20 Things Hollywood (And Katherine Schwarzenegger) Wants Us To Forget About Chris Pratt

There isn't a person in the world that doesn't know the name, Chris Pratt. In the last ten years, Pratt went from being a loving goofball to a leading man and action hero. He stars in blockbuster franchises, including Guardians Of The Galaxy, Avengers, and Jurassic Park. There isn't a thing this guy can't do. His personal life often generates headlines all over the world. At one time, his marriage to Anna Faris had everyone talking. Indeed, they were one of the most beloved couples in Hollywood. He then became a world-famous movie star and has been at the center of controversy a few times.

In the last few years, Pratt has gone through a lot of changes. His body has changed, and his relationships have changed as well. Pratt is now married to Katherine Schwarzenegger. She happens to be the daughter of action star and former Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger. There are a few things Katherine and the rest of Hollywood would like fans to forget about Chris Pratt.

20  Chris Pratt And Anna Faris Marriage

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Chris Pratt and Katherine Schwarzenegger are the new power couple that everyone is talking about. Of course, it's not Pratt's first time being in a power couple. At one point, he dated world-famous actress Anna Faris. They were one of the most beloved couples. Katherine would like everyone to forget that, but they remain a famous couple. Indeed, Pratt and Faris were together for several years and had one son together, Jack.

19 He Dropped Out Of College

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Chris Pratt is now thriving and stars in every significant franchise there is. Pratt dropped out of college and struggled to get to the top of Hollywood. He's similar to Arnold Schwarzenegger in a lot of ways. Of course, the Schwarzeneggers have a particular image to uphold. Plus, his wife, Katherine, is a well-known author.

18 He Was Homeless and Lived In A Van

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Arnold Schwarzenegger had a long journey to being a household name. He went from being an immigrant from Austria to Mr. Olympia to an action hero to the governor. Chris Pratt has a similar story, but it's not as glamours. Indeed, Pratt was once homeless and lived out of his van. Of course, he was living in Hawaii, so it wasn't the same.

17 He Mocked Outrage Culture

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A few years ago, Captain America and Hawkeye got into a little trouble. Once again, Star-Lord had to come to the rescue. Well, this time, it didn't work out that way. Chris Evans and Jeremy Renner made some comments that offended many fans. They apologized for their comments, but Chris Pratt made it worse. Pratt mocked the social media outrage and only made fans more upset.

16 He Got Romantically Involved With His Co-Stars

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Katherine Schwarzenegger and Chris Pratt have a fairy tale love story. Of course, it was love at first sight. Well, that seems to happen a lot for Pratt. He has fallen in love with several of his co-stars. Indeed, his ex-wife Anna Faris and Pratt met on the set of the film Take Me Home Tonight. She was in a relationship at the time he stole her away. He admits it was love at first sight with Faris.

15 He’s Had Jealously Issues In The Past

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Chris Pratt often plays relaxed and fun-loving characters. Indeed, he can play the goofball or the tough guy. It might be tough to tell, but Pratt has had jealousy issues in the past. On more than one occasion, he had become insanely jealous. He often became jealous when married to Anna Faris. Pratt had a tough time moving on from her when the marriage ended.

14 Former Coupon Salesmen

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Chris Pratt now lives a very glamours lifestyle. He's rich, famous, and married to Katherine Schwarzenegger. He's got it all. Of course, it took him years to make it that far. He once worked as a coupon salesman before his acting career took off. He wasn't very good at it and soon moved on. He had a very noble job, but Hollywood doesn't want to ruin his perfect image.

13 Warrant For His Arrest

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Chris Pratt had a very adventurous life as he embarked on his acting career. He now portrays fearless action heroes, but there was a time in his life that he was the bad guy. Pratt even had a run-in with the law. He was working in New York when he found out about a warrant for his arrest in L.A. for failing to pay an insurance ticket. Pratt had to leave the set of an early acting gig to deal with the situation. Luckily, Pratt was able to handle it before it became a significant problem.

12 Discovered Working As A Waiter At Bubba Gump

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There is a long list of Hollywood stars that dreamt of being in showbiz since childhood. For instance, Arnold Schwarzenegger always had his goals set and ready to conquer. Pratt, on the other hand, stumbled into acting. He was working at Bubba Gump Shrimp in Hawaii when Director Rae Dawn Chong met him. He was a goofy waiter, and it led to his first film role.

11 Pratt And Anna Faris Had A Bug Collection

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Katherine Schwarzenegger would probably like to forget that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris were the most adorable couple. Indeed, they were perfect for some fans. They had so much in common, including a very passionate hobby. When they first met, they bonded over both being avid bug collectors.

10 He Stole His Star-Lord Costume 

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As noted, Chris Pratt has a bit of a criminal record. Well, it turns out he didn't learn his lesson. Pratt admits to stealing his Star-Lord costume from the film set of Guardians Of The Galaxy. However, he took it for a noble reason. He stole it so he could wear the outfit when visiting sick kids.

9 While Married To Anna Faris He Let Fame Go To His Head

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Chris Pratt went from being a nobody to a household name overnight. His then-wife, Anna Faris, had gained fame in a slightly different way. For her, it was more of a gradual rise to the top. It turns out that Pratt had a hard time with fame. Indeed, Faris claims that he let the fame go to his head. He became a different person and difficult for her to be around.

8 He Often Wore No Clothes During Scenes On Parks and Recreation

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As noted, Chris Pratt first gained fame for his role on Parks and Recreation as Andy Dwyer. Pratt often took jokes too far but usually worked in the end. However, this one time, he went a little too far. Pratt often enjoyed taking his clothes off during scenes. In one scene, he decided to take off everything. His cast members were shocked. NBC issued a warning to Pratt, and he got in some serious trouble.

7 Traveling For His Career Damaged His Previous Marriage

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The world was shocked when Anna Faris and Chris Pratt called it quits. Indeed, many hoped they'd be the one couple to last. There have been many rumors suggesting the reasoning behind the end. However, Pratt and Faris claim the marriage ended because of his busy schedule. He spent so much time traveling that it hurt the marriage.

6 He Fought With Anna Faris Over Her New Boyfriend After Breaking Up

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The end of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris' marriage was not smooth for either of them. Well, it might not be easy for Katherine, either. Indeed, Pratt didn't move on quickly at first. Faris, on the other hand, promptly moved on. She had a new boyfriend, and things progressed too quickly for Pratt. He even reportedly got into a heated fight with Faris about her new man.

5 He’s Had Drastic Physical Changes Over The Years

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Chris Pratt puts a great deal of effort into each one of his roles. Indeed, he has made drastic physical changes for his parts. Pratt does whatever it takes to give his all to his performance. His body has drastically changed over the years. For instance, he purposely put on a great deal of weight to play Andy Dwyer. He then lost all of it and put on muscle for his role as Star-Lord.

4 Claimed Blue-Collar America Has No Representation In Cinema

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Chris Pratt is one of those celebs that should stay off of social media. He seems to always get in trouble. Indeed, Pratt made several comments that had a few raised eyebrows around the world. Indeed, he claimed that he didn't see a representation of the American blue-collar worker in cinema. Pratt feels like there isn't anyone for him to relate and connect. He might want to watch his movies. Of course, social media made him pay for those comments.

3 Performed As A Male Exotic Dancer

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There are a few moments from Chris Pratt's life that Katherine wants people to forget. Indeed, she hopes women forget parts of him they saw. Pratt struggled to make a career in Hollywood and needed to make money. He decided to give exotic male dancing a try, and it went well for a little while. Indeed, a few women got up close and personal with Pratt before his fame. Katherine wants this entire paragraph erased from existence.

2 Loves Hunting

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At one time, Chris Pratt had the image of being a sweet and adorable goofball. Despite being an action hero, he still maintained that image. Well, Pratt spent the last few years undoing all the goodwill. He proudly discussed hunting, which upset some of his fans. Hunting is a topic that often divides people.

1 Chris Pratt And Jennifer Lawrence Rumor

As noted, there has been a plethora of rumors swirling about the end of Chris Pratt and Anna Faris' marriage. The most popular rumor is that Pratt and Jennifer Lawerence had a fling while he was married. The rumors are still not confirmed, but many have thought they make the perfect couple. Katherine might want to keep Pratt away from Lawerence.

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