, but as an idea for the show), she was a boy named Daniel. He shows up in the original pilot demo episode of the show that Loren Bouchard created, and while he's still pretty much the same character as Tina ended up being, he's a far cry from the final product (specifically on account of his gender change, mostly).

After the show was finally picked up by Fox, the creators decided that having two sons didn't work as well as they would have liked, so they made the change. What's also interesting about this change is the fact that Dan Mintz, who voices both versions of the character, didn't make any noticeable changes to his voice. Boy or girl, Daniel/Tina sounds exactly the same.

2 The Silverman Sisters Play Brothers Andy And Ollie

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Actors voicing characters who don't  match their gender isn't anything new in animated television shows, nor is it in Bob's Burgers. While characters like Linda and Tina are voiced by men, Andy and Ollie Poplopovich (the sons of Bob's neighbor and nemesis Jimmy Poplopovich, a.k.a. Jimmy Pesto) are voiced by women —women who just so happen to be sisters in real life.

Sarah Silverman (the comedian who is currently host of I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman on Hulu) and her older sister Laura (she's done other voice work on shows like Adventure Time and Loren Bouchard's previous series Home Movies) voice the young, male twins who have are borderline psychically linked. So, if you ever wondering how these two managed to sound so similar to each other... there's your answer.

1 Tina's The Only Belcher With A Known Middle Name

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Every member of the Belcher family likely has a middle name, not because it's ever been hinted at, but because Tina's has already been revealed. In the episode "Presto Tina-O," Tina gets an official middle name reveal: Ruth.

Considering the fact that Tina Belcher has a knack for being something of a "completionist," it makes sense that she'd be the one Belcher with the full name. When she wants to date zombies, she does so via her erotic fiction; when she wants to get closer to Jimmy Jr's butt, she works her romantic charm to do so; and when she wants to ride a horse, you better believe that she gets herself into horse camp (even if doing so is the result of constant begging).

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